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Updated on 05 February 2024
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By the looks of it all, it seems as if is a site that looks as if it was an English OnLine course site for Japanese children. Their front page is so generic that you’d think it was a site in the making. The horrific thing is that it isn’t! This site is fully done, and it’s been here since the late 90s. Even though that is a thing that needs to be respected, their overall look needs an upgrade, and it needs one fast! I know that Free Chat Now is doing fine but god damn! That blue-orange-white look that they are pulling is reserved for Michigan State College, not for a person who came here to shoot the shit and flirt a bit with random strangers.

I had a few crashes before I managed to enter the main chat board. I’m not sure if it was my computer, or it was their servers, but the information box said that it was their server. I hit X on that box, and there I was, looking at all the users, chatting away, thinking that they are so cool with their witty comments. The way it all looks is just how you imagined it. There is a chat box, a big chat box, one that spreads across the whole page and then there are the users. The users who are chatting and entering their comments in bursts of inspiration.

What I wanted to say with this is that the conversations seem pretty much scattered and random because you can’t quite catch one thread and then go ahead with that one thread and talk about it. It’s more of a free for all where one person says something, the other responds, then the third comes along and completely changes the subject while the fourth person posts a picture and wins the conversation. My suggestion is to go private as soon as possible because competing with morons who are green at seduction, who think that they are going to get laid is just a futile attempt at a cause that’s dead from the jump.

The cool thing about is that it has a microphone option for a chat, you can use your phone also, iPhone and Android are supported along with smartphones and tablets. If you want to use your webcam camera for dating, then, by all means, try out’s Video Chat option where you can have a conversation with a person via webcam. One thing that needs to be said is that is completely free and there are no hidden fees that are going to creep up behind your back and cost you your hard earned dollars.

There are so many options on that you can try one can really tell that has been around the block for ages now. You can customize your profile to your likings so that a dash of your personality shines through. You can do this with emojis, with your avatar pic, even the messages that you receive can vibrate on your mobile phone, so you don’t miss those oh so important texts from your new found crush! I didn’t even get to the chat rooms and the topics and the themes that you can open up on Hold yourself to your seat, you are about to experience the ride of your life!

I apologize for that last comment. The ride of your life is, in fact, the ride of your life. This is it. This life that you’re living, that’s the ride of your life. is not going to make it a whole lot better, but it can make it better. It can make it better thanks to the already set up topics and themes that you can join in. The chat rooms are here to make it easy for the users to start up a conversation that might seem a bit ‘controversial’. These topics revolve around sex usually, so you have Sex Chat, Lesbian Chat, Singles Chat and so on, where you come in, and already the preface is set that you are a single person, looking for sex. So if you blurt out something to the likes of “Hey folks, wanna have sex?! I’m single, it’s okay, I’m not a cheater!’, most of the users will understand that you are just following the rules. Some will think that you have no social intelligence, but still, you know how to follow the rules. That says something about you, doesn’t it? promotes themselves as ‘The best free chat community online’. Who knows if this is the case, really. There are so many sites like that they all look and feel the same. Promotion is the key to making it big in this line of work, not originality. With that being said, is still a solid site. I’ve seen many sites that look like this one, but there is something about (often misspelled as “fcn chat”) that’s slightly different (maybe the fact that they actually have traffic and users). Give this site a chance, and I’m certain that you’ll love it. TPD out!

ThePornDude likes FreeChatNow's

  • There are many users, so the chats are full
  • It's free
  • There are many ways of chatting besides just via the chat box

ThePornDude hates FreeChatNow's

  • The look of the can be better and more dynamic