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Updated on 05 February 2024
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It’s a fairly well-known fact that hotness tends to gradually decrease with age. With the rare exception, like Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, or Selma Hayek, most girls get less sexually attractive the older they get. Once the wrinkles and stretch marks start to cover up what was once beautifully smooth skin. Once gravity starts winning the war against perkiness and what were once big, juicy titties begin to sag and go floppy. Once the pussy lips start to hang low the same exact way that balls get grosser and droopier with time. There is just nothing else in the world like a perfectly ripe and naturally peak physique, and it exists only for a small window of time: the golden window, I like to call it.

This window of time is most fully open typically between the ages of 18 and 25. There are, of course, occasionally exceptions to this rule, as in the case of the three hot ass cougars that I already mentioned. And, don’t get me wrong, there are certain appeals to hot older women, too … a certain sexual maturity, experience, forwardness, and a kind of noble, aged beauty that you won’t find in even the sexiest teens. I’m not saying, by any means, that women stop becoming attractive after the age of 25. All I am saying is that there is a certain kind of sexiness, something that is unparalleled, at least as far as I’m concerned, that manifests itself within that golden window. And, therefore, teen porn is my favorite kind of porn to watch, hands down … there’s no question about it!

And what’s better than hot ass 18 to 15-year-old horny sluts? Well, the only thing that I can think of is petite, hot ass 18 to 25-year-old horny sluts. Man, I’m telling you … I appreciate a full-bodied, curvy, or thick thot as much as the next guy, but, god damn … spinners take the cake. And, actually, I don’t know why I’m acting like thick, curvy spinners don’t exist. They definitely do, although they are harder to find, and that is the perfect woman – a short, slim, petite girl with a fat ass and a hefty pair of tits on her? Well, damn, if I had any weakness in this world, it would, without a doubt, be a petite slim thick chick with big tits and a fat ass.

There are, of course, some porn sites out there that cater to these tastes better than others. Each premium pay porn site has its own aesthetical leanings. Some prefer to feature the traditional, plastic blonde bombshells (like Brazzers and, to a lesser degree, Mofos), and there’s nothing wrong with that either – it’s a classic, a staple of the medium. Others specialize in specifically Russian or Eastern Euro babes (and, again, you won’t hear any complaints from me on those), and others choose to stick to just one race, like the all-Latina or all-ebony sites out there (shit, I fucking love diversity). So, when it comes time to decide on what premium pay porn site you want to pay premium prices to access your porn, your first big decision will be rooted in finding the site that best caters to your specific tastes.

Premiere Pornographers of Pretty, Petite Pussy

And, honestly, it’s really hard to have a discussion about quality teen porn without bringing up Team Skeet, one of the biggest porn studios in the world, especially when it comes to the sexy, perky, and petite up and cumming young starlets of today. There is searching for teen porn on Porn Hub, and then there is Team Skeet … and the two experiences aren’t even remotely comparable.

A veteran fapper such as yourself? There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Team Skeet before. In fact, I would not be at all surprised if you’ve fapped to their videos numerous times over the years. Shit, you probably just did earlier today, you fucking fiend. But, on the off chance you are completely unfamiliar with the mega studio, here’s what they have to say about themselves … taken from their About section:

“Team: A cooperative Unit. Skeet: To Bust a Nut. TeamSkeet: your #1 team for the hottest new barely legal teen first timers. When you become a Member of TeamSkeet (aka Skeeter!), you get access to our 32 HD websites that get updated with EXCLUSIVE content everyday. We feature a Library of over 1100 scenes that grows larger by the day. These High-quality videos star not only the sexy big name teen stars but also first-time amateurs that we’ve found just for you!”

I’m really glad they broke down what the word “team” means. I really needed a refresher … Also, sorry Team Skeet, but there is no way in hell I am ever going to be referring to myself as a “skeeter.” I dig your enthusiasm and I love your pornos, but it looks to me like you could seriously use a new writer working on your website copy. Feel free to hit me up if you want that shit spruced. Maybe we can work out a deal (all I ask for is a single skeet with a porn star of my choosing … I think that seems pretty fucking fair, don’t you?). [PS I noticed at least three typos as well, just in that small paragraph … just sayin’!].

Nearly Every Box Ticked (and Dicked)

Anyway, cheesy writing aside, I think that it is definitely worth noting the numbers and facts of what they are saying here. Because it will turn out to be pertinent to the next big decision you will have to make when choosing the right premium pay porn site for you: how many videos, how frequently do they update, how high-quality are the videos, and how large is the library? Well, the answers that Team Skeet provides are actually pretty impressive. New video updates every single day? … Check. Access to 32 individual websites? … Check. HD video quality? … check. And over 1,000 archived scenes? … Check! Hey, I’m liking what I see from Team Skeet so far, that’s for damn sure. But let’s log in and see what else they offer, shall we?

Once you enter the members’ area, you’ll find a pretty typical premium porn site layout – an oversized banner at the top of the page alternating promos for new or upcoming videos. a site menu bar for easy navigation above that, and a slew of thumbnails below separated into different categories for you to browse to your heart’s (or, more accurately, your dick’s) content. Decent site design is definitely another factor that goes into the premium porn site decision-making process, for sure. So, that’s yet another box ticked for Team Skeet!

But the most important aspect of any porn site is … yup, you guessed it … the quality of the porn itself. The content. You’ll want to shop around a little, regardless of which site you choose, make sure you are familiar with what’s out there, before making a final decision. A good way to do so is to preview some of the studio in question’s scenes on your favorite porn tube. But, as I sort of touched on earlier, few studios come close to matching Team Skeet in terms of teen porn. The girls are insanely hot, the fucking is solid, there’s a good variety of situations and niches to explore, and the video and filming quality is on point. You can’t go wrong in that department.

Is there any place that Team Skeet isn’t killing it? Well, honestly, not really. I suppose they could have coded a more comprehensive and customizable advanced search feature, making it easier to browse their thousands of videos, allowing you to more efficiently find precisely what it is that you’re looking for. Some sites, for example, allow you to search the most specific shit you could imagine, such as pussy type or zodiac sign. Team Skeet only allows you to search by keyword, a few ordering options, recency, model, and site. So, that’s kind of a bummer … but it’s definitely not a full-on boner killer! I wouldn’t pass up some of the hottest teen porn ever produced because I’m picky about my search features. Only a fool would do that!

That being said, Team Skeet is far from the cheapest porn site out there. So, that’s definitely something to keep in mind. Check out the various packages and pricings available and decide if you have room in the skeet section of your budget for this behemoth of a porn network. But, as is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for … so, quality ain’t cheap, fuckers!

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  • Extremely high-quality professional porno
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  • Lackluster search feature
  • Price