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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Finding the perfect porn site is a little like finding the perfect pussy. You know it exists out there somewhere, but actually stumbling upon it ends up being as hard as your dick gets in the process of looking for it. You have to fuck as many bitches as you can, trying to find the pussy to end all pussies. Not that you’re going to marry that pussy once you do find it or anything. Shit, you’re looking for pussy, that doesn’t mean you have to become one. But it’s still alluring to know that it’s out there somewhere, tempting enough to make you search high and low for it regardless.

The search for the perfect porn site is similar. You go through every one, looking for the one that strikes that perfect balance between good site design, consistently high-quality scenes, the hottest chicks in the world, and that fills whatever niche you might have. We all have our little quirks, even if they aren’t full on kinks, that we tend to gravitate toward in porn, and each site caters to a slightly different demographic, proving subtly different aesthetics, even if you aren’t taking into account the fuck ton of extremely specific porn sites out there.

Just in looking at the more general porn sites, especially premium pay porn sites, that try to catch as many normal dick strokers as possible, there are many differences to take note of when searching for the best porn site on the web. Reality Kings, for example, would be one of the go-to sites for anyone who tends to prefer a more amateur or homemade aesthetic … well, at least back in the day they were. They have sort of foregone that homemade feel for a more professional approach that still, in essence, feels pretty fucking gonzo and raw.

Some people prefer sites like Brazzers, which caters to a more traditional taste … classically sexy porn stars, often with fake tits and blonde hair, putting on a good, old-fashioned fuck show for the camera, really milking the theatrics of it. You’ll get a lot of exaggeration on a site like Brazzers, which some people (me being one of them, depending on my mood) are undoubtedly crazy about. It’s a tried and true formula – big tits, fit bodies, perfection in one measure of the word, fucking huge cocks in HD with dynamic camera angles and lavish sets, etc. It may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely geared toward the bottom line.

Then there are sites that fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. They are obviously professionally produced and feature supermodel-level hot sluts sucking and fucking big dicks and all that, but they also draw from a tradition of casting room, amateurish stylings. That’s fucking right.

When in doubt, it never hurts to go with a solid middle of the road site. Reality Kings, actually, falls in this category nowadays, I think, but so do sites like Team Skeet, Family Pies, and Bratty Sis, all of which are POV-heavy and gravitate toward a more stripped down feel … just hardcore fucking in situations meant to most easily bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. Which, at the end of the day, isn’t that what porn is all about?

Industry Leaders and Liters of Cum

Another one of these sites, though, is definitely one of the move makers in the porn industry. As controversial as they are revered for hot porno, Bang Bros, based out of Miami, Florida will probably be a good choice for anyone who cannot decide between sites. If you can’t figure out whether you prefer professional premium pay porn networks or something a little more down to earth like the stuff you will find on Porn Hub’s homemade section, Bang Bros is very unlikely to let you down. They, if nothing else, strike a solid balance.

To quickly address their more controversial side, though, I think it’s only fair to let you know that Bang Bros has been charged, on multiple occasions, with featuring minors. It hasn’t happened, that I know of, in quite some time. And the network claims that they were misled when it came to the ages of these girls in question, but still. If you run a fucking porn company, the burden falls entirely on your shoulders in order to vet the girls you feature. So, a lot of people might not fuck with them because of that.

However, if you can look past it, you’ll find that Bang Bros is also responsible for many of the classics in the industry today. We’re talking Bang Bus, Ass Parade, PAWG, Tug Jobs, and Dorm Invasion. In fact, Bang Bus (quite possibly Bang Bros most popular site) is one of those rare porn sites that actually broke into mainstream recognition, being as gonzo, realistic, and innovative as it was for its time. It broke down boundaries and, some might say, is responsible for the current trend toward amateurism in the porn industry today.

When you first arrive on the Bang Bros home page, you might be a little confused. It is not laid out like a typical premium pay porn site. In fact, the design sort of more closely resembles some cam sites than it does most porn sites, which a site menu bar sprawling down the left side of the screen, as opposed to just thrown up at the top. This makes for very convenient and easy browsing, though, once you get used to it. Much like fucking some strange for the first time, you have to become acquainted with her body before you can really be effective. But once you learn it, it’s game fucking over.

From the account menu, you can access your Library, Favorites, Watch Later List, and Recently Viewed … which immediately signals more customizable features than many premium porn sites out there. You can also quickly go Home, see Latest Videos, filter just 4K videos, view what’s trending, or see a site list. Then there’s a Bang Bros forum, a link to a Meet & Fuck site, Free Live Chat (Camster), a Categories list, Staff Picks, Feedback, and Special Offers. There is just so fucking much to do on Bang Bros, you might never want to leave.

Some Cool Extra Features

I appreciate that Bang Bros offers so many customizable features, as well as a space for the user community. Not every site does this. And, frankly, no porn site really fucking needs to. But still, it’s a nice touch. And I’m all about a nice touch when it comes to the site that I plan to touch myself to.

I don’t personally use the forums and all that shit. If I wanted to talk to a bunch of fap-addled porn addicts, I would just go to Comic-Con, but it’s nice that the option is there for people who will make use of it. And it looks like plenty do, seeing as the forum is surprisingly fucking active. A good place to discuss your favorite actresses, track down lost scenes, and just generally talk about all things pussy and fucking.

So, Bang Bros is definitely excelling when it comes to site design (even though I kind of wish they offered a night mode, since the background is bright and white) and ease of use, but how are they with the quality of their porn? Well, as I sort of touched on earlier, they have a nice blend of amateur and professional, but their videos are all shot in HD. The girls are usually super fucking hot. But where they really stand out, in my opinion, is in how relatively diverse their range of models is.

Maybe it’s a part of the fact that they are headquartered in Miami, but Bang Bros definitely seems to feature a larger range of ethnicities than other studios. Instead of being just default white chicks ever scene, Bang Bros has a pretty even distribution of black chicks, white chicks, Latina chicks, and Asian chicks. Which means, no matter what your favorite flavor, there will be plenty for you to enjoy.

All in all, if you want a solid bang for your buck, Bang Bros will be a good choice. Come for the great porn, stay for the intuitive site design and extra features!

ThePornDude likes BangBros's

  • Awesome-quality porn
  • Good mix of amateur/professional style
  • Lots of different kinds of models
  • Great site design

ThePornDude hates BangBros's

  • It’s kinda pricey
  • No cam site tokens included
  • Some embedded ‘ads’