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Updated on 15 January 2022
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xHamster Arab

xHamster Arab

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A website such as xHamster does not need an introduction that’s too long, that’s for sure. At this point, this website is a literal household name. This page right here must be respected…and of course, it must be explored from the top to the bottom so that we find out just what kind of pornography might be found in here. The kind of porn we will be concerned with right now is the Arab porn. You will find all sorts of videos in here, and that is exactly why you need to pay special attention! From the first page to the last, delicious content awaits, so let’s not delay this way too much…it’s time to jump right in!

The types of content

Seeing as xHamster.com/Categories/Arab is just a single category that’s available on xHamster, we can’t really get any sub-categories in here. However, I am going to tell you about the kinds of pornography you can expect to find in this little section. First things first, you know that you must expect a whole lot of amateur content in here. Apparently, Arabs do not care a lot about the quality of their videos, though. I mean, they won’t come through with top-notch cameras or anything of the sort, but it is more than obvious that they fuck hard, and put their hearts into what they’re doing, and that’s what matters the most.

So, you can expect like 40% of the content in this section to be stuff like that, but there is also quite a bit of professional pornography up in here as well. See, you will find that Arab girls are actually quite popular in the west. Lately, they’ve been getting more and more attention, but we are still waiting for the next Mia Khalifa to pop up and astonish us. God knows why Mia was so popular, though. She never came through with some amazing movies, an amazing natural body, or anything of the sort. Those glasses and a fake pair of titties was what made the girl famous. Of course, white men who wanted to fuck dark-skinned girls also masturbated to her quite a bit. However, there isn’t anything else that should be mentioned about this girl.

Compare her to literally any other famous girl in the industry, and you will find that she literally does not compare. Does she have an ass like Alexis Texas. Does she have moves as impressive as her? It is obvious that she does not, and that’s exactly why she is overrated. It’s no rocket science. Now, while I would like to talk about my disdain for little miss Saudi Arabia right now, there is no need to keep this up. We must focus on the other lasses in the scene…and we must focus on the website we’re talking about. What else can a man expect to see on xHamster.com/Categories/Arab?

The types of pornography you will see here, part two

While most Arabs from the west are pretty much the same as everyone else, the foreign ones tend to be pretty homophobic at times, so you can’t really expect to see any girl on girl stuff up in here, which would be a shame. There is no reason to believe that you would not end up liking a video of a girl sucking on a dark-skinned chick’s big saggy titties. After all, the exotic looks of Arab girls are something that a whole lot of men are after. However, it’s hard to get these women to fuck in front of the camera because they live in very, very conservative societies. These societies would most likely ostracize the fuck out of them if it ever came to light that they filmed a porn video and disgraced their family by doing so. Of course, some Arab societies are a bit more progressive, but most of their countries are not like that.

The design of the page

If we only talk about the aesthetics, there really isn’t that much to be said about xHamster.com/Categories/Arab, since the page isn’t innovative by any means. Rather, the design of the website is pretty basic, and you won’t be finding that much eye candy up in here. However, eye candy isn’t necessarily something that makes a page pretty. What I really like about xHamster.com/Categories/Arab is the fact that you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time when looking for something in order to finally feast your eyes upon it. The entire website is white, and you find a bunch of thumbnails on top of it, and that’s about it. Now, the thumbnails will actually show you short video previews if you hover above them with your mouse cursor, which is pretty great. Video descriptions and short previews are actually a great thing because they make sure that you do not waste any time watching a video that you surely will not end up liking.

However, when it comes to utility

We will now take a look at the far-left part of the website and see what we can find in there. At the top of this section right here, there’s a “subscriptions” header tab that we should check out…given that we’ve subscribed to some channels on this website right here. Then, right underneath this header tab right here, we can also find the “watch history” tab. This one’s actually pretty useful, too. If you end up watching a bunch of movies and not deleting your browsing history, you can always come back here and see just what you jerked off to!

I mean, it has surely occurred to you that at some point you masturbated to a great video and forgot to bookmark it. Then, you would spend hours and hours searching for this video, but your search would not be successful most of the time. However, seeing as there’s a history tab on this page right here, this does not have to happen ever again! Now, right underneath the part in the far-left section where the “watch history” and the “subscriptions” part of the page is chilling, we find five more header tabs that are worth checking out.

For example, the “best videos” part is in here, and the “most viewed” one is right underneath it. Then, the “most commented” one is underneath these two. This leaves us with two more header tabs that are left to be toyed with. The “50 newest videos” is a very interesting one, as it provides you with the freshest videos out there. If you ever end up thinking that the content of this page right here has gotten stale, then you must head out to this part of the page and see just what kind of new stuff xHamster.com/Categories/Arab has decided to come up with. Of course, this is just one category on the entire website, so you don’t need to expect daily updates. However, this category still is pretty popular, so a few new movies every two or three days is what you will be getting in the end.

Finally, after you end up watching a whole bunch of pornos on xHamster.com/Categories/Arab, then you can finally head out to the “recommended” part of the page and see what kind of things can be found in here. Usually, you will not be disappointed with the clips that show up in here, that’s for sure. At the top of the website, we find a search bar that you get to play around with. In the end, it’s going to be pretty useful, seeing as the titles of the majority of these movies are in English. As long as you come through with the right keywords, movies will keep flying your way, and you will never run out of stuff to masturbate to, that’s for sure.

No commas needed

In the end, how does this page look to you? Personally, while I never really thought about jacking it to Arab pornography, xHamster.com/Categories/Arab does seem pretty fucking juicy with all the delicious content that’s stored up in there, you know? I will surely end up coming here a few times, that’s for sure. There aren’t that many ads in here, too. Hell, I don’t think that I’ve seen anything that bothered me in here. Doesn’t that sound just great to you? I didn’t expect much from this section, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

ThePornDude likes xHamster Arab's

  • Tons of content
  • Updates come through rather often
  • There are no annoying ads in here

ThePornDude hates xHamster Arab's

  • There could be an advanced search system which allows you to choose from multiple categories