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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Let’s face it, finding good Arab XXX sites like Sex Al Arab is extremely hard. Not like securing a handshake with the US president, but something close. Most Arabic countries have strict laws that prohibit the consumption of porn and women (especially) might get the death penalty for working in the porn industry. As you would imagine, producing porn featuring Arabic women is a life and death affair. Ever come across the term ISIS?

You can imagine ThePornDude’s relief when I bumped upon Sexalarab. I thought this is my chance to see brown, Arabic babes that are the ultimate desire for any man, mainly because most of us are interested in what we don’t understand. Since there is no chance of getting 72 virgins, ThePornDude figured he might as well see a few Arab pussies in this life. To my disappointment, the site doesn’t seem to have lots of Muslim women, and most of the content features white sluts. The closest it gets to Arabic is probably the language.

Speaking of which you will struggle to go through the site if you have a problem reading the little scribbles that is the Arabic language. With that in mind, Sex Al Arab seems to have a good mixture of mature whores and teen sluts in some hot scenes. The scenes come in little thumbs, and because there is little chance of you understanding the descriptions, you can hover your mouse over any of the scenes for the preview. To be fair, some of the scenes feature strong Arab men with huge cocks drilling the fuck out of horny white sluts. Still, such scenes are few and far between, and the majority of the content features Caucasians which is kind of disappointing.

The scenes come in a host of different categories, but they are written in Arabic so you won’t be able to set a specific category unless you are good in the language. However, my experience with XXX sites helped me pinpoint some of the categories that include Anal, Cuckold Scenes, Threesomes, Adultery, Blowjobs, Incest, and more. ThePornDude was refreshed to find some scenes featuring one and only Mia Khalifa as she takes a huge black dick for the first time. Something familiar, at last!

The videos steam pretty well, and ThePornDude has nothing to fault the video player which also comes with an option to go full screen. Some of the videos are sourced from leading porn producers like Brazzers, and some of them are in full HD, which will be a huge relief. If there are options to sort the videos, ThePornDude must have missed them. However, the scenes here come with a good average length of 30 mins, which may not be long enough for some, but it’s all free remember? Videos also come with tags (in Arabic) and below them is a selection of related videos. Users can tell how many views a video has garnered, which will help you determine the popularity and suitability of the video to your dirty little fapping habits. Feel free to leave a comment below each video, although that will require you to verify your email address. That said, the site promises that your email will not be published and you have to take their word for it. ThePornDude was disappointed that videos don’t have download options.

There is not much to write home about regarding site navigation, although to be fair there seem to be quite a few options on the top menu. The site also has a search option although it will be rendered obsolete if you can’t write Arabic. The white background color is not too appealing to the eye and makes the site appear a bit flat. It needs a complete overhaul to make it a bit more enticing.

I don’t know how you will be able to navigate through the site if you are using a browser without a language translation option. You will have to make do with randomly clicking videos around until you find one that suits your tastes and insatiable appetite for jerking off. However, porn is a universal language; you will still be able to enjoy the hot scenes.

As it is normal with most free sites, you can expect a bit of advertising although it’s nothing worth losing your hair for. However, there are some click baits in the video player that takes you to a betting site in a different window which ThePornDude didn’t find too amusing. This site doesn’t do the Arab niche any justice but if you’d like to check out XXX scenes with just a touch of Arabic, pay this site a visit.

ThePornDude likes SexAlArab's

  • Quality XXX scenes
  • Smooth streaming

ThePornDude hates SexAlArab's

  • Not an awful lot of Arabic porn
  • Site is entirely in Arabic
  • Ads