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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Personally, I am not a fan of Asian pornography for the most part. Every now and then, I see a cute Japanese girls or a hot Arab like Mia Khalifa, and that’s about it. However, most of those girls simply don’t do it for me. I don’t even want to see the hot middle eastern girls fucking their hairy dark-skinned husbands…which is a given. I rarely want to see Japanese dudes fucking their girlfriends as well. So, to sum it up: I’m not really in the mood to watch foreigners fuck…most of the time. However, every now and then, I do get in such a mood that I want to see some exotic folks banging it out on my laptop.

I usually head out to a Chinese or a Japanese website if I want to see some cute Asian babes fucking, but every now and then I get in such a mood that I want to see an Arab girl getting drilled. One of the most famous Arabic girls in the west is Mia Khalifa, and she might as well be the most famous girl from the middle east around these parts…except for Jesus’s mom. It really is hard to find any other Arab girls on the internet having sex for the most part, but, if you head out to their websites equipped with a nice little translation software, you’re in for a neat little treat, that’s for sure.

Now, Arabic culture is a bit different from our own (and when I say “our” I’m really talking about Europe and Northern America, since the majority of the people reading this are probably from around these parts of the world), but obviously, these people like to have sex as much as we do. To us, it seems that Arabs live in a culture that values chastity, a culture that isn’t obsessed with sex and all things sexual, but we couldn’t be further from the truth.

I mean, Muslim countries are the only ones in the world that just so happen to have laws that allow you to marry multiple wives…don’t you think that they didn’t think about all the sex that they could have with all those women when they were writing those laws? Of course, they did! Just imagine how nifty that could be. You get bored with one wife, you get her to go away, you grab your second wife by the arm, you bend her over, and you fuck her in the other room. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Not to mention submissiveness to the husband is encouraged in Arabic culture, which is pretty nice. Tons of us would be more than happy to find a cute Arabic girl who is willing to take charge, but this isn’t what you’re going to get for the most part. These women are keen on bending over for you and letting you pound them from the back as much as you want to.

Statistically, most men like submissive women who are able to take serious poundings without whimpering or moaning or anything of the sort. However, some men would encourage their girlfriends to moan as much as they want to. You know what I mean, right? I hope that I don’t have to elaborate on this any further.

By now, you surely know what you should expect on an Arabic porn website such as I’ll tell you straight away that this website isn’t much different from any other porn website you will find on the internet. You’ll notice that there aren’t that many categories on, but this page manages to cover the most important ones in a somewhat unusual manner, but we’ll talk about that a bit later in the review.

There aren’t that many header tabs on as well, so you shouldn’t expect anything too innovative on this page as well. I mean, after all, this website isn’t even trying to be too different from the rest, seeing as only aims to upload as much porn as possible to the internet. Even though plenty of pages such as this one exist on the internet, the goal or the so-called “ideology” of is still a noble one, especially if you take the quality of these videos into consideration.

Not only are you able to watch all these movies in decent quality, but these will also load very quickly for you. I should also tell you that all of these movies are actually completely free to watch! Furthermore, you don’t even need to sign up to the website in order to watch these movies, which is also great, especially if you take into consideration that this page isn’t properly translated into English, and the only Latin letters you will find on are the ones that are used to spell out the titles of certain western pornos, and that’s about it.

However, either way, there’s no reason for you not to feel at home on, seeing as it is very easy for you to get into the content of the page and the interface is very simple. All in all, to sum it up, this page is a tremendous one if you’re fond of brown chicks. I’m calling them brown chicks because you also get to see a bunch of hot Indian chicks on this website as well!

About the content of

You will find that this website isn’t all about videos of hot middle easterners getting pounded (while they usually wear a hijab or something like that), but you will also find that there are tons of hot pictures on this page as well. However, I am assuming that most of you are here to see videos, rather than starting at these boring ass pictures. I mean, they really aren’t that boring, it’s just that they aren’t too interesting to me for the most part. If I’m going to be looking at stationary porn, I might as well hit up rule34 and see what they have in store for me. I mean, to me pictures of hot girls having sex doesn’t do it for me unless they are top-tier solo pictures. But hey, that’s just me, some of you might be into this kind of thing, I am sure of it.

The categories

Now, this is the funny part that I vaguely mentioned earlier in this text. I didn’t call it funny, rather, I just called it unusual, but this was just a poor choice of words, since there’s nothing “unusual” about “the descent of milk” or “nick pussy”, those category names are just straight up fucking hilarious and I have no idea who decided that naming categories in such a way on was a good idea. I’ll just assume these are some minor mistakes in translation or something like that since I can’t imagine anyone typing something like this out with a straight face. Just look at the other categories and see what you’ll find. There’s stuff such as “sex nick married” and “nick collective nick,” but let’s not for the classic: “French Nick.” Who the fuck is Nick and why are Arabs jacking off to him En Masse? Why does Nick have a pussy? I have so many questions for the person behind this website. Then, there are some other very unusual category names such as “Facebook Facebook,” and I have no idea what this one is supposed to be. I mean, naturally, I clicked on that category, and I found nothing but regular vanilla porn out there. What the hell was I even expecting? What was I supposed to expect? Again, I am present with even more unanswerable questions, and I don’t think I’ll ever get a proper answer.

The info

You’ll find yourself scrolling through the homepage, looking at the thumbnails, and you’ll find a bunch of appealing ones, that’s for sure. You will also find that every single one of these movies has a rating right underneath it, and you will also see that the duration of the video can be seen in the bottom right corner. However, you rarely get to see the names of the actresses for some reason, which is pretty lame. Naturally, most of these porn movies aren’t made by big studios. All in all, you’re getting nothing but amateur movies for the most part. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you…you should go back to beating your dick to Mia Khalifa on PornHub, since she’s pretty much the only Arab girl that a famous porn studio that is capable of recording a porn video in full HD has taken interest in. You’re also going to get a ton of videos where unfaithful wives fuck ugly picks, for some reason. Apparently, stuff like this is very popular among Arabs, which isn’t surprising. Most people are always going to be attracted things that are perceived as wrong and sinful, and that’s just how it is.

If you’re addicted to thick girls with dark skin, then you’re in the right place…

All in all, the website has no ads, the porn loads quickly, and everyone is completely free. What else do you need? is one of the best Arab websites out there, I’m sure of it.

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