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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas

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VivThomas! Erotic art, sensuality, black and white pictures, sexy girls and quality. Those of you who aren’t in tune with listen carefully because what you are about to read is a review that should be a standard for most premium sites. At least I hope so, since the last time I’ve been to this site, they have been doing amazing work and I’m sure that they haven’t let down the gas off the pedal since. For all of you who are not paid members, there’s a free membership trial version where you can check out three free movies. No credit card requirements, you can pay via Paypal or other means but I do suggest that you become a member. It’s divine.

I got my paid membership and as I entered the site I was immediately greeted by a notification that gave me a 1-day free trial for their partner sites, and Super sweet man, super sweet! Once I got over that step, there I was, at the HQ of It was like a boudoir of sorts, a sleek look and elegant pictures of babes in raunchy poses and situations. It was time to let loose and browse around like a boss. The ladies were awaiting and I was ready.

The quality of the pictures was out of this world! I mean, I could see all the pores, even the makeup could be seen on the skin of the models. That’s how detailed and HD the pictures were. Each of the pictorials is done as if it was a story. You know how these fancy photographers like to think that they are artists. Well, I have to admit, they did a pretty damn good job with each of these pictorials. Now, I wouldn’t go that far and call them “stories” or art but the closest adjective that can describe their job is erotic art. With this I’m fine.

Each pictorial has a description to it, tags, you can adjust the image size, you can rate them and see how well the pictorial is ranked already and of course, you can download it all to your HD. This is the Photos section of Then, once you go to the Films section you have a selection of full-length videos, starting from 25 minutes long. Now, their presentation reminded me of those Sundance movies and the ones that they have at Cannes festival, where they have the reviews that say “Captivating portrayal of desperation and emotions inclined by the notion of one’s existence. Truly a masterpiece!”, you know, those captions that seem like they are saying much but they are grade-A bullshit. Anywho, the way that the videos are made is reminiscent of artistic erotica. As it should be. Even the music that’s accompanying the action is smooth and sensual, like the kind of music they’d put in softcore movies that are played after midnight on TV.

The videos are erotic as they can get and I must say, even though it was cool seeing two lesbians get it on, I have a feeling that is more of a lesbian site than it is an erotic art site. As a part of the men’s tribe, I can speak for men across the universe, we love seeing a girl on girl action here and there but after a while, it kind of gets tedious. So that’s why I’m assuming that this is a female-friendly erotica site and I just might be right. In the end, it doesn’t matter since is kicking ass anyway and they have a great product on their hands.

The Blog section is like a tease, a prequel for what’s about to come or it serves as a reminder of the “stories” that have been published in the photo section. It has a description of the scenes and a few pics, just to tickle your imagination. The Live Girls section is exactly what you are assuming it is, a webcam part of What would a site be today if it didn’t have webcam girls to spice up the already cool site?

Just like I said in the beginning, is a cool site. Things didn’t change since the last time I checked out their quality. Being an erotic site is not easy. Having to compete with hardcore content, content that’s also free requires lots of persistence, quality and desire to make it in this cut-throat industry. made it with sensual content delivered in a manner that’s sophisticated, elegant, explicit and sexy. I’m done drooling all over, enough was said, just check out the damn site already, I put my stamp on it!

ThePornDude likes Viv Thomas's

  • Mobile and tablet support
  • Ultra HD, the 4K vids rocks
  • Erotic art at its finest

ThePornDude hates Viv Thomas's

  • It's hard to buffer up 4K vids and play them smoothly