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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Childhood is fantasizing about sliding your dick into a girl’s pussy. Adulthood is watching two bitches eat each other out as you sit back in your chair and sip fine whiskey.

GirlsWay is a premium porn site where you can watch lesbian action in 4K with some of the hottest porn actresses in the game. There are girls like Shyla Jennings, Kenna James, Adriana Chechik, and a whole lot more.

These bitches come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. You got little teen looking bitches like Riley Reid, older MILF looking whores like Kendra Lust, chubby cute bitches like Jenna Satina, and hot Mexican sluts like Veronica Rodriguez. Oh god how I want Jenna’s big ham thighs wrapped around my neck while I fap.

So what kind of movies do we have here? As you might know, bitches get hornier from stirring their imagination and building a great story rather than just throwing them a nice juicy cock, and it shows on GirlsWay. The movies here pay a lot of attention and focus to story.

For example, in Sharing the Bed, we have this conservative tight-pussied Christian bitch going on a Vegas trip with her best friend. Well guess who else is coming, the best friend’s dyke cunt friend! As you can guess, the Christian cunt starts to let loose a little bit, drinks some pussy juice in Vegas, and we all learn that it’s a great thing to be open-minded about things. Spielberg can go fuck himself.

There’s also a lot of fantasy scenarios like mom and daughter, daughter and babysitter, wife finding out she’s a dyke, and more. You’ll also get more fantasy themed movies featuring shit like zombies, vampires, and the craziest creatures of all, sorority sluts.

In addition to movies and video, GirlsWay also has pictures, behind the scenes, interview, and outtakes. You also get some bonus content from related sites like Mommy’s girl, Webyoung, and Moms on Moms.

GirlsWay is part of a network called Adulttime. Adulttime is a huge network of porno with over a hundred channels. When you get a membership to GirlsWay, just keep in mind you’re pretty much signing up to Adulttime.

Just click on random lesbian pussy and you’ll find something good

GirlsWay generally follows the same format as other sites on the Adulttime network. What the fuck does that mean? Let me show you.

When you first enter GirlsWay, you’ll get a nice big banner of the latest GirlsWay feature. When I wrote this, it was Maid For Each Other, an episodic mini-series about lesbian housemaids cleaning each other’s pussies with their tongues instead of doing their goddamn job (just like bitches in real life).

Scroll down to get the main gallery of GirlsWay’s latest updates. Note that all these videos can be given to you in beautiful 4K. What better way to see that little herpes pimple on their pussy? I’ve become so degenerate that I can’t even nut without seeing one of those.

Next up is the upcoming porno videos. You can click on these thumbnails for a quick one-minute trailer. For you lucky minute-men, these should be more than enough to bust a nut to. Meanwhile, us real men will have to wait patiently for the full-length clips.

Each thumbnail also gives you the title, featured porn stars, upload date, and rating. Rating is done on a thumbs up or thumbs down system like YouTube. Pretty much all of these videos have really good thumbs up ratios.

At the top of the page is the main menu with links to Videos, Features, Extras, Models, Pictures, and Free Scene.

The Videos section lets you really narrow down the porn you’re looking for. You’ll see pulldown menus to browse based on Site, Categories, and Pornstars. GirlsWay includes videos from Moms on Moms, Webyoung, etc. like I mentioned before.

All the videos come with tags, and you can sort the categories using the pulldown menu. GirlsWay got all kinds of shit like anal beads, ass to mouth, first time anal, POV, and sci-fi / fantasy.

Putting your mouse over a thumbnail gives you a nice preview animation. The preview is super high quality, and gives you a lot more of the clip than you’ll find on other porn sites.

Click on a video to get to the video player. You’ll get the title followed by the big ass player. Below the video you’ll get the featured models, categories, and ratings. There’s also a long video description.

The video description for GirlsWay is the best in the business. This is a goddamn essay about the video to get your imagination flowing. I guess GirlsWay really caters to the pussy-eating women of the world, since women like this kind of shit a lot more than men (they buy all the romance novels after all).

At the end of the page is comments posted by other members. As a paysite, you’ll get much more high-quality comments at GirlsWay than your typical porn place. It also seems like there’s a ton of old motherfuckers here fapping away.

Girl of the Month GirlsWay (and Adulttime as a whole) has a cool Girls of the Month section you might want to check out. Every month a new bitch is highlighted with a special interview and links to all their nastiest clips. Every year one special babe is selected as the Girl of the Year. Talk about a goddamn honor.

What I Like

Well, I like lesbians, so there’s that.

As a premium site, GirlsWay does a solid job of giving you plenty of value for its price. We’re talking over a thousand videos of tongue to pussy action, with many of the new videos being in 4K Ultra HD. Videos are updated on the daily as well.

There is also a “free scene” section that gives you a free high-quality lesbian sex scene to fap to. This should whet your appetite and loosen your wallet a little more. I love free samples.

The collection of featured porn stars is goddamn ginormous. I’m talking hundreds of bitches, from literally A to Z. Top babes include Jenna Sativa, Adriana Chechik, and Kenna James.

GirlsWay also gives extra value through the Behind the Scenes content. The Girls of the Month give a hot little interview wearing very little clothes and giving you a little lesbian action preview.

Let’s talk about the stories. Like I said, these bitches love their stories, and GirlsWay has it in heaps. Check out AI: Artificial Intelligence. No I’m not talking about the one with that creepy kid from the Sixth Sense. This is a story about a bitch who creates a magical AI robot that knows everything about the universe, including how to give her owner mind blowing cunnilingus.

What I Hate

First, GirlsWay is (obviously) pretty limited in scope. This is lesbian action all day every day, with little room for anything else. They do a good job of mixing the action with the interesting stories, but overall these are just lesbian scenes through and through.

Second, the Extra content is pretty lacking, and some of the links don’t have any content at all. For example, GirlsWay’s Outtakes and Social categories were completely empty. Then why the fuck do you have it in the first place!? Very lazy upkeep.

Finally, GirlsWay peppers you with ads and false links to related websites. The Live Sex link doesn’t give you any free action, and there are some banner ads to other porn sites. Meanwhile, GirlsWay also has an online store to try to get more money out of your pocket.

There also isn’t much variety of flavors. 99% of these sluts are white. I have zero problem with white bitches, in fact I love them, but there just isn’t much variations of color.

White supremacist lesbians would fucking love GirlsWay.

A great mix of lesbians and thespians

Overall, GirlsWay is the place to be to watch lesbians and thespians. What the fuck does that mean? It means that this place mixes porno and pictorials. Pussy and motion pictures. Titties and THX.

GirlsWay has some great flicks where you can fap and enjoy a creative story at the same time. The in-depth movie descriptions give you plenty of info on the scenario, letting your imagination run wild.

Like I said, most of you guys probably won’t give a fuck. Who gives a fucking shit if this is Shakespearean-level sex play if the bitch has ugly looking tits? And I completely agree with you. I’m just trying to tell you that what makes GirlsWay special is their focus on making interesting stories.

In terms of being a membership site, GirlsWay has all the fixings you should expect. 4K resolution videos, unlimited movie downloads, and top porn actresses in the videos. GirlsWay has won a handful of awards, and is part of a major porno network that’s been in the game for years. Not a bad deal whatsoever.

ThePornDude likes GirlsWay's

  • Top adult babes in 4K resolution
  • Lots of story driven lesbian action

ThePornDude hates GirlsWay's

  • Some bullshit ads/links