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Updated on 15 January 2022
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How the fuck do you guys jerk off to regular old straight porn? I’m tired of going flacid time and time again after watching some ugly ass dude fuck like some kind of retarded jackhammer. Where do these find these guys? Knowing that there’s no way that the babe in the movie is enjoying the pitiful fucking just takes me right out of the moment. Plus, they always zoom in on the dude’s nuts. What the fucks is with that? I like my porn like I like my bitches. Without dicks!

Seriously, with all of these new trends in porn I feel like you cucks forget about the best, purest form of porn. Lesbians. Nobody knows how to get some slut off like another slut. It’s one of the few genres of porn where you know that those hoes are enjoying themselves. So, stick with me on this one and you might actually learn a thing or two and get to witness what a real orgasm looks like. is a premium lesbian porn site full of 1080p HD videos and a wide variety of content. It’s not all just softcore pussy licking here! There are plenty of fetish sections to get even the most depraved of you off. This site came about in 2001. That’s nearly 20 years of experience pumping out quality lesbian videos. And a lot of you fucks dished out the $9.99 for the monthly membership. A little over 600 thousand of you cough up the dough each month, which is pretty fucking impressive for a paid site. Usually the number is a few hundred thousand less. Goes to show how awesome lesbian sluts are.

Content from all of the Hottest Pornstars in the Industry

The site has a good design. Nice, dark gray background with vibrant pink accents make it looks like the inside of a goth chicks bedroom. I can get behind that. A big ass banner shows off the newest videos that were released on the site. Right away you can tell that this site houses some hella good talent. Sexy babes like Mia Malkova, Dillion Harper, and Malena Morgan were featured up top.

If you can manage to draw your gaze away from Tana Lee’s gorgeous tits, then you’ll see a header right above the banner with options for “Updates, Models, Sites, Treats, Cams, Meet & Fuck, Deals, and Bonus.” Some of those options are bullshit that I wouldn’t bother with. Meet & Fuck and Cams both take you off-site. And the Cams page doesn’t even work right. It says to choose a sexy cam girl to get started, but there aren’t any horny babes to click on! I’d avoid deals as well. It’s just a list of coupons for other premium sites. Same page every other premium site has.

Exclusive Monthly Videos, Kink/Fetish Sections, and Tons of Bonus Content

The Treats section is definitely a treat. Every month the site releases a special video that usually features an exclusive model that hasn’t done content for the site before or a sexy video of two of the top models making out and fucking each other with big ass dildos. It’s fucking great. The Bonus page has some content from, which is a partner to the site. These are full HD videos from that site that feature more than the standard lesbian content you’ll get at Twistys.

If you’re looking to skip all of that fuckery and get right into the action, then there are a few ways to browse the content here. The home page lists out videos by newest updates, upcoming, and a list of top models. But if you have some particular fetishes or kinks, then I’d go about the site differently. The “Sites” tab is basically a category list. They have a ton of different sections for hardcore, MILFs, solo, and more! All of these “Sites” are available with the one membership, so check that shit out if you want something a little kinkier.

Sexy Models, Photo Galleries,Huge Video Player, and Unlimited Downloads

The Model page is easy to use if you’re looking for a specific babe. Plenty of filter options make it easy to pick out the perfect slut. They each have a rating out of 100 percent, a full HD body shot, and a surprisingly well-written bio on their page that describes their career and kinks. Those pages also have every one of their videos, so you can go jerk off to every single one of the sexy videos that Bibi Jones has put out. God, she’s fucking great. Those perky tits and thick thighs, man, If you haven’t jerked off to her shit, then you’re missing out big time.

But let’s talk video previews and content. Previews are on point. You get an animated clip from the scene, a title, list of pornstars, date released, view count, and which “Site” or section the video comes from. The video player is fucking huge. It takes up most of the screen on desktop, and throwing that bitch on fullscreen doesn’t make the quality shit either. Everything here is in 1080 HD, which you can download with just a couple clicks. No sketchy off-site bullshit to deal with here. Videos stream with zero buffering and no ads. It’s pretty much perfect.

And, hey, if you’re not looking to commit to a 30+ minute video, then you can easily bust a quick nut by browsing the photo galleries. Each and every video on the site has a gallery full of hundreds of pictures that are bound to make you hard as diamonds. Most of the shots are from the scenes you see in the video, but you’ll also get some kinky behind the scenes peeks in some of them.

Get your Lesbian Fix on the Go with Their Excellent Mobile Site

The mobile site is, of course, a home run. You can access all of your favorite lesbian videos on the go. The site design is set up perfectly for mobile. Big video player, easy to click controls, and the whole nine yards. And I just want to mention that these videos look fucking amazing. Yeah, 1080p videos usually look great anyway. But these are something else. The production quality is fucking amazing. I swear they’ve got most of this shit playing in 60fps. It’s smoother than Monroe Sweet’s beautifully shaved pussy.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is that they have jaw-dropping video quality. Seriously, I haven’t seen videos so crisp and smooth in a while. I swear they even rival some of the 4k sites out there, but maybe that’s just my lust of lesbian sluts getting the better of me. For just around 10 bucks a month you get access to thousands of HD videos that will blow your fucking mind. You get plenty of bonus videos from hot chicks that you would never expect, bonus videos from other porn sites, and a wide variety of kink and fetish channels. If that doesn’t do it for you, then I don’t know what the fuck will.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I have a few minor suggestions for the site. I’d like a tags page. I can’t really look up specific fetishes or kinks too easily using the search bar. Unless I look up a specific name, the site just takes me back to the latest updates. That was annoying as fuck. Also, include the photo count for the galleries. I want to know what I’m getting into! At least you can download the full galleries with one button. That’s a plus for sure. Other than that, I’ve got nothing. Love this fucking site.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is well worth the visit. Hell, how could a site dedicated to kinky lesbian babes scissoring, fingering, and eating each other out not be amazing? The video quality is so crisp that you nearly feel like Riley Anne is there spreading her legs right in front of you. If only, right? Though I’m not sure if you betas could manage to seduce some slut like her in the first place. Anyway, doesn’t matter, this site is great. If you like lesbians, which I know you do, then you need to get over to and jerk off to the amazing catalog of sexy content they have.

ThePornDude likes Twistys's

  • It’s a Site Dedicated to Kinky Lesbian Videos
  • 1080p HD Video Streams and Downloads
  • Great Mobile Site!
  • Bonus Content, Hot Models, and Behind the Scenes Videos

ThePornDude hates Twistys's

  • You Have to Pay for it
  • Hard to Search for Specific Fetish and Kink Content