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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The last few years have seen a real explosion in the number of genders and sexual orientations. To get access to the full list of them, you need to speak to one of the asexual genderqueer non-binary gender studies majors with a key to the safe. Maybe I’ve killed too many brain cells huffing paint, but I thought it was so much easier when there were just dudes, chicks and trannies. TSPlayground specializes in porn starring chicks with dicks, the classic nontraditional gender.

TSPlayground.com was started in 2011. Tranny and shemale had already become “bad” words by then, which is fucking ironic as hell. The world of porno was into and accepting of ladyboys and transvestites way before everyone else, and long before kids were giving themselves labels like gender nonconforming two-spirit transmasculines. Well, at least half a million monthly visitors don’t give a shit if TSPlayground ain’t PC. Me neither.

It’s a Trap! The Kind You Like!

Whenever I see a tranny out in public, it’s usually some obvious dude who thinks the wig somehow hides his Adam’s apple. Maybe I’m only noticing the non-passable shemales, because none of the broads on this site look anything like those manly men in dresses. These bitches just look like the kind of sexy broads you typically see in porno, except they all have huge wieners between their legs instead of tight cunts. You wouldn’t even suspect a thing if you didn’t have an unobstructed view of their genitals. If only real life were more like porno!

The newest movie on the site, added two days ago, stars an Asian slut named Toon. You can’t tell at all from the screen grab that this petite chick in lingerie is packing more meat than you are. Of course, once you hit Play those panties come down and she starts swinging that long dong like an airplane propeller. It’s a legit monster, fleshy and pink and hard as a rock as she bones a silicone sex toy. I think I own the same model.

TSPlayground updates twice a week, which is about what you like to see in a premium site. A few days before the Asian shemale clip they added a scene with Anny Kelly, an exotic Latina/Ebony whore with brown hair, a bubble butt, and a penis that’s simply too big for those little panties she’s wearing. Unlike Toon, you can see it hanging out before the preview even starts.

I can see why they call them traps. If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably take one home thinking you’d get to stick your cock in some sweet, sweet poon for days. Hell, I was pretty lit when I started looking at this page and didn’t even notice all the boners until my own was ready to blow. By then, I couldn’t have stopped it if I tried. I once heard your testicles explode if you hold in an orgasm too hard, so always remember to play it safe.

How Much for that Dongy in the Window?

The standard rate for a month of unlimited streaming and downloading at TSPlayground is about 30 USD a month, which is what you’d expect to shell out for almost any adult paysite in 2019. They’ve got a streaming-only trial for a few bucks, or if you’re flush you can go all Costco with a one-year membership that breaks down to about 10 bucks a month.

That’s definitely a good rate if you’re into seeing women banging each other with their own dicks, but you actually get a hell of a lot more than those two weekly updates. TSPlayground is part of the EvilAngel network, and they hook you up with a bunch of their other offerings as a bonus. Membership to TS Playground includes access to sites like AnalAcrobats, She Plays with Her Cock, JoeySilvera and ShemaleIdol.

The videos are obviously the main attraction of the site, but TSPlayground also offers large still galleries of all their well-endowed porn sluts and their scenes. There are 20 pages of galleries to match the 20 pages of videos, so you’re certainly not going to be hurting for fap material. On the contrary, you’re going to need a bucket of lube, a bottle of vitamins and a case of Gatorade if you want to avoid long-term masturbatory health issues.

There’s an Extras section listed between the Videos and Pictures, but there’s only one item there right now. It’s a Behind-the-Scenes clip of a Latina tranny taking a dip in a pool during a photo shoot. I’m sure you can shoot something yourself while you watch. That’s an ejaculation joke, in case you got confused.

Girls with Big Cocks Taking Big Cocks

Once you get signed up and logged in, you’re dropped off on the central EvilAngel members page, with all of the freshest TSPlayground clips pulled up. I see the Toon and Anny Kelly scenes, and a bunch of other solo tranny shows. There are Asian ladyboys playing with themselves, White girls stroking their own penises, and sexy bubble-butt Latinas who just happened to have huge erections.

Most of the newer stuff has just one shemale on screen, but I’m the kind of pervert who likes to see freaks interact. I knew from the title alone that I needed to watch TS Aubrey: Interracial Anal/Cum Facial. Hovering my mouse over the preview showed a hot blonde bitch with big tits and dangling balls getting fucked in her tight asshole by a thick BBC.

There’s not much setup to the scene. The HD clip opens with Aubrey walking into the room and telling the camera she’s going to play with Shawn Michaels’s legendary Big Black Cock. She does a little striptease, first showing us the top before letting us get a peek at the bottom. The panties come out and so does the dong. She pulls it between her legs and fingers her butthole, just in case you weren’t sure that she’s a really dirty girl (with a penis, of course).

She jerks off on the couch a little bit before Sean enters the scene, slapping her face with that monster before sticking it down her throat. She has obviously had a lot of practice suppressing her natural gag reflex. Honestly, they should probably show this movie to teen girls in health class so they know how it’s done. I’d implement the program, but they said if I come within 500 feet of the school again I will be arrested, and I can’t afford a third strike.

The camera work is simple as hell, but it’s a good scene. TSPlayground crams as much transvestite depravity as they can into a 22-minute scene. The blowjob leads to anal in various positions before Sean sprays her pretty face with about a gallon of hot sperm. She really does make a heroic effort at trying to swallow as much as he can, but the human body can only take in so much thick, sticky fluid.

Shemales Stroke it While You Do, Too

One minor issue I had with TSPlayground is that the EvilAngel page seem to run slowly sometimes. All the videos I watched started immediately with no buffering, and I was able to skip around the timelines with no issues, but moving from page to page on the site sometimes took a few seconds. If I end up clicking a link twice because I waited so long I’m not sure I clicked it, something is off. I didn’t have to wait long enough to go soft, but it was kind of annoying.

Other than a little bit of load time, TSPlayground is a solid site for anyone looking for masturbating trannies, butt-fucking shemales, or threesomes between one porn stud and two chicks with dicks. The pornography is crisp, clean and well produced, with transvestites that aren’t just passable, they’re fucking hot. Two updates a week of this premium ladyboy smut would be enough, but EvilAngel sweetens the deal with a handful of bonus sites. Grab yourself a handful of ass, titties, and enormous feminine cock while you’re there.

ThePornDude likes TSPlayground's

  • Sexy shemale, tranny, and ladyboy pornstars
  • Hundreds of HD videos and galleries
  • Updated twice a week
  • Includes evilangel bonus sites

ThePornDude hates TSPlayground's

  • Mostly solo shows
  • Slow site sometimes