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Updated on 15 January 2022
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When you’re on a diet or going to the gym 6 days a week your body starts craving for some hard carbohydrates and that’s exactly when you really need to get yourself some extra meat. You can buy a good old 4oz. steak and slap that bad boy on a barbecue, for all the meat your body needs, but when it comes to the soul – the soul needs a different kind of meat. The kind of meat that can only be found between the slutty, ever-spread legs of whorish trans girls ready to take it up the ass on camera.

Trannies have been a very strong staple of pornography ever since the very early days of the internet. Back in the 90s, they were a bit eccentric and very rare. Sure you could easily find trans porn, but there wasn’t a lot of it. Back then, trannies were still taboo and they weren’t exactly commonly discussed among people, especially not among straight men. Word was, if you get caught liking a tranny, you were gay for the man meat, and that was embarrassing.

Mankind has evolved a lot since then and these days, trannies are an expected and respected part of online pornography. In fact, they’re one of the most sought after genre of porn right after lesbians and solo amateur nubiles fingering their own assholes in the privacy of their own homes. To that end, there’s a huge demand for websites that are willing to supply an ample amount of tranny porn with no holding back, and no compromise.

Straight men, and some women, are dying to get their fill of trans girls taking it up the ass, sucking cocks, swallowing cum, fucking each other and even pegging dudes in what can only be described as closeted gay porn. – But if there’s a pair of tits in the shot it’s technically not gay so you can sleep soundly in the privacy of your own closet.

The Anatomy of a Feminine Penis

How do you recognize a feminine penis? Is it the length? The girth? Or is it the person it’s attached to? Honestly, I’ve noticed that lately trannies in porn are not happy just receiving their paycheck and calling it a day. As it turns out they get paid a lot more if they look indistinguishable from real women – not counting the dick that is.

To that end, they get surgeries, hormones and all kinds of cosmetic efforts so that they can look passable. I assume it has something to do with the psychology of straight male viewers who’d like to feel like they’re not exactly jacking it to a dude with tits – they’re jacking it to a whore that happens to have a penis. – It’s less gay that way.

Sadly, you’re not going to find any of these super passable, super feminine trannies on Trans500. Nope, this is a website of an entirely different color.

Tranny Time Machine

Trans500 is absolutely stuck in time back in 1999 when trannies were both mannish and disturbing. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not throwing shade – you can jack off to whatever you want to. I’m just saying that a lot of quality porn trannies these days are gorgeous and look like they might just be 18-year-old girls in disguise, with a cucumber down their pants.

This website’s trannies, however, look like your dad in a skirt – or out of one. They got man-face, they got disturbing facial features, and most of the time they look less attractive than if they hadn’t gone into any transition to begin with. But I suppose that there’s a place for all trannies, and Trans500 is where ugly trannies go to earn their keep.

My theory is that most of these girls, when they were guys, realized that they were 1/10s and decided that a gender swap would help them become a lot more bangable. After all, men do not get paid for getting fucked in the ass, usually, they have to pay for that privilege. Now that they’re all female, at the very least on paper, they can get plowed up their poop chutes and pick up a paycheck doing it. For what it’s worth I doubt any self-respecting hetero would hook up with these girls even before they take off their delicates and reveal the man-meat they’re hiding below.

Who is Trans500 For Then?

Well, now that I’m done ranting and insulting, I can tell you that this website is not entirely pointless. If you’re the type of guy who gets off on the tranny fantasy, that is, if you’re not the type of guy who would actually date a trans girl, but rather, you have a weird fascination with chicks with dicks, then this is the site for you.

For what it’s worth, these girls might not be lookers, but at the very least, they are quality performers. They don’t squirm when they take the dick, and they don’t shy away from any kind of action, girl on girl, girl on guy, solo, duo, trio, whatever… they’ll take it. On top of that, the site is pretty damn huge. I spent a good hour just browsing and I saw tons of trannies, and I’m sure I just barely scratched the surface. They have a ton of content, and a ton of quality trannies, so I’d definitely advise you check out their roster before you make your decision.

It’s also worth noting that if you have a fetish for fake tits, this website might just be your next safe haven. There are so many quality fake tits on this website, paired with the aforementioned ugly faces, that you might as well just stare at the silicone until you’re blue in the face.

My personal recommendation, if you’re trying out Trans500, is to start with “Domino Presley”. She’s easily the most bangable tranny I could find on this site, and the commenters on her videos seem to agree with my findings.

The Website’s Design

God how I wish there was something about this website I could just give a 10/10 to, but I can’t. The website’s design is a nightmare. The video images flicker uncontrollably when you mouse over them, the actual header design looks like it fell out of a “Worst of 1999” calendar and the videos are only available up to 1080p.

At the very least the shot quality is fine, you are actually getting 1080p, there’s no compression. Plus, you can download the videos or watch them on the site, so that’s a big plus. Ironically, the mobile site actually looks a lot better than the regular one. There’s no flickering, there’s no ugly design, it’s just tranny cocks and asses as far as the eye can see. That’s a hell of an upgrade.


Trans500 is not your average tranny site. It is an unholy database of hardcore anal tranny destruction where men do the fucking and men are also the ones getting fucked. Here and there you’ll also find pure tranny on tranny penetration, which is probably the way you wanna go. Two pairs of tits cancel out two sets of cocks, so it’s as hetero as possible that way.

The girls are fuck ugly and after a certain point we have to just deal with the fact that it probably has nothing to do with them being trans – they were probably really ugly dudes when they were born, so it’s a preexisting condition. But they’re not completely useless in the porn industry.

These girls are, if nothing else, eager. They’ll take any cock in any hole they have – not that they have that many holes to begin with. But they ‘re very happy to fuck and get fucked, and there are a lot of them. I review a lot of porn sites and this one is definitely on the bulkier side, with hundreds of trannies to choose from.

Finally, I gotta note that almost none of the websites that I review allow you to get a lifetime membership. Most of them are trying to squeeze your money out of your wallet as tightly and as efficiently as they possibly can. Not Trans500. You can buy a lifetime membership and have your fill of girly dicks forever more. I like to think that no amount of ugly pornstars can muck up an alluring offer like that.

ThePornDude likes Trans500's

  • Amount of videos. There are tons of them.
  • Amount of trannies. More than you can count.
  • Camera angles and video quality (Up to 1080p)
  • Mobile website. Fast, simple, minimal.
  • Price. Lifetime membership for $160.

ThePornDude hates Trans500's

  • The trannies. 99% of them look like ugly dudes.
  • The website design. It’s ancient and an eye-sore.