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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Every once in a while you need a break from all the nubile girl on girl action and you just wanna mix it up with some good old t-girl porn. Transsensual.Com is one of those primo next-gen websites that brings you the best of the best trannies on the internet. These girls are all kinds of nasty, and all kinds of quality. They’re hungry for cock, and once in a while, they like to get frisky with each other too.

Sure She Has a Dick, But It’s Worth It

The nice thing about trans chicks, is that if you wanna see some hardcore action, you don’t necessarily have to tag in a dude – you can just watch them fuck each other and you’re all set. And for every dick in the shot, you get two tits at a discount.

Trans girls are like a sex buffet, if you think about it, because they have a set of everything you might wanna ride or hoist on your dick without any of the drama. See, they’re best of both worlds. You got a pair of tits, a nice round tight asshole that’s always down to party, but no female brain – and let’s face it, the brain’s the worst part of the woman anyways.

On top of that, it’s very unlikely to find a tranny with a bad set of tits, or a disappointing face, because women’s faces are crafted by God, but trannies pay hard money for theirs. Personally, I’d rather have a pair of tits that comes with a money-back guarantee and a warranty, than a pair that’s a fucking lottery.

And of course, the absolute best thing about trannies is that they can’t say no to anal, because where else are they gonna stick it, am I right?

The Den of Feminine Cocks

Make no mistake, Transsensual.Com is a high-quality website. They seem to have wrangled up the best of the best trannies on the web, including super-hot trending stars like Natalie Mars and Jessica Fox. Most of these chicks are really young and they’re all extremely hungry for the cock, so you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Like I said before, the t-girls here are all really hot and on top of that there’s a good bit of diversity going on. There’s white trannies, black trannies, small trannies, fat trannies – a real dick buffet with something for everyone.

I’ll be honest – some of the girls have a mean case of man-face going on, but most of the time the camera’s focused on the hardcore anal pounding, so you won’t have to stare at that too much.

Dicks in Chicks and Chicks with Dicks

Most of the videos are your standard high end directed productions, where a beefed-up muscular dude rams a t-girl up the ass for half an hour. Personally, I’m not a big fan of repetition. I mean, if you don’t take it out of her ass and stick it in her mouth once in a while, can you really say you had sex? But triple-A porn has this problem, and deep anal scenes can drag on sometimes, so you’re gonna wanna skip around the videos here and there to get a different shot.

I’m not complaining though; the videos are great for what they are. The girls are all really enthusiastic to be fucked in the ass – not like they have any alternatives, but hey, I’m impressed anyway. It’s a damn shame that there aren’t more girl-on-girl vids though. My favorites on the site were the few vids here and there that had a tranny fucking a girl, or two trannies getting it on.

I like to think of that as ultra-straight porn. Think of this way: A guy fucking a girl is pretty hetero, right? But there’s still a guy in the shot, and he’s naked, and you gotta see his face. That’s some gay shit. Now instead of a guy, imagine a t-girl, banging a regular chick. Now you’ve got hetero sex again, because it’s technically a guy and a girl, but you don’t run the risk of coming while there’s a dude’s face on the screen. You get all the hetero with none of the man-face.

A Real Website for Real Tranny Lovers

But unfortunately, very few of the vids have girl on girl action. For the most part, this website shows you quality ass t-girls getting a quality ass pounding for half an hour. That’s why I think this website is made for real tranny lovers – men who would like to find a tranny out in the real world, buy her dinner, have a quick chat with her and take her home for a fuck session so long she won’t be able to walk straight for a week.

And let’s face it, beyond making the money they need for extra cosmetic surgery on their man-faces, these girls live and breathe for straight men’s dicks. You don’t go out of your way to become that fuckable with that wide an asshole if you’re not looking to get viciously pounded by a large ass dude with a large ass tool. – So the fantasy works both ways. They want you and you want them.

But Are Traps Gay?

Well, Professor P. Ness from the Institute of Blowjobs and Anal Creampies recently published an article stating very clearly that no-one cares. No-one cares if liking traps makes you gay or not. What matters is that they don’t have a case of man-face, not because that’s gay, but because it’s ugly and dangerous to your boner.

Traps of all shapes and sizes are welcome both on Transsensual and on my porn feed, just as long as they’re willing to take it in the ass for a paycheck, and then use that money to become even more feminine. At the end of the day, I’d rather have a manufactured girl that happens to have a bit of extra meat between her legs, than a fat ass meat curtain wagging “real woman” who likes to nag me about taking out the trash.

Transsensual’s Design

It’s a nice and sleek website with very little overhead. 95% of the screen is chicks with dicks and the rest of it links you to a breakdown by scenes or by pornstars. There’s also a photos section, in case moving pictures are too hard for you to follow. – I don’t judge. Since they’re a part of a network, you’ll also see a bunch of cross-network suggested links, but they’re not intrusive. Most of the time they feature the pornstar you’re watching, in another scenario, on another site; which is pretty great. It’s like when you’re eating a cucumber and someone comes along and goes: “Well if you liked that you could also stick it up your ass, if you’d like”. It’s fun to switch it up.

Feminine Cocks on The Go

Transsensual on your phone is the same as Transsensual on your PC, but the dicks look a lot smaller – which is great for your self-esteem. Hell, they might even look shorter than yours if your phone is small enough. It’s fast, it’s loose, it’s simple, and the videos all start with a very innocent sounding intro tune, which is great for when you’re in the bathroom trying to jack off in peace on your phone and someone from the outside overhears you. You get a good 10 seconds to dial that shit down before your phone starts blasting anal pleasure moans across your home.

To sum up, chicks with dicks are totally OK in my book. They all take it up the ass, performing a fine public service that most women shy away from for reasons that I don’t quite understand. If you’re a fan of fine ass bitches with fine ass dicks and fake tits, you need to head on over to Transsensual.Com. You don’t have to sign up right away. Check out the previews, make sure it’s your type of porn first. You don’t wanna pay for something that won’t give you a stiffy. I recommend that you check out the tranny on girl porn and anything by Natalie Mars. For what it’s worth, those videos, in particular, were very kind to my boner.

ThePornDude likes Transsensual's

  • Trannies. I like that they’re female enough to fuck and not female enough to sue you and take custody of the kids.
  • Girl on Girl porn. There’s not a lot of it, but I can’t get enough of it.
  • Low prices. With a 12-month sub, you pay $7.95 per month. That’s way cheaper than average.

ThePornDude hates Transsensual's

  • Some trannies on here have a mean case of man-face
  • Not enough girl on girl porn
  • They need more videos, but they’re new so I’ll check in on them in a month, see what else they got in the meantime.