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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Tranny Videos XXX! In today’s day and age, masturbating to transexuals isn’t as harshly looked down upon as it was some 15-ish years ago. Back then if you masturbated to tranny and someone found out you’d definitely be ridiculed at the very least, but nowadays tranny porn is one of the mainstay genres of internet porn, with many straight dudes openly fapping to them (I’m talking even men who are married with kids for 10+ years).

It’s like the safe way of being gay – you’re essentially masturbating to gay sex since the video you’re fapping to features a transexual man having sex with another man (who may or may not be a transexual) but so long as you’re fapping to it in the form of online porn, you’re not fully gay. Society is more welcoming towards these things now and way more tolerable to them than it used to be some 15-ish years ago – back then there was nowhere near as much tranny porn on the internet so that itself is an indicator of just how open people have become to this genre.

Nowadays tranny porn has become one of the most widely-popular XXX genres on the internet, and sites like TrannyVideosXXX here show just how dedicated people are to this genre. This site is really well-made and handles much more smoothly than most free websites that feature nothing but wholly straight pornography. I mean there are even whole sections dedicated towards transexual pornography on the most popular porntubes like PornHub and XVideos, so there’s definitely a big market for tranny porn happening right now.

I mean all these tranny models on TrannyVideoXXX here haven’t been active for a long time, they’re all fresh rookies in the porn industry, and their surgeries look pretty damn expensive (I mean at least half of them actually look like hot women), so you know they’re pulling a lot of cash from their work. Let’s take a look at TrannyVideosXXX and see what makes this site tick.

So Let’s Start With The Categories

There’s a good number of categories on this site – if you ask me, they’re a little low in terms of variation, but I guess they cover most things that typically happen in tranny porn. You’ve got Amateur, Asian, Anal, Fetish, GangBang, Interracial, Lesbian, Latin (notice how it’s the masculine form of the word, and not “Latina”, POV, Sexual Toys, Threesome and Transexual (duh).

One thing that impresses me is how they’ve added three sub-categories under “Fetish” because that term by itself is way too broad. Hovering over the “Fetish” category will show three extra categories, including “Foot Fetish”, “Creampie” and “Dominatrix”. This sums up 15 categories in total – not a bad number in terms of variation, but I’ve seen trans porn sites with way more categories than 15. But where categories fail, tags reign supreme…

Also Yes, There Are Tags Present On Each Video

Each and every video on this site comes with its own tags, and they’re always at least a handful in number so you’re guaranteed to get solid content organization here on TrannyVideosXXX. This site’s tags cover literally everything that’s too specific to be covered by the categories, and from the looks of it, I’d say that there are at least 30-40 prominently-used tags here. In addition, any tag you click on will take you to a page that shows you all the videos that have that tag added on them – this is pretty standard practice for most XXX websites, however here on TrannyVideosXXX you can even filter in/out the videos that have that tag added on them depending on a few different factors. These factors include date added, views, title (alphabetical order), number of likes and the number of comments. This adds an extra layer of content organization here that isn’t prevalent on most XXX websites regardless if they’re trans-based or not. It’s a nice way to sort the content on this site and filter in all the stuff you want to fap to while filtering out all the stuff you’re not ready to face yet because you might just be getting into trans porn and might not be ready to see such things.

You Can Also Check Out the Top Channels

If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around this site’s content selection as well as wrapping your hand around your dick, then you should stop scuttling around trying to find a tranny video that’s “not too gay” to fap to and check out the “Top Channels” section. Now on most sites, the term “Channels” usually means that there’s a link leading to another website, but not here. This site’s “Top Channels” section is simply a selection of all the most popular trans stars on this site (you know, the ones that look the least like men).

There are 14 different trans stars that show up in a dropdown menu when hovering above the “Top Channels” section button, and they’re undoubtedly the most attractive models on the site’s content. If you don’t want to feel overly-gay while fapping to this site’s content then I suggest checking out this section for some hot entry-level trans porn.

Some Videos Come With Their Own Series of Episodes

These works and titles are filmed in a series of episodes that contain the same trans models sucking and fucking in different scenarios with different co-actors. A lot of the videos here come with their own little button right under the video player that’s titled “Select Episodes”. These “Episodes” are pretty much different scenes containing the same model (or models) that are on the video. It’s a great way to continue your special self-care fap time to a trans actress that you find hot and want to continue fapping to on a different video she’s featured in. It’s also a great way to not fall into the “Fapper’s Indecision” syndrome since this way your attention won’t be diverted by an endless selection of related videos under the one you’ve opened.

This is always so annoying to encounter when you’re on the verge of fapping and extremely horny – a lot of sites source their content in less-than-legit ways, and sometimes, the thumbnail link that leads to a certain video might be defunct. This is also the case here with some videos – it doesn’t happen too often, but if you spend a longer time on this site you will eventually run into a broken video link that might be so damn heartbreaking it deflates your hard-on in seconds. It’s a shame that such a top-quality website would have broken video links, but I guess it’s just something you tranny-lovers out there will have to deal with. Besides, you can always try Googling the video title or the models in it and find it elsewhere.

Really It’s A Top-Quality Trans Porn Portal

(no ads, HD videos, accessible via mobile) TrannyVideosXXX is really a top-notch trans porn website that any trans-lover should check out. Not only is this site designed great, but it’s also fast-responding, free of ads and full of top-quality HD trans videos that don’t take forever to play. It also has great content optimization that ensures you can find the video or actress that you feel is most deserving of your load, and to top it off it’s fully optimized for smartphone access – what more could you need?

ThePornDude likes TrannyVideosXXX's

  • One of the best sites for trans porn
  • Works fine on mobile devices
  • Contains sub-categories for the “Fetish” category
  • Videos are HD
  • Most videos are over 20 minutes long

ThePornDude hates TrannyVideosXXX's

  • Could do with some more categories
  • The “Top Channels” section is really just the most popular models
  • Some videos do not play at all
  • No image section at all
  • No resident pornstar section