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Updated on 05 February 2024
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If you like sucking, fucking, or getting fucked by hot babes with big dicks, then you’ve come to the right place. A lot of people out there seem to think that fucking a tranny chick is crazy, weird, and taboo. But you’d be surprised by how many horny fucks out there love chicks with dicks. Okay, well, if you’re reading this you probably won’t be that shocked. But the average dude probably thinks that. Luckily for you, I’m not your average dude. I’ve scoured the internet for the best shemale sites out there. I’m here to give you the scoop on another great site where you can watch tranny whores do all sorts of kinky shit for you. is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a free porn tube for everything and anything related to femboys, traps, shemales, ladyboys, and trannys. Whatever you want to call these babes, this site has got them. This site popped up in 2015, back when shemale porn really started to take off. Seriously, in the early 2010’s a whole lot of you just up and decided you really liked some hung babes. I get it though. Shit is hot. And there are a lot of you who agree. This site alone brings in a solid 7 million sites views every month.

Simple Site Design with Big Previews and Plenty of Options

I dig the way this site is set up. It doesn’t fuck around with flashy banners or confusing menus. You get a header at the very top with options for “Popular, Longest, Newest, Pornstars, Categories, History, Live Sex, Dating, and HD Porn.” Below that are the previews. These babies take up the entire page. Love that shit. No squinting trying to read the text or see what the fuck is going on in the thumbnails. This site does it right, but we’ll into the previews more in a bit. For now, let’s check out that header.

The first three options are pretty obvious, so I’m going to skip over to the Pornstars page. Every model on the site, amateur or professional, has a preview image from one of their movies, as well as a small tag in the bottom right corner that tells you how many videos they have on the site. I wish there were sorting options here. There’s no real order to any of these. Maybe it’s by popularity, but I can’t fucking tell. You’ll have to wade through all of the profiles one, unless you’re searching for someone specific. For that you can just use the search bar up top.

Wide Selection of Categories with Hot Fetish Content

This isn’t one of those pages that gives you a shit ton of info about the model. Click on a profile and you’ll be taken to a page with every single one of their videos. That’s all I fucking need. I don’t need your blood type and social security number just to bust a damn nut anyway. I’m a simple man. Some quality porn of a tranny riding a dildo does it for me everytime.

The categories page is pretty much the same exact setup but for categories instead of pornstars. Each category has an image as well as a number for how many videos are in that section. They have pretty large variety too.

There are sections for “Shemale on Females, Threesomes, Domination, Latex, Anal, and a bunch of other sexy categories that you’ll just have to come and browse yourself.” Simply click on the preview images to get taken to a page full of those videos. Again, no real rhyme or reason for why the categories are organized how they are, but at least you can filter the videos when you got the actual page.

The other header options aren’t worth fucking with. History is neat. I like being able to go back and find something I nutted to a few days ago. The last three options are just links to other sites. Explore those at your own leisure, but I think there’s enough dick-slapping, ball-busting, goodness to jerk off to on this site alone.

Free Downloads, Fast Streams, and User Uploaded Videos

The previews are pretty good here. No matter what category or page you’re on they will all be the same deal. You get a still image from the video, a tag for HD, name of the video, length of the video, number of views, when it was uploaded, and what its rating is out of 100 percent. Nothing is animated or anything, but at least you get all the information you need for once. I do wish the titles included model names. Lots of the content here is user uploaded, so you’ll get dumbass names like “Slutty” or “Teen ladyboys fuck.” I get that you’re thinking with your dick, but come on now.

Since most everything is user uploaded, the quality varies from trash to amazing. Some videos are filmed with a phone and look awful, while others are full uploaded of 720p premium porn shoots. There aren’t many toggle options here, but you can actually download videos here for free. There isn’t the usual button or anything like that. Just right click that shit and save the video to download it. Hell yeah.

Overall, the streams are pretty damn quick and ads are kept to a minimum. You might get a pre-roll, pop-up, or redirect every now and then. But that’s it. No annoying bullshit here. It’s the sort of ad experience you should expect on a free site. To the right and bottom of the video you’ll see related movies to check out. And that’s about it. You can leave a comment if you feel like wasting your time, I guess. Nobody reads that shit anyway.

Great Mobile Site Lets You Indulge in Girl Cock on the Go

The mobile site, much like many of the babes on the site, is passable. You can tell they put some work into this mobile site, unlike a lot of other shitty porn sites out there. No wonky or fucked up menus. You don’t have to fuck around with scrolling sideways. The videos and descriptions are easily readable. It’s just a good mobile site. If you’re feeling like jerking it to some tranny sluts while you’re on the go, then this is a good site to use. The videos still play quickly, and you can download the videos for later jackin’ if that’s more your speed.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about has got to be their big ass selection go hung bitches to jerk off to. Seriously, I know I say that kind of shit about other tranny sites, but this one really nails it. There are hundreds to thousands of videos to fap to in every single category on the site. But that’s a good thing, because you won’t be able to get enough of the sexy content.

I love that they have professional and amateur videos. One minute you can be watching a video of some twink getting fucked in the ass by his tranny escort, and then the next minute you’re watching some shemale babe fuck a famous pornstar. What a time to be alive.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

A few improvements can definitely be made here. Nothing crazy. The site does most everything pretty well. But I would like to have a video quality tag or toggle on the videos. Your “HD” tags doesn’t mean a damn thing if I can’t actually view the fucking resolution. You could label that shit as 3D 8K VR, but if I can’t view that it means nothing to me. Being able to sort the categories and pornstars would be cool. As is it’s tough to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you just threw an A-Z option up there it would be enough.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a quality tranny porn tube with lots of kinky content that you won’t find anywhere else. With so much user-generated content on the site, you can expect new videos to crop up every day. There are so many awesome fetish videos for you freaks out there as well. No more going to a tranny porn site that just clumps every video together. Here you can sort by all of the good shit that you want. The site is fucking great. Easy to use. Free. Download as many videos as you want. It doesn’t get much better than that.

ThePornDude likes TrannyTube's

  • Thousands of Amateur and Professional Tranny Porn Videos
  • Free Downloads
  • Simple and Easy to Use Site
  • User Uploaded Content

ThePornDude hates TrannyTube's

  • Can’t Toggle Resolution
  • No Filter Options for Category or Pornstar Page