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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I had the weirdest goddamn dream last night. In it, I had this slut on all fours and all full of my dick. I’m not a freak or anything, so when I went down to suck a fart out of her ass with a straw I got a little weirded out to see a pair of balls and a big ol’ schlong dangling between her legs. I must have had woman cock on my mind from looking at all night.

I was browsing tranny porn for research purposes only, of course, but I won’t judge you if chicks with dicks really get you going. Hell, this site gets nearly 50 million visits a month, so you definitely ain’t alone. Free porn tubes are a dime a dozen, so let’s see what makes this shemale site so damn special.

Clean Layout, Dirty Tranny Whores

There’s nothing special about aShemaleTube’s layout. It’s your standard free tube presentation: a logo, header and search bar at the top, a bunch of video thumbnails covering the rest of the screen. The site logo is ugly and outdated, but the thumbnails are crisp, clean, and show moving previews when you hover your mouse over them.

Tranny porn sites are a funny thing because they usually look like regular, non-shemale porn sites at a glance. This one’s no exception. There’s so much flesh on display, so many titties and so many dicks and so much penetration, that I don’t immediately notice who’s got the tits, who’s got the dicks, and who’s penetrating who.

That Asian broad in the lingerie, on her back and getting fucked? Look a little closer because she’s got a pretty big dick, too. The same goes for the purple-haired emo girl in the bathtub, and what do you know? That cute blonde isn’t stroking off her man, she’s beating her own meat.

My ad-blocking plugin has tallied 2 blocked ads just from landing on the page, but a video banner made its way through above the thumbnails. In it, this slut who looks like a peak Christina Applegate bites her lip seductively before showing how well she can lick a dick. The next thing you know, her own junk is flopping around while she gets her shit packed.

The front-page ladyboys are all passable as hell, for the most part. It could be related to the default sorting method. Most tubes opt for Newest or Most Popular First, but aShemaleTube mixes them and offers up Best Recent. Fucking Christ on a cracker, that’s a good idea. If you’re hard to satisfy, the traditional options are also available.

The Best Recent Shemale Porn Videos

The thumbnails have little icons that show how long the clips are, whether they’re HD, and what percent of viewers like them. On some free sites, nobody uses the Like or Dislike buttons so everything stays at zero or a hundred. That’s useless, but it looks like aShemaleTube users are a little more active. That makes it easier to find the good shit.

The top clip right now is a 9-minute clip of a tranny fucking her fleshlight. There’s a camera inside the damn thing, so we get a close-up of the top of her Nazi helmet ramming through to trample your family and cum all over your face. An in-screen window shows the slut wearing nothing but a hoodie, thrusting into her beloved sex toy. It’s got a 92% rating and an HD icon.

The second clip on the page also has a 92% and an HD icon. This one’s an hour long and simply called A Lucky Guy. The thumbnail shows a shemale in the foreground with a horse cock that hangs almost to her knees. In the background is a slut with an absolutely stunning ass, and I want to know whether there’s a cock attached to the other side.

Premium Trannies at the Low Price of Nothing

The video starts playing with no buffering, automatically loading at the max of 720p. It could be higher res, but it’s free and I didn’t even have to watch an ad. Two trannies in lingerie walk in on a dude sleeping. Both of the girls are furiously stroking their huge cocks as they enter the room, and continue masturbating as they sit next to the sleeping dude.

One of the shemales has kind of a dudely face, but the other is a straight-up fox. Sleepyhead seems to agree, because he starts sucking her off the moment he wakes up. The manlier tranny looks on, stroking and eagerly waiting her turn.

There’s a watermark from a paysite in the corner. I’m not that surprised. This is an hour-long, crisp, clearly professional scene, obviously shot on expensive equipment with expensive talent. They don’t typically give this stuff away.

That’s not exactly a complaint, and I doubt you’ll be firing off any angry emails after you finish pulling your pud to this transgender threesome. Any free tube is going to have some piracy, especially if you knuckleheads keep clicking the Upload button and adding more stolen dick-girl content. If it bothers you, hit the Flag icon below any of the videos and report the offense.

Save These Ladyboys For Later

The standard set of porn tube features are all here, whether they make sense or not. How many people are really pasting the embed codes from tranny blowjob movies onto their crafting blog? The Favorites and Watch Later buttons are basically interchangeable, but the Like/Dislike buttons are helpful.

There’s also a download button, but it prompts you to log in first. It will probably be worth the potential email spam if you’re into free porno movies featuring chicks interacting with dicks, including their own. You’ll also get to leave comments in the lively comments section. This vid has about 50 people talking about how hard it makes their dicks.

Beneath a cloud of genre tags like Blowjob and Latina, the talent are listed with little thumbnails next to their names. I click on Gloria Voguel, the tranny with the ass, and aShemaleTube drops me off at her profile. There’s some extremely basic info like her penis and breast size (”Big” and “Medium”), and a link to her content on the site. She’s got half a dozen videos and appears in another half dozen image galleries here.

Shemales Doing All Kinds of Nasty Shit

A list of some of the top tags run down the sidebar on the front page of aShemaleTube. To call this wide-ranging smut would be an understatement. The list runs a few dozen deep, full of sub-genres like Cum-In-Mouth, Crossdresser, Ebony, Latex and Webcams.

The full list, though, is kind of ridiculous. The page has hundreds of overlapping tags like Amateur Shemale and Amateur Video. There’s no way around a cluttered tags page when you’re dealing in user-submitted videos, which may be why some sites also have categories. Ultimately, the tags still make your kink easier to find.

The same sidebar and full-page lists are applied to the Stories section as well. This actually seems like it needs better organization. It’s a surprisingly active story page for a video tube site, but laid out so poorly I couldn’t even tell where the last page was. I can see it’s a huge archive with a wide range of material, but the details are murky.

With my ad-blocker running, I didn’t have a hard time with ads on aShemaleTube. Even when I paused videos, I just had an empty box float over where an ad would have loaded. I also had some moving banners up by the header sometimes, but they were far from intrusive.

Spam is very often the deal breaker on a free tube, but here it’s basically a non-issue. That alone is enough to draw out a ton of tranny-loving perverts, but aShemaleTube goes a couple steps better. Not only is the collection free and only managably spammy, it’s absolutely full of high-quality, high-definition porn. The girls all have dicks, yeah, but that’s going to be a strong selling point for anyone who’s read this far.

ThePornDude likes aShemaleTube's

  • Free
  • Tons of tranny movies and galleries
  • Shemale stories, too
  • Downloads available

ThePornDude hates aShemaleTube's

  • Spam
  • Piracy?
  • Login required for downloads