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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The Hun’s Yellow Pages, which I’ll call TheHun, is a true Norwegian classic. This porn site is a strange blend of porn samples, weird jokes, sex news, and tube videos that has gained a following large enough to conquer all of Rome.

In a nutshell, TheHun allows you to sample all kinds of porn from paid sites. Premium porn sites from the world over pay TheHun lots of dough to feature their pics and videos, in the hopes that TheHun’s horny users will love the content and become members of those sites.

For most of us, however, this just means a shitload of premium pussy porno.

What makes TheHun’s porn stand out from the rest? Well, think about it. These videos and pics all serve as advertising for the porn sites that host them, so you’ll get the best shit to try to entice people to join.

I’m talking about the hottest models in high quality super reliable streams. After all, these porn sites paid good money to borrow your dick for a fap or two, so you can bet they’ll do their best to make you a fan.

Another great bonus is the minimal ads. Well technically, all of TheHun’s content is just advertisement for other porn sites, although I can’t complain about ads I want to fap to. Since the videos and pictures seem to be hosted by the premium porn sites, TheHun keeps their own ads respectful and minimal.

You’ll find premium porno from all over the internet. DeNudeArt, MyAllAccessPass, and MagmaFilm are some of the brands you’ll find giving out free porn samples at TheHun. Of course, they all bring their best, giving you some tasty treats to fap to.

In addition, to picture galleries and clips, TheHun also has a robust rating system that keeps the quality honest. There’s no bullshit where the biggest advertiser wins all the clicks. These premium advertisers will need to bring their A-game to beat the others and win the love of fappers everywhere.

Updates are plentiful, with roughly fifty updates per day. I’d be really impressed if you can handle all of these updates each and every day and trust me a lot of this shit is good.

A lot more than Yellow Pages

Enter TheHun and you’ll be greeted by the day’s image and joke at the top. These are seriously fucking random and are more suited for office joke email chains by Boomers than a fap site.

Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut? He just needed a little space. *rimshot*

You’ll also get a quick welcome message quoting TheHun’s entry on Urbandictionary.

Next up, you’ll get the latest blog post from TheHun. TheHun features a news blog that features sex-related news like breaking down the new Chinese sperm extraction device (basically jerks you off), and Robert Kraft’s sexual exploits.

After getting a hearty chuckle from this ridiculousness, it’s time to move onto the fapping.

Scroll down and you’ll find a gallery of the latest updates. This section shows all the latest picture galleries, along with their titles, ratings, and number of photos. You’ll find a variety of porn here including amateurs, milfs, hot ass bitches, and more.

Next up is the video gallery, creatively called The Hun TUBE. You get thumbnail screenshots for all these videos, along with the title when you mouse over the pictures.

The third major gallery is the highest rated galleries from the previous day. With roughly fifty new updates a day, it’s great to have everything organized by rating. The latest updates galleries won’t have enough votes for ratings yet, so if you quickly want to see the best porn just head straight here.

If you keep scrolling down you’ll see a series of updates in chronological order. You can basically scroll down infinitely to go through all the past updates.

Click on a gallery or video to go to the content page. You’ll notice that every link leads to a different layout, since the premium site hosting the porn will have their own “splash page” layout. Don’t worry, the porn is always easily accessible, and you can safely ignore all their marketing pitches.

Going back to the top of the TheHun, you’ll see the main menu which includes a search bar, blog link, Archive, and Popular. Click on Popular to see the subcategories which include Overflow and Thumbs-Up.

Overflow is where you’ll find all the porn that they couldn’t squeeze into the main site. TheHun tries to keep their main galleries diverse with different niches, so repetitive content gets thrown into the Overflow gallery for those who want to dig deep.

The Overflow gallery is organized by tags, which include amateur, blowjobs, retro, and more. You won’t get any thumbnails here, just a shit ton of unidentified text links to try. Not the most efficient way to fap, but at least there’s plenty of it.

Another fun section under Popular is Masturbation Techniques. These are random mini-stories where people share their masturbation stories and techniques like shoving dildo up their own ass or fucking toilet paper rolls. Really insightful stuff.

What I Like

TheHun is truly one of a kind. I can see this place having a huge following for older guys, with its lame ass jokes, corny mascot, and 1990s layout.

The random features are also fun to browse. The sex news blog gives you lots of fun facts about how fucked up our world is getting, and the masturbation stories make for some funny reading material. There is a lot of things to distract you aside from the ass and titties. But I don’t dislike the site for any of that shit. These things give the site a lot of personality, and right off the bat, you’ll know there’s something different about TheHun that keeps you interested.

The business model is fucking genius. TheHun not only has tons of high-quality galleries and videos, but they get paid to feature them while the premium sites provide all the content and bandwidth. The videos are all very high quality and are a good sample of what kind of porn you can get when you open up your wallet.

TheHun just brings the people in, and the premium sites work their ass off to make the content and content site as awesome as possible.

TheHun features some of the hottest models I’ve seen, and they do a great job of curating their galleries. The daily gallery will focus on hot teens, but also throw in some MILFs, fatties, gay, and other fetish shit to keep things interesting.

Meanwhile, for the archives, you can depend on the ratings to show you the best fap material at TheHun. This site gets a shit ton of views, so there’s always enough rating votes to give you an accurate idea.

Finally, the minimal ads make things easy to browse. You’ll get banner ads sprinkled throughout TheHun, but it’s no big deal and easy to ignore.

What I Hate

For you younger people, TheHun’s old ass layout might serve some frustrations.

For the archives and Overflow content, you really don’t get any previews or information until you click on the content. The original layout for TheHun (which you can switch to) was all text links, but that just doesn’t keep up in today’s world.

The blog also has a lot of entries that seem to just serve as ads. It’s a shame that they sprinkle in ad entries with the actual blog, since the real blog posts are interesting reads.

Show off them tags!

A suggestion I have for TheHun is to better use their tag system. TheHun clearly attaches tags to all the porn, since the Overflow archive organizes everything from hairy to handjobs.

But they don’t feature tag clouds or lists which are common on other porn sites, and instead, you’ll have to come up with and search the tags yourself. Yes, the Overflow gallery is organized by tag, but the Overflow gallery sucks because there’s no thumbnails or previews.

I guess they want to keep the website simple and classic, but TheHun might easily find itself dying with newer generations.

Brings new meaning to Norwegian Wood

Overall, TheHun can’t be fucked with when it comes to free high-quality porn with minimal hassle.

To think that premium porn sites actually pay TheHun to feature high-quality free porn is crazy, and it’s weird this business model isn’t more common. A crazy feedback loop exists where the premium content brings in more viewers, which then creates even more ad revenue for TheHun.

You can’t go wrong with TheHun when it comes to fapping. You’ll get cream of the crop samples from hundreds of different sites, and just about every fetish is featured.

TheHun also features a dating site, though it seems raw and undeveloped as of this writing. TheHun is rather old-schooled in features and presentation and might find itself becoming irrelevant as things like games and VR become more common in the porn world.

For now, though, enjoy the free HQ fapping!

ThePornDude likes TheHun's

  • Great curation of content
  • True one of a kind porn site

ThePornDude hates TheHun's

  • Porn is random and somewhat unorganized
  • May need to modernize