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Updated on 05 February 2024
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User Rating: claims that it is the best source of some quality teen galleries. Furthermore, they promise a very “clean” website where all clicks will lead to real content. Is this true? ThePornDude will make sure to inform you soon enough. Do you know what the name of this website even means? I’ve seen teen girls being compared to kittens, puppies, and so on…but birds? Maybe it’s some sort of trend I’ve failed to notice. Am I getting old? Are millennials overtaking the world?

Brd Teen Gal is a website that is dedicated to HD galleries that show pictures of the hottest teen cuties. These girls are always well dressed (if they are required to wear any clothes in the photoshoot), they have a gorgeous smile, and their hair is on point. However, that’s not what most of the cis white male scum came here for, right? We’re all about the ass and the titties, and the owners of BrdTeen Gal are aware of how basic our taste is, and that’s why they even dedicated three sections of the website to us. Now, in the west we read from left to right…however, the header tab that is in the top right corner is the first one I will mention.

So, by clicking on the More tab, you will get a drop-down menu, and the first three options are the most important options in here. First off, we have the “pussy index,” and basically, what you see here are pussy pics. Go figure. All HD, it’s all pretty good. Next, there is the Tits Index, and this one does the same thing, pretty much. Except it shows you titties instead of pussy. Go figure. So, you get pictures of two titties and a name underneath. Good enough for me!

Next, there is one more index that needs to be mentioned, and that would be the Ass index. What you get in here, is the same thing. PIctures of booties, usually with the girl having her cheeks spread, sometimes she doesn’t do that, though. Also yeah, you get a name right next to the ass. Let’s keep looking at the More tab and talk about what’s in there. Right underneath all these pictures of pussy, ass, and titties you get a section for porn reviews, too. The guy that reviews these gives them a grade 1-100, and he puts them in categories. So, if you want to check out a decent amateur website, you look at the left part of the page and click on the Amateur category, and when you go, you can see all the amateur websites that are available to you. There is also a section that informs you about discounts in the porno world. Good to know.

Now, I’ve already talked about the ass and titties, but now it’s time to talk about the entire girl. Yeah, I know, objectification of women is a very common thing in porn, but we’re going to avoid that a little bit and treat girls like people because that’s what we’re supposed to do. By “treating them like people” I mean that we’re not going to focus only on the jiggly parts. So, if you want to see the entire girl, you better hit up the home page, or rather, check the Trending tab. In the trending tab, there are loads and loads of great categories of the cutest teen girls. Underneath the gallery, there is always a name that tells you what girl you’re looking at.

So, what you do in here is the exact same thing you did in the “pussy index” and in the “ass index.” You notice a girl that you like, you click on the gallery, and you wait for it to load. It won’t take much, but sometimes it might because these pictures are all HD pics, and those tend to mess with your internet once in a while. Oh yeah, you know those websites that will make an ad pop up whenever you click on a spot on the website. You know, click on pretty much any spot, and you get like ten thousand ads terrorizing your screen? Well, that doesn’t happen in here. I’ve clicked on quite a few pictures on this page, and I didn’t see a single ad pop up, which is great. A website with free, HD, ad-free content, that’s something I love to see. It’s not just me, it’s like that for everyone, really. No one likes ads.

You can also head for the Models tab, as this is where you can find your favorite girls. So, if you fall in love with any of these girls in here, you get a name there, and that’s where you can see all the galleries that the girl has on the website. It’s much easier to find the type of content that you like this, right? Last but not least, I should mention that all these pictures have been categorized. So, you get stuff like “amateur,” stuff that includes double penetration, black girls, Asian girls, pictures of feet and even pictures of puffy pussy lips. However, you don’t get anything too extreme, but most of us aren’t here for extreme pornography, so I wouldn’t exactly call that a downside. is basically, a neat little stash of pictures of sexy girls that comes in handy whenever you need a quick wank. Men in heat don’t care much about little things, and neither does The design of their page is simple as hell, but I don’t mind it. BrdTeenGal is really the equivalent of those porn mags that your dad used to stash under the sofa back in the 90’s. It’s nice, it’s simple, it’s useful. What are you waiting for?

ThePornDude likes BrdTeenGal's

  • There is lots of softcore and hardcore content
  • There are little to no ads on the page to annoy you
  • The page has a nice aesthetic going on for it

ThePornDude hates BrdTeenGal's

  • There could be more pictures of Asian and black girls on the website
  • Advertising