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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The site I am about to suggest you guys visit is mostly made for those who enjoy looking at naughty images from beauties instead of clips, because, while does offer some clips, the majority of their shit are images. You might have even heard about this site, and if you have not, I am here to introduce and tell you all the important shit.

Of course, I will mention the design of Kind Girls because it is not made for peeps who prefer to do their browsing at night. I am yet to meet somebody who browses and wanks one off during the day, so I really do not understand why the fuck do such naughty sites not have a black or at least a darker layout instead of the usual white crap?

I was blinded by the glowing white background on this site, and once my eyes got adjusted and stopped bleeding, I proceeded to browse this great place. So, if you can get over the fact that everything here will be hella light, and you love to browse images the most, you should definitely give a go.

As for me, I am not a big fan of browsing for images of naked girls. Sure, I like to see some tight pussy and all that crap, but if I will masturbate, I prefer to watch chicks who are in motion, which is why on I prefer to visit a page dedicated to clips; but, I will talk about that a bit later.

They introduce themselves as a clean and honest site that has plenty of gorgeous girls at your service, and if that is true or not, I am here to explore. First of all, I am pretty sure you will not get tired of this site if you enjoy this shit, because they have over 114k pictures, not to mention that their site keeps growing with almost regular updates.

On their homepage, they will suggest some sites you might want to visit if their site does not offer the shit you need. For example, if you prefer to watch live cam shows, you should visit Jasmin (which is a site they linked badly since the crap does not work), or if you prefer to watch porn movies, like me, then you can visit NubileFilms (which they linked correctly).

Of course, they offer some sites for images and other websites similar to them. Basically, no matter what your preference is when it comes to such crap, has it all at one place. Now, let’s get down to what these fuckers actually have to offer us, and not which sites they have to suggest.

You will have a bunch of girls presented on the homepage, but honestly just ignore those updates, and visit other parts of the site. If you are interested in the models who are featured on, all of the hotties will be listed in the ‘Girls’ tab, and I really do not understand why. I mean, do you really search for just one pussy to watch while you masturbate?

How stupid can you be? I prefer to have as many women as possible, because these sluts are here with just one purpose, to please us, as that is the only task they are actually fucking good with. For the virgins reading this, who are probably obsessed with this section, all girls have their profile with some information and a bunch of their galleries. That is about it.

Now, if you are actually interested in the galleries, you can view them in the ‘Photo’ section, where all of the galleries will be listed. One thing that made me quite annoyed is that there are no categories or tags by which you can list all of the shit here. All you have is the option to list the galleries by the month they were uploaded on… which is not fucking enough.

You can view the images for free in a slideshow or in full size. However, there is really no way to fucking download any of this shit, so I still do not understand what is the point? Sure, you can download each picture individually if you do the usual (right click + Save Image), but that is too much work if you ask me.

On a plus side, all the images here are in HD, and that is fucking amazing. Now if only these idiots knew how to please their audience and help them store all of this shit on their PC, it would be much better, but I guess no site is perfect. Too bad.

The last shit that is worth mentioning about this site is the last tab called ‘Video’, where you can obviously see loads of clips. At first, everyone probably thought that you will actually get to watch some nice porn videos, right? Well, not quite.

This tab actually offers only trailers to a bunch of great HD porn clips, that usually include solo women masturbating, undressing or lesbians. The clips will last for about 2 minutes, give or take, and that is all you get for free. Of course, every clip will have the site where you can view the full shit listed below them… and most of those sites are paysites…

While it was quite disappointing to see that you do not have any full-length videos on this site, the good news is that all of these videos are HD and they come from great sites. So, if you prefer premium sites instead of free ones, you can find great suggestion son

Overall, I’d say that this site offers a little bit of everything, and one thing that makes it fucking awesome is the fact that most its shit is in HD. Sure, you do not have full-length videos, but all the images are free, so if you like the sound of that, I’d suggest (again) that you visit

ThePornDude likes KindGirls's

  • Plenty of HD galleries
  • Great site suggestions
  • Beautiful, mostly teen, girls
  • No ads

ThePornDude hates KindGirls's

  • Blinding white layout
  • No actual videos, just trailers