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Updated on 15 January 2022
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If you’re looking for a proper good website that’s full of delicious free porn, then you’ve come to the right place. This page, which just so happens to have a slightly confusing name,, is everything but a page that only sticks to uploading gifs of girls fucking guys or even other girls. First things first, you should be familiarized with the type of content you’re going to see in here, so let’s jump right into it and see what you’re really in for.

So, first things first, I’m glad we got our facts straight, even though the name of the page might suggest something entirely different: This page doesn’t only upload gifs in the style of Tumblr. No way, Jose, this page has tons and tons of videos. However, the thing is, these videos aren’t that long. See, while they’re technically not gifs, they are still just very, very short videos. Now, they’re usually longer than five seconds or so, just like the average gif, but they rarely cross the one minute mark. Now, some people might say that this is a bad thing, and I see why, since just like ThePornDude, a lot of other guys need a whole lot of time to cum, and that’s why lengthy porn videos are quite important.

However, you’ve noticed that tons of porn videos, especially the ones you get from premium websites often have like one or two good scenes and that’s about it? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen such a thing. I know what kind of things you’ve seen…I mean, if you’re reading this article, you’re surely familiar with all kinds of pornography from all over the world, and I don’t doubt that for a single second. So, masturbating to a one-minute scene that’s actually a very nice scene isn’t a bad idea, really, Some of you might give up after a while and get bored or something like that, but I can see how a whole lot of dudes are going to be amused with these top-notch short ass scenes.

I mean, I know I’ve been coming back to over and over because of certain scenes. Did I not mention that a whole lot of these movies are actually straight up downloaded from premium websites and placed here for you to enjoy them? I mean, I’m pretty fucking confused how some of these manage to stay up on the website without being taken down because of copyright infringement or something like that.

Either way, I am glad that these movies are exactly where they are, as I enjoy them a lot. Now that you know what kind of movie you are able to find on, I think it’s time for you to find out about the type of thing you’re going to be seeing in the movies themselves. Real life girls fucking nice big cocks? Hentai, maybe? Softcore or hardcore pornography? Should you expect a bunch of boring solo videos, or are the girls going to make an effort in using as many toys as possible in their videos instead of poking their cunts with their skinny little fingers? Well, ThePornDude is going to inform you about all of that nonsense, and I’m sure you’ll love the answer.

The kind of movie you can expect from

So, we’re already all cleared up on the fact that you’re mostly going to see really short videos on this page, but we’ve never really talked about all the thing that you’re going to see within the videos themselves. For starters, I’ll tell you that all the things that I’ve listed above (solo, hentai, hardcore and softcore porn, etc.) are all to be found in’s archives. Yes, this page quite literally has it all! Well, there’s a severe lack of guy on guy pornography, but I don’t think the majority of you are going to be annoyed by that, right? I mean, both the guys and the girls reading right now and probably here for the girls…and some of the girls are interested in dudes, too, I guess. Speaking of girls, you’re truly in for a treat on this page. You get to see dozens of super huge dicks here! I’m not even kidding, and you don’t even have to stick to a single kind of big dicks, has both big black and big white cocks, which is pretty nice.

A mistake tons of pages make is simply coming up with a category named “big dick,” and that’s about it. This is where they jam all sorts of dicks, but they’re mostly white ones, and some people just can’t get off to that, Some people want to see some ebony pussy getting drilled by hung black dudes, and that’s exactly what you get to see on this page, which is pretty great, if you ask me. I mean, seeing as actual black on black porn is pretty rare for some reason, it’s obvious why something like that is considered to be a treasure, especially if it’s completely free.

Then, you’re surely going to see a whole lot of solo videos where big booty girls ride in huge dildos and try their best to orgasm in front of the camera so that they can entertain the viewers. Then, you’re going to see a bunch of videos where girls take their orgasms into their own hands, quite literally. So yeah, tons of self-fingering videos where girls wreck their own little cunts with two or three fingers all at once are available on the website, so make sure to check them out if you’re a fan of solo porn.

Then, it should also be noted that there’s tons of lesbian porn on this website, and I just know that this type of content is going to be a huge treat to some of you, both the bi/lesbian girls and the straight dudes. We’re all familiar with the fact that the majority of lesbian porn is made for dudes, and is watched by dudes, but what about the lesbian porn that’s appealing to lesbians? What about gay girls who are genuinely in love or just into each other sexually who want to show the world how they fuck? Shouldn’t these gals get a platform? Of course, they should, and that’s exactly what gives them! Tons and tons of great lesbian movies can be seen on, and I’ve fallen in love with a whole lot of them, seeing as the passionate fucking between the girls is something that came straight out of heaven.

Then, yes, there’s some hentai on the website for those of you freaks who just so happen to be into loud 2D Japanese girls getting drilled by disgusting men and horrible monsters. The hentai on carries the exact same vibe like the rest of the movies of…it’s not vanilla, it’s not pure (for the most part), and it’s going to make you cum buckets! All in all, there’s a little bit of something for everyone on this page, and you’re going to love all of it!

Content galore!

This website has a whole lot of stunning gifs uploaded to it every single day, so you know you’re in for a ride! For example, today, we had 463 gifts added to the website. Now, the majority of them didn’t have a source attached or anything of the sort, but 46 of them did, which is a decent number, I’d say. You’ll find that there are tons of categories on the website as well, but there are also lots of useful section on to be seen on the homepage…but the majority of them aren’t that useful.

For example, there are three useful “default” sections on the homepage, such as the Hottest section. Accompanying it, we find the Top Rated section and the Newest section. These are the only “necessary” sections, but there are tons of sections here that are pretty much useless. For example, there’s an entire section dedicated to gifs that were found on certain subreddits, which is pretty lame. However, sections such as “without source” are quite nice, even though they lead to nothing but gifs that…well, you’ve guessed it – have no source. Then, there’s a section dedicated to pornstars, and there’s one more that’s all about the tags you’re going to see on the website.

All of the lights

So, as far as it goes for the categories, there’s a bunch of them. For example, we find the Amateur category to be one of the most popular ones on the page, and the Anal category is very popular as well. There are 194 thousand gifs/videos on, which means you’re in for hours and hours of ball-draining fun. All of it is free, and there are pretty much no ads on the page. Not to mention the fact that this website has a neat little search bar, a night mode option, and you can also make an account here, too.

ThePornDude likes GifSauce's

  • Tons of content
  • Daily updates
  • Plenty of categories
  • Well-organized homepage

ThePornDude hates GifSauce's

  • There are some pointless sections on the homepage