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Updated on 05 February 2024
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When I go out, I like to have a selection of hot babes to choose from. Busty, petite, curvy, tall, short, and every slut in between. I’m not picky. I know that I could leave with any one of those bitches and have a hell of a night. Wait, this analogy probably won’t work for all of you sexless virgins out there. Let me bring it to your level. Alright, uh, it’s like when you and your weeb friends argue about the perfect waifu. Which girl is the best girl? Is it the tsundere chick, the fanservice whore, or the tomboy? The true answer is all of them. A little bit of each.

And that’s what I want in a good porn site. Yeah, I like the regular format where it’s just a site full of sexy videos, but sometimes I don’t have the fucking patience for that. I want to flip between dozens of hot gifs while I get off or maybe take it slow and browse some photo galleries. Do you see what I’m getting at? Sites that actually do multiple kinds of content well are rarer than a sorority hoe without daddy issues. But, of course, I wouldn’t tease you with the idea of such a site without having already found one. is a pretty unique porn site. And not just because of the domain name. This site is built more like those popular image pinning sites like Juxtapost or Pinterest than your run of the mill porn tubes, but I’ll get into all of that later. With a domain like, you know these guys have been around a long time. It’s been around since 1995, but it has changed hands a few times due to some sketchy legal shit, but I won’t be getting into that. Law just isn’t sexy. But this is a massive fucking site. They bring in over 40 million views every month.

A Never Ending Stream of Quality Content

When you arrive at’s homepage you’ll be greeted by a page full of flashing gifs of sluts getting fucked, giving blowjobs, spreading their pussy, and just about anything else you could ever imagine. It’s a sensory overload, even for me. I fucking love it though. Luckily, you can pause the gifs up in the top right if it’s too much for you. You can browse this page by scrolling down and checking out all of the pinned gifs. And this site has so much content and so many posters that everytime you hit refresh you’ll get multiple new pages of content. It’s insane.

But we can’t linger here. There’s a lot of this site to encompass here. You can head to the GIFs option in the header to browse more of those. They have a shit ton of filter options. Browse by popularity for the week, month, or year; and use a long list of tags to find amazing fetish content. The previews for the gifs are fucking awesome. They all autoplay, so you can watch them in their full glory pretty easily. You also get a few tags and a title.

HD Gifs and Pictures of Hot Amateur and Professional Sluts

When you click over to the actual gif you can view it in a larger format, see how many people have pinned or liked it, and you can see related gifs and the user who uploaded it. Also, when you click on a gif you can see which image board the gif was posted to. If you follow a board all of their posts pop up in your feed. Love cum covered sluts? Then follow the Cum board. Or maybe you like BDSM, then check out that board. You can easily curate a feed of content just for your tastes.

The Pics page functions pretty much the same. It’s not too worth going into depth on that now, so check out those sexy galleries on your own time. Trust me, you’ll want to. Tons of amteur content. Let’s talk videos. The video page is full of thumbnails that flip between a couple images from the video when you hover your cursor. Simple, but better than a still image. The previews give you a video time, HD tag, title, and tags.

Download, Stream, and Pin 720p Videos for Free

The full video player isn’t very big, but you can fullscreen it if you want. Though some of the quality is lost even on the HD videos when you do that. I’d say the HD vids were around 720p. Not too bad. You can view all of the same information as the gifs page like pins, likes, and comments. The videos stream quickly and don’t really buffer at all. And, man, the content is fucking amazing. You can browse this site every single day and never get tired of all the new videos of amateur and professional sluts getting pounded.

If all of this sounds more confusing to navigate than a family get together where you 3rd cousin keeps feeling you up on the dance floor, then I don’t blame you. But much like that cousin, it’s easier than it looks. I mean, she’s not even blood related, right? Especially since they have a great Categories section. It has the standard layout with hot HD preview pictures of their couple dozen categories. But the best part is that each category has a button below it for “Pics, Videos, or Gifs.” Just click on whatever sort of content you want to get a full page of gifs, vids, or pics for that category.

Excellent, Fully-Functional Mobile Site With a Sleek Design

The mobile site rocks. Previews for each page take up the full screen no matter if they are pictures, gifs, or videos. I actually prefer the mobile site setup. It’s a little less chaotic and easier to browse. The videos play just as quickly, and the video player actually seemed a bit bigger here. I was worried it’d be smaller than some Japanese chicks tits. The videos even give you a handy download button in the top right corner to make it easy. All of the boards works well. You can still pin content and view your feed just as easily as you could on desktop. No complaints at all for this awesome mobile site.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Feature

My favorite feature about is, uh, can I say all of it? Probably not. This is a harder decision than trying to decide if I’m going to cum on some sluts face or make her swallow. Both have their merits. Anyway, I liked the way that juggles a variety of different types of content while still having those different sections actually be good. Sometimes sites spread themselves too thin and end up with multiple pages of shitty content instead of one good section of great content. This site knocks it out of the park with each page being full of incredible videos, gifs, and pictures.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I’d make the video players a bit bigger on the video pages. Sure, they all vary a bit in size depending on how they were filmed, but some felt way too smell. I was stuck with trying to watch the small video in HD or dealing with the blown out, pixelated full-screen version. In the great scheme of things on the site, it’s a minor complaint, but still. I think that they could do better there. I also think the ads could be toned back just a bit on mobile. The redirects get a little annoying there.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, brings in 40 some million horny fucks to their site every month for a good reason. It’s a fucking great site. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. They’ve got this unique porn pinning shit going on that you don’t see very often. The site is very well put together on desktop and mobile. And it has a wide variety of content to jerk off to. And the content is updated every few seconds. You’ll never run out of shit to fap to. That’s a win in my book. Head over to and bust the first of many nuts to their awesome content.

ThePornDude likes Gifs's

  • Huge Catalog and Archive of Gifs, Videos, and Pictures
  • Unique Porn Pinning Site Design is Fun and Easy to Use
  • Download HD Pictures, Hot Gifs, and 720p Videos for Free
  • Great Mobile Experience!

ThePornDude hates Gifs's

  • Desktop Video Players Are Too Small
  • Lots of Ads on Mobile