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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I know that the better part of all you reading this have without a doubt fapped to images and/or pictures before – you guys have likely found some fappable pictures on the internet before if you’ve relied on internet porn as your main source of sexual pleasure for the past few years, and I’m sure that even some of you (especially if you’re born in the early to mid 90s) have found a certain hidden stash of XXX erotic magazines and looked at them in awe as kids, or potentially even fapped to them) – most boys born in the 90s have, it’s like an initiation ritual of getting into pornography.

It’s safe to say that fapping to images is becoming a somewhat extinct way of consuming pornography because there are just so many goddamn videos out there now, and they’re all easily accessible – even an 80-year old grandpa or a young kid can go on PornHub by using a PC or smartphone and open up a nice stepsibling-themed video or whatnot if shown how. Literally, anyone with an internet connection and a PC or smartphone can open up a XXX video in under a minute now, which is something that was literally impossible just a generation ago. Everyone’s fapping to those short cut-out videos of full XXX works and titles on sites like PornHub and XVideos nowadays, leaving fapping to pictures to definitely be a thing of the past.

But even though fapping to images may be a dated thing, sites like ImageFap are still kicking it to this day, and with a considerable amount of traffic too. Sure, they may not be as popular as they once were, but there are still a lot of people who masturbate on a daily basis who choose not to fap to videos and prefer to opt for pictures instead for whatever reason. I know that one of the reasons as to why this demographic, if porn consumers exist, is because fapping to videos requires literally no imagination whatsoever, and over-stimulates the brain’s visual center – too much of it will render real-life girls virtually unattractive in a biochemical way because they just don’t provide as much visually-induced dopamine as those devilish porn videos do. But fapping to pictures is a whole other shtick which requires a fair bit of imagination in order to kick the sex drive in gear and is ultimately much healthier for you. GIFs, however, are a blend of the two aforementioned formats, but still nowhere near as overly-stimulating as videos are, and ImageFap’s ‘GIF’ section might just be one of the best destinations on the internet for top quality XXX animated GIFs…

They Come in Sets

The GIF section on this site introduces you to a long, seemingly endless list of sets which contain one theme of GIFs – these sets can be anything since they’re made by the uploader, and appear as they’ve been uploaded. Entering ImageFap’s GIF section could bombard you with any manner of GIF sets, from oral creampie-themed ones to ones that show nothing but BDSM. The good thing here is that if you happen to find one set which you like, you’re guaranteed to fap to at least a dozen animated pics that pertain to that set’s theme, whatever it may be. There’s no shortage of variety here, from vanilla stuff to hardcore stuff and even some candid softcore crap that’s suitable if you don’t like to see any nudity or intercourse in the porn you fap to – there’s something for everyone really…

Site Looks Dated, But It’s Easily Navigable

The site’s layout and visual design look like they belong in the mid-2000s, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t navigate properly it and use filtering options to your liking. You can filter the GIFs here via the date they’ve been added (which essentially won’t do much as you’ll still be presented with a completely random assortment), their size (longer or shorter GIFs can be filtered this way), via user (would be relevant if you have a thorough knowledge of the site’s registered users) and so on. You can also easily see which sets are which by their separation border, and if you want to go more in depth with the content you’re filtering in/out you can always open up a certain GIF and check out its tags…

Tags All Around

As was briefly mentioned before, there are a lot of tags on this site which can be taken advantage of you especially if you’re the kind of porn-crazed animal who knows just about everything there is to know about pornography because you’ve spent the last decade fapping on a daily basis. The tags on this site cover just about every kink, theme, genre, fetish and aspect of porn, and they go all the way in intensity starting from softcore, to vanilla, to stuff so hardcore you’ll be sent to the pastor, a psychiatrist or prison if anyone ever found out you were fapping to it. The tags cover all aspects such as physical attributes (blonde, big ass, teen, milf), sex play (threesome, blowjob, anal, creampie), miscellaneous things (swimming pool, party), technical things (HD, homemade, uncensored) and so on.

Or Just Search For What You Like

(the search bar is restricted to only GIFs in the GIF section)

Or if you have something in mind already and don’t need to rely on search filters or tags in order to find it, you’re always welcome to use the provided search bar, which for your searching pleasure is automatically restricted for only searching content uploaded on the GIF section of ImageFap (this is also the case with any other section of the site). You could search for literally anything here – Hentai, threesomes, anal creampies, BDSM, you name it, they got it, and by ‘got it’ I mean they got literal sets of it, which means you’ll discover at least 100 or so GIFs that contain whatever search query you searched for.

I Personally Find a Lot of These to be Great

If you ask me, the GIFs here are more often than not great ‘money shots’ that will definitely do their part and effectively please you enough to get your sex drive into gear and get you fapping faster than you can say ‘moving picture’. The GIFs here, which are uploaded by people who like you have an affinity for pornography and can actually differentiate bad porn from good, are all hand-picked and usually depict a certain scene of a porno that contains the most aesthetically pleasing view of whatever, be it an ass, a girl giving a blowjob or otherwise. It’s like fapping to those moving thumbnails on popular porn sites which are added on video links as an attempt to capture your attention – those thumbnails start moving and show you all the best stills of the scene in question, and they’re all visually as pleasing as possible.

Site’s Fully Optimized for Mobile Use

You can view all the GIFs your heart desires on this site from your phone, which is great news for all you ‘on the go’ fappers out there who want to pull your dong to some XXX content while viewing it on your phone, which would probably end up with you fapping in a certain bathroom somewhere, casually stroking your dick with one hand while holding your phone with the other (I’m sure a lot of you have done this before, and I’m sure that your phone’s taken a tumble or two as a result of you furiously jacking it). If you wanna jerk off to some of the internet’s best animated XXX pictures, you’re free to do so from your phone.

ThePornDude likes ImageFap Gifs's

  • Tags are effective
  • Contains professional and amateur XXX GIFs
  • Optimized for mobile use
  • Site is free of ads
  • Tags are usually top-quality
  • Plenty of softcore and hardcore stuff

ThePornDude hates ImageFap Gifs's

  • Site’s visual theme is extremely basic and dated
  • The interface and navigation options belong in the early 2000s
  • Not as much filtering options as I’d hoped there’d be
  • No standalone tag section
  • Some GIFs are broken