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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sex Celebrity

Sex Celebrity

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SexCelebrity! Of course you have, I mean half of you reading this have probably had a crush on a famous person in the past few years, and I’m betting that most of you have even had some sort of infatuation with a cartoon character at one point in your life (and of course proceeded to look for that character on the site Rule 34). Celebrities are here to give society the benchmarks of what’s considered hot and what’s considered meh – and that’s why everyone including your grandma wants to see what Angelina Jolie’s vagina looks like, or see Scarlett Johannson bent over on all fours from the back.

It’s no wonder that people love celebrities, I mean why else do you think the Fappening is still going strong and trending throughout the internet? It’s because famous people are the subject of a lot of fantasizing, I mean paparazzi would put themselves in mortal danger just to be able to get a snapshot of Emma Watson’s nip slip as she takes a step out of her limo.

Moreover, fake celebrity nudes with lookalikes have been sprawling all over the internet since people used dial-up connections and internet providers charged households 50$ per month. But by now not only have internet speeds increased dramatically, but celebrity-themed porn has also evolved alongside. You have sites like PornHub and XVideos full of real sex scenes with famous people on them – all you have to do is search up a starlet’s name like Margot Robbie or Halle Berry and you’ll be greeted with a selection of videos that contain their on-film sex scenes.

But whenever I wanna get my fill of celeb-themed porn, I head over to SexCelebrity. This site was pretty much built to house as much celeb-themed pornography as it can, and all that content is organized pretty well within its database, so it’s by no means a slouchy, low-effort website that only strives to get half the job done. But can it pass the Porn Dude test? Let’s find out.

This Site Has Look-alike Fakes…

Oh yeah, these are classic. There is a whole mountain of porn on the internet that features girls who look like celebrities – hell I remember this kind of stuff being in porn magazines at one point too. This site has tons of this stuff, and it’s pretty good in terms of quality too because you can tell that the lookalikes are pretty damn close to the real thing. You can tell that whoever greenlit this content and let it be uploaded knew for sure that it was going to be well-received by this site’s fans. If you’re ever in the mood to fap to content that features some girl that looks like one of your favorite movie stars or TV starlets then you can bet both your balls that you’ll be able to find plenty of it here on SexCelebrity.

And Full-Blown Deepfakes

Deepfakes aren’t a thing of the past – they’re a pretty new development in technology that allows a video of any person in the world to be edited in order for that person to look and sound eerily similar to someone else. In fact, it can make the resemblance be almost identical. This has people from all over the world, including government agencies worried that one day hackers will find a way to put up a deepfake of Vladimir Putin on national Russian television in which he says how he’s declaring war on the US and that Russia should prepare itself for nuclear missile strikes that can rain down at any moment. But as scary as that may sound, it’s much more likely for these “hackers” to just create a video of some girl getting fucked and change her face to look like that of Emma Stone or some other famous female celebrity that has hordes of horny fans.

There is a ton of deepfake content on this site – some of it features popular celebs, some of it features lesser-known starlets, but at the end of the day we should all rejoice over the fact that modern technology is able to do this at all (I mean look-alikes are fine and all, but they can’t compete with deepfakes).

The Celebrity Section Has All Your Favorite Starlets from A-Z

The ‘Celebrity’ section here on SexCelebrity contains a long, lengthy list of well-known and lesser-known celebrities. It’s organized in alphabetical order from A to Z, and not only does it contain US celebs but it also has a fair share of foreign, non-US celebs and starlets too, including ones from China, Italy, India and so on. It’s a real who’s who of celebrities, and you’re given full access to all of them, so finding that one celeb you’re crushing on shouldn’t be too difficult because most of the hotter and more popular ones are probably here.

The Category Section Has Everything You Need

The categories on this site are more or less your typical porntube categories – you’ve got blowjobs, anal, threesome, MILFs, teens and all that stuff, and it’s nice to have a decent selection of vanilla themes kinks and fetishes to choose from on a site that contains only celeb-themed sex. But there are also a few weirder, more specific categories here too like actual uncut celebrity sex scenes from movies, ‘deepfakekpop’ (which I’m assuming is deepfakes of KPop stars), ‘celebrity nudes’ and ‘GOT’ (game of thrones).

Tags Are Too Many to Count

(some are weird, some are chinese)

There is also a ton of tags on this site, and they are all accessible on one standalone tag page that shows you a full, lengthy list of every single tag that’s ever been created here on SexCelebrity. Now there were only two dozen or so categories here, but the tags number in the hundreds. A lot of these tags are just names of celebrities or pornstars that look like celebs, but there are also a lot that are just nonsensical. Moreover, plenty of the tags on this site are in full Chinese, I’m talking about a third of them, so if you ever get confused by this site’s standalone tag section it’s only a natural reaction, because it’s a complete clusterfuck.

This Is All Free, And it Works on Your Phone Just Fine

This site is completely free, which is honestly a little surprising considering its quality and how specific its niche is. You don’t need any premium profile to get over any paywalls or anything like that in order to access the entirety of this site’s content. In addition, all of this site’s videos can be accessed conveniently from your own smartphone since the site works great on mobile devices – and I’m sure that alone is enough to make some of you go on this site from your phones and fap away in some remote out-of-house location that has a nearby WiFi network.

ThePornDude likes Sex Celebrity's

  • Site functions smoothly
  • Video players are large and respond fast
  • Site works with AdBlock on
  • Fully optimized for mobile use
  • Content contains deepfake videos as well as lookalikes

ThePornDude hates Sex Celebrity's

  • Annoying ad plays before every video
  • A lot of the videos are short
  • A lot of the celebrities are relatively unknown
  • Categories are a little too few
  • Tags are way too many, and a lot of them cover irrelevant things