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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Ever since the release of cheap photoshop programs, people have been having all kinds of fun making funny and fap worthy photos. For at least a decade, forums and specialty websites have popped up to allow people to show off their skills at digitally altering pictures.

And like all things, it didn’t take long for people in this sub-culture to develop erotic material using this technology. And so, ever since about 2017, deepfake porn emerged on the net en mass.

For those who don’t know, deepfake generally is a type of photoshopped images which features one or several celebrities and portrays them in comedic or compromising position. So, deepfake porn shows off actresses, models, and other famous females’ faces which have been plastered on the bodies of porn performers and unknown exhibitionists.

Yeah, it’s just obvious fantasy, but then again, isn’t all porn?

Anyway, when looking around the net for new websites which have some of the best deepfake fap material, I stumbled across CFake and was quite impressed. To learn more about this site, keep on reading to find out about this palace with a panoply of porn pics – and more alliteration – then continue reading.

Hot Photos Of Hundreds of Honeys Will Make You Horribly Horny

Did I just say “horribly horny?” well, I did promise more alteration so, there ya go.

(And yes, I promise more grammar jokes which are better than that.)

Moving on, with each page there are dozens of links to porn pics which link you to even more galleries. Gorgeous girls of every age and ethnicity are featured and, since it’s deepfake smut, there are all kinds of body shapes, porn poses, and other scenarios.

To give you an idea of what you are in for, check out the pics of ‘Scarlett Johansson.” There are photos of her in all sorts of sexy positions as well as doing stuff I thought you never have seen her do in any movie like get titty fucked, sport extremely dramatic curves, flashing her vag, showing off her tits, and much more. There are even pics of Scarlett Jo’s face being drenched and dripping in cum.

But there’s more than that.

Once you click on a single link, you are taken to a much larger gallery with similar photos which share the same theme. Click on another picture within that gallery, and you’ll be taken to a large version of the pic. You then have the option to add any additional tags, enter in some more data if you think that the picture needs it, and you can blow (no pun intended) each pic to full screen.

Further, if you select the ‘play’ button, unzip your pants and get ready to have fun because you’ll start sorting through the gallery on autopilot. The pics will keep playing on a slideshow within the same window. Otherwise, with a simple click on an image, you can sort from picture to picture.

There Is Original Art, Too

Sure it’s not true deepfake, but there are a ton of fan art pornographic pics featuring fap-worthy ladies from franchises of all kinds. For example, I’ve never been a fan of King of the Hill but was quite impressed with the number of fan art showing mostly Peggy getting pegged in several pics. And to make things even better, most of the artists seem to have taken extreme liberties with Peggy’s bust size.

Furthermore, there are picture galleries featuring characters from Kim Possible, Big Hero 6, Family Guy, a dick ton of Disney movies as well as some original art of Alice and Wonderland.

So, for all of you who’ve been looking for a site which can satisfy your cartoon princess fetish there ya go. You’re welcome, all six of you. 😉

There Are Even Videos

Sites like this typically have only pictures and only have photos and never host deepfake video. Further, you might be thinking, how is that even possible? Well, extremely industrious video editors have produced some pretty impressive fap footage.

And in addition to being fap worthy, they are also pretty funny, at least some of them anyway. For instance, I clicked on an Arianne Grande video – you know, for research purposes only – and found that it was a neat clip (a far too short, though) of a girl getting rammed reverse cowgirl-style and rubbing her bean with Grande’s head superimposed on it. The superimposed video of Grande, rather than be a static image, is her talking while giving an interview and talking about how she “puts everything into it.”

It’s even funnier when you watch, so check it out for yourself.

Besides that single video, there are more “serious” types of which are great to tickle your pickle to and feature video footage of Kaley Cuoco, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Pamela Anderson. That’s only a small sample, of course, and just like the picture section, there are famous females of every color, cup size, and celebrity type.

In addition to that, there are also some 3D CGI videos featuring superheroines and video game characters. To give you even more incentive to check it out, there are clips featuring characters from Overwatch, Fallout, Dead or Alive which will definitely make you want to whip out and play with your joystick.

Quality Is Pretty Good

Since every upload on this site is fan made, which means a lot of the content is great! On the other hand, since every upload on this site is fan made, which means that a lot of content is meh. But to be fair about it, I’ve noticed that a lot of erotic fan fiction usually sucks and you have to go digging to find the rare goose gaggle-inducing gems. Deepfake sites can be hit or miss, but this one definitely has quality images and vids, at least on most pages.

Check Out The Huge Number Of Celebrities

Like I mentioned before, there are tons of celeb gals from almost every country and color. With literally thousands of celebs being featured, it can be hard to find exactly what you want to wank to. At least it would be without two tools.

First, Cfake has an incredibly well-made onsite search engine. I know I bitched about the ridiculous number of ads on the site, but the webmasters clearly weren’t amateurs when they set this porn platform up.

(On the other hand, that tells me that the fuckers who put this site weren’t lazy or untalented just greedy.)

Second, the Celebrity section of the site lists every celeb on the site in alphabetical order. You can jump down to a section using the letter navigation tool. And if you want to check me on what I said about celebs being featured from around the world, you can filter results based on country of origin. Besides the usual countries like the United States, Germany, and Japan there are lovely ladies from Albania to Venezuela.

Even if you’re not into deepfake smut, this tool is great to use to discover new hot honeys from all over the world.

There Are Tons Of Tags

Like a proper smut site, there is a category section so you can find smut pics wacky, weird, and wank worthy. In addition to traditional sex categories, you can sort results by what are referred to as Sex Categories, Jobs, Created, and Publisher.

Sex Categories lists exactly what you think it would – pics of different fetishes and sex acts. With over two hundred categories each with links to either dozens or thousands of pics, it’s pretty damn thorough. But I did notice that there wasn’t any tranny porn of any sort, which I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising since, other than Kaitlin Jenner, there aren’t too many t-girl celebrities.

But when it comes to the other three, I’m sure you are confused by those titles, and I was, too. But from what I can tell, Jobs refers to fake fap photos featuring women who are lawyers laying down the law, crazy hot cosplayers, tons types of TV professionals, and much more.

The Created section lists links to deepfake featuring celebrities who starred in or are posed in scenes from movies, television and stream series, and television programs.

And in the publisher section, you can search for pics and vids by Cfake creator profile. And just like the Celebrities section, you can jump to each Tag type through the letter selector tool.

Uploading Is Simple…

This site is all about creativity, and so the site has a clean upload section. In total, you can upload ten photos in a single go or a single video. While you can title each upload, the option to tag the video or add a description isn’t immediately available.

If your upload doesn’t work or you want your work to be credited to you, set up an account to get going. Plus, with an account, your additions will upload faster.

Getting an account is super easy and only requires the usual – that being a username, email, password, and you can register which country you are from. Once that’s done, you’re good to go.

…But Navigating The Site Is Not

The problem with this site is putting up with all of the ads. Now, I’ve done a lot of ads on other porn sites, particularly on tubes. And at this point, you think that it wouldn’t bother me anymore. But maybe it’s because my sites don’t have any ads on them, maybe it’s because I’m tired of seeing them, or the sheer number of them, but there are adverts all over the damn place.

From the bottom of the page to the right-hand side and even flash banners loaded next to the top-side menu on all pages. And then, Cfake has the nerve to ask you to disable your ad blocking software if you have some running!

Turn it off if you and we’ll be blasted with a dick ton of pop-ups. And to make things worse, even if you have good ad blocking software, not only will you still be blasted with banners, clicking on any link might take you on three or four or half a dozen redirects.

From what I can tell, you’re not going to be exposed to too many viruses, but it’s still obnoxious. Furthermore, it’s not as simple as you might think to simply click back to the page you were on or wanted to get on to. Get taken down the redirect rabbit hole, and it’ll be damn near impossible to get back to the page you want to because even when you click back the redirect still might continue.

And to make things even worse, there’s no way to predict when this is going to happen. I’ve been all over Cfake and found that sometimes I don’t have any problem while cruising around. Other times I check the site and click on a single link only to be blasted with adverts.

For that reason, cruise around Cfake on desktop at your own risk without or even with ad blocking apps.

The Mobile Experience Is A Bit Better

…but only a bit. The ads aren’t as much of a problem, and you won’t be redirected at least in the new tab that you clicked on. Check out the original tab, and you’ll find most of the time that you’ve been taken to some sketchy-looking spam page. So, Android users might want to be really careful when surfing on this site.

Worse, when you look at pics, you aren’t able to use the slideshow features or skip from pic to pic.

Is This A Deep Fake Which You Should Fap To?

For sure, there is some quality photoshopped material on here, the fact that there are videos is a nice bonus, and the fact that you can sign up easily and for free is really nice.

While you might enjoy fapping to this site at first, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get mad as hell after navigating through a barrage of ads and redirects. And while the mobile site is a little bit better, but that ain’t saying much.

ThePornDude likes CFake's

  • The quality of the photos is usually good
  • Deepfake videos can be funny, fap worthy, or both
  • The detail put into photo and video is pretty impressive

ThePornDude hates CFake's

  • There are too many motherfucking ads on this motherfucking site
  • Besides the adverts, the huge number of redirects and pop-ups makes the site almost unusable
  • The mobile version is a bit better but still shite (!) overall