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Updated on 05 February 2024
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User Rating: keeps it simple, thanks to its minimalistic design. The design features an elementary black background, probably to just let you concentrate on the videos. If you are not a fan of the black color, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news because you will see it a whole lot of on this site. To add to the simplicity, there is a search bar that allows you to search for any celebrity that hits your mind. I searched Emma Watson, and 23 videos featuring Emma Watson appeared in a flash. The videos are pretty nasty; I see her giving an oral, taking a massive cock doggy style, rubbing her clit, dildo action, just to mention but a few.

It is a bit disappointing that there is no way to know the number of videos in their libraries, but I can bet it’s also a challenge to exhaust the fakes on this fucking site.

ThePornDude feels that it’s a nice touch to have the freedom to sort your favorite celebs fakes. Adult Deepfakes also allows you to sort the content regarding the date, name, number of views, and rating. This allows you to locate your favorite fap material easily. The site also includes a timer to notify you when a new deep fake video will be released. By the time of writing this review, the timer was reading 9 hours and 57 minutes before the release of a Britney Spears Deep fake video. You guessed right, ThePornDude can’t wait to see it.

As you would like to imagine, the site does not produce its content and largely depends on user-generated content. Some of the videos may not look exactly like the celebrity you are looking for, but hey, they are fakes, don’t put your expectations too high. The videos are made using an app called FakeApp which is available for free. With just a touch of a button, you can make your own video so it is to be expected that some of the videos may not be up to standards. It’s not using movie-quality production but that’s the reason it’s referred to as deepfakes in the first place. Don’t get discouraged already pal, some of the videos are so good you and so close to real videos. With deepfakes programs constantly improving, you can expect way better videos in the not so distant future. And that’s the whole idea, right?

Adultdeepfakes also features an active community where people get to discuss the methods of creating the videos, what they want to include in new videos, and not to be forgotten, nasty discussions. The site appreciates your need to be social and has duly come up with the goods. However, you will have to sign up for a membership account, but the good news is, it’s all free. Maybe you could pick up a skill or two and make your own deep fakes videos? When I last visited the forum we were a total of 415 freaks. There’s one particular freak going by the name MrAdultDeepFakes whose sole aim seems to be directing other users on the Best Practices for best possible results in terms of making the clips. How ThePornDude loves being part of this deep fake family!

You would think that’s all from Deep fakes. But Adultdeepfakes allows you to request videos of celebrities you wish to watch doing nasty. And trust me lots of freaks will offer to adhere to your request. However, there are guidelines involved while requesting of such videos. First, you have to include a video clip featuring the celebrity you want to see in a porn video. The clip should have a minimum length of 1 minute and a maximum of 3. The best thing is, you can send in multiple requests for the same celebrity which is even better because the more popular the requests, the higher the chances it will be fulfilled.

Perhaps even better, the site features an external link to ThePornDude which surely by now you must have known its where all the best porn sites are listed. Anybody else purporting to do so is an imposter. Stay warned.

Unlike most of the other free sites that bombard you with stupid ads, adultdeepfakes has made sure that you have an ad-free experience. Kudos to the team for that. Looks like, after all, they have something similar to ThePornDude.

All in all, ThePornDude is certain most his readers enjoy the scene of celebrities getting down to some nasty action. Like the site says in a disclaimer, all content displayed on the website is purely meant for entertainment purposes. Why skip the nasty celebrity entertainment, huh?

ThePornDude likes AdultDeepFakes's

  • Easy to navigate
  • Celebrity Fakes
  • No ads

ThePornDude hates AdultDeepFakes's

  • Some bad quality videos
  • Have to sign up to be part of the community