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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Moms Teach Sex

Moms Teach Sex

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Ready for moms & step-siblings family porn at MomsTeachSex! This “incest” porn trend that has been catching the porn industry like wildfire has really evolved since the 1st time it has been introduced into the porn rotation. I like my milfs raunchy and dirty but now that they are getting fucked by their step-sons and even step-daughters, in my personal opinion, it is hard to imagine where will porn go next to draw inspiration from. But since for well over 40 years, porn has managed to find ways to make new and fresh scenarios, I’m certain that the next wave will be just as good as this one. Anywho, is a paysite that you get under the network along with other sites with their own niches. Imagine that! 15 for the price of 1! Awesome!

The moment I landed on the page I immediately liked what I had to see. The whole layout was clean and cool looking. There were no messy parts where I’d get lost or some details that I’d latch onto and just brake them apart filling my ego with power and satisfaction. No. They had it all covered, the bastards, and that’s how a paysite is supposed to operate, I must say. I approve of their methods, wholeheartedly. Since in hindsight, I had trouble with some other sites and their search engines, I immediately focused on their sorting and searching methods. Let’s see how they managed to mess it up.

Here’s the thing. Once I entered the keyword that I wanted to find, small boobs, I got a drop-down menu that gave me numerous options to select from. Now, you have to understand that it wasn’t as if I entered the KW and hit Enter and I got videos to select from on a new page where they are laid out one next to another. No. It was a drop-down menu, where I couldn’t see all of the videos and they were condensed so that they fit into that small search box. The video that I clicked on just for the sake of clicking, gave me a video that wasn’t on MomsTeachSex but it was a video from the other network site. So basically, they are all under one roof and they are falling under the same tag and KW search. My suggestion is to use the advanced search and since they really are precise with it, you just might find what it is that you are looking for.

The videos were around 30 minutes long and they had about close to 70 exclusive videos that were following the plotline where the step-mom comes into the room and finds her step-daughter or step-son fucking. Surely enough, since these moms are horny as fuck, they join in on the fun that these young people are having and they teach them some advanced moves all the while they are getting their own pleasure from sharing these golden lessons that every slut knows but never reveals their secrets. A cool enough angle to play with.

The moms are all well-established porn stars and you have the Models section where you can get information on the models with a brief bio info and a small description of their careers. Each video has a bunch of precise tags and descriptions of what’s taking place in the video. You can also check out the pics and screenshots of the video and if you want to have some cool pass time activity once you’ve left the site, the video, pics and screenshots can be downloaded too to your hard drive for later enjoyment. The video itself streams in quality that you want, ranging from 480×270 to 1920×1080 HD. The picture is so damn crispy it’ll make your head explode.

Their update schedule is something to the likes of 2 videos per month. Some find this slow, some find it just enough but in all honesty, when they have around 70 videos and they’ve been here since 2013 I think that they can step it up a notch. I’m guessing it is because of the variety that they are spreading themselves thin and they are looking at the overall production instead of just focusing on one niche. Still, when you take into consideration that they have 15 channels, sites or as they call them Series, then, the number of the videos is more than fair.

Now I didn’t manage to find any major flaws with this site. I wanted to, believe me, nothing would have made me happier than to bash a well-known site but, they just didn’t give me the chance. The videos are excellent. The added value that they are giving is more than what needs to be dished out for free and for this sole reason only, this conversation should be over! 15 other sites along with the one that you are paying for? That’s more than enough. As far as I’m concerned they can have slow streaming and no downloading options and still I’d say that MomsTeachSex is worth it. They have all that a premium site needs to have, exclusive content and a good delivery of the goods. Period. MomsTeachSex managed to do that so in my eyes, this is a winner of a site.

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  • Excellent storylines
  • Well delivered product
  • HD picture rocks the house

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  • Other "series" are mixed with the one you are on
  • More videos should be made