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Updated on 15 January 2022
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If you are following the latest porn trends, then you, just like me, should have already noticed that step-mom porn or how they like to call it “incest” porn, has been hitting the homepages of major porn sites like crazy. It seems as if this is something that is speaking to people’s perverted desires and if the public demands it, hey, they will be met with the supply, why not? At least in porn, this is never hard to do. Just tell the actresses to pretend like they are moms and voila, a new genre is born. I’m going off the rails a bit here but the site at hand that I’m about to talk about is a premium paysite called No need to tell you what it’s all about, you should have already have guessed.

If you are not a member of the, then you will get just promo screenshots and brief introductory teasers that give you an insight into what the site is all about. Also, if you want to join them, I’d suggest that you go for the 12-month membership since it is just $7 a month and you get so much more than just a bunch of milf videos. HD videos, daily updates, exclusive content, fast downloads, hi-res photos and so much more comes in a pack and with premium sites, there’s no fucking around…at least not in the delivery department.

Most of the videos are around 12-15 minutes long, just enough to let the scene develop and get to the point, you know, to the sex part where the step-mom decides that she’s, in fact, going to fuck her step-son, who is at times as old as she is, but that’s why the scenes are all recorded in POV so that you don’t see the dude’s old mug and go: “Hey, this motherfucker is older than her!”. What I didn’t like was that there were no names of the Porn Stars who were acting in the scenes. There was no Models section, nor could you search for anything on the site, since they don’t have the search option.

There are 58 videos so far and they are updating regularly. The videos are all sorted into three pages, so there is no need for the search button, but still, it would be convenient if you wanted to go for a quick click. They sorted this out with the Favourites list so that you place the videos that you like on your list and watch it later all sorted out. Since there are so few videos, they figured, ah fuck the search box, we have so few videos, we don’t need the damn thing.

Each video is an entity of its own. Once you click on the one that you want to see, that’s it. No related bullshit, no other videos lingering around suggesting what it is that you should jerk off to next, just that one exclusive video. This is a cool way of creating value towards that one production since this way, each video gets its own attention. These videos can be downloaded in HD, the videos are already streaming in HD and I was surprised at how fast they were jetting.

There are pictures of the video that can also be downloaded in HD along with the screen caps. A neat way to offer added value to the end consumer. The trailer is there to tickle your imagination before you watch the whole thing, so, all in all, it is a complete package for the cash that you are dishing out.

When you get tired of masturbation to well made step-mom videos, you can go to the Live Girls section and as most sites have, this is the webcam section, a redirect page to their partner site where you can have a real live interaction with cam babes. There is also a Specials section that is offering all kinds of discounts to other premium sites, I’m assuming partner sites and there is also a Find a GF section, but for some reason, it is not working. I clicked on it three times, and nothing happened. So this was a good thing for my girlfriend but it was bad for the site since it gives off a bad vibe. Imagine buying a Bentley just to figure out that the ashtray is a bit wobbly. No biggie, but damn!

As a whole, is a cool premium site, one that is delivering on the production that they are promising. They can work on the amount of the videos that they have so far but I guess it is a work in progress. Now, since this is a premium site, premium site rules of reviewing apply here. So for a site at this level, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 since I do appreciate original content but that is just not enough for a premium site. Premium is freaking “Preeeemium” and there is just no going around that fact. Still, a cool site. Check it out.

ThePornDude likes PervMom's

  • Great scenarios, awesome videos
  • Cool angle to play with
  • Videos stream smoothly even in HD

ThePornDude hates PervMom's

  • Not enough videos
  • No search bar
  • No models section