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Updated on 05 February 2024
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With a name like Fleshlight, you know that this company has a lot of money to throw out. You don’t just get a common word as your site name without any effort. Fleshlight.com is a company that knows its place in the food chain of online sex retailers and they are always aiming at the top. That’s why you can consider this to be one of the biggest and best sites for erotic products that you have ever seen in your damn life. You’re going to adore some of these products so I’m just going to go over everything that you can find on here so that you can get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Plenty of different products to choose from

Holy shit, let me just start this one off by saying that I’ve never seen this many fleshlight variants. Fleshlight.com really has it all as far as this product is concerned. I mean who would’ve thought that you could take something as simple as a fleshlight and make it into this many products. I mean I just want to quickly gloss over some of these damn products cause they seem so interesting and innovative. There is no way that I could’ve even thought that this many fleshlight variants even exist out there. It’s really a surprise, to say the least so let’s take a look at what we’ve got here exactly.

The classic fleshlight is here and good to go

If you’re a newbie and you’re looking for something simple, they seem to have a huge selection of those classic fleshlights that everyone knows and loves. For the simplest of the bunch, it’s all about that smooth action and you can get right into it even if you’ve never actually used a fleshlight before in your entire life. There’s one called Pink Lady classic that they recommend for newbies and it looks about right for what you’d expect that a company as serious as Fleshlight.com would produce for the beginners amongst their consumers. But that’s not the only thing that they offer as we’re going to find out soon enough in this review.

More complex variants are also included in the catalogue

They’ve also got these complex fleshlights that have all sorts of crevices in them. We’re talking about various patterns and things that will make your experience that much more amazing. It’s like they have an entire team of designers behind this product and they’re making an optimal selection out of all of them to give you one of the best feelings that a man can get out of a product like a fleshlight. These more complex fleshlights are also a lot more expensive so take that as you wish. If you don’t mind the price, then you should definitely think about getting this variant since they come equipped with a much better design that guarantees a lot more pleasure than anything else in that regard.

Automate, high-tech fleshlights, who would’ve even thought

But my absolute favorite has to be the Fleshlight Launch. Now, this is some next level shit right here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this ever before in my life. Sure it’s expensive, but damn does it looks like an optimal product for a fun time by yourself. I don’t think you’ll ever need a woman after you get one of these devices. What is it exactly? Well, let me just tell you that you don’t even have to use your fucking hands with this one. And no, I’m not saying that you’ll have to thrust your hips either while you mount the fleshlight somewhere. This product is 100% automated pleasure and it’s one of Fleshlight.com’s greatest products as far as I can see.

What is it good for you might be asking? Alright, think about this. You want to watch a VR video and you’re enjoying it but you can obviously tell that your hand it the thing that’s controlling a regular fleshlight. Furthermore, you might just be using your hand so it could feel even worse like that. Fleshlight.com lets you immerse into the experience by offering you Fleshlight Launch which will automatically go up and down your cock, pleasing you however you want. And better yet, some pornos some equipped with a sensor which will tell the fleshlight when it’s supposed to move. Now that’s some high-end technology right fucking there my friends. I don’t think that you can find this sort of thing anywhere else other than Fleshlight.com.

It’s all high European quality that we’re talking about here

And it makes sense that the crazy Europeans would be the ones to make this sort of contraption. They are the sorts of people that love to innovate in this domain. I mean we all know Germans and their damn porn movies, let alone the rest of Europe. And while there are plenty of amazing fleshlights in America as well, none are as amazing as this one I can tell you that much. And it seems that the fleshlights over at Fleshlight.com have a European quality to them as well. And it makes sense when you see that all of them were actually made in Europe and that they all come with that signature EU stamp so that you know that these products were genuinely made over there.

Every category of sex toy and product that you can think of

There are plenty of categories that you can look through on Fleshlight.com, so let’s just quickly go over them so that you know where to look for the perfect choice as far as your product is concerned. First, you have the Sex Toys section and this is where all the different signature fleshlights are at. There is even an anal toy for men at the very end of the list if that’s what you’re into. It would be pretty weird that a gay dude would want to purchase something off of a website called Fleshlight.com. But I digress, if you’re looking for the signature fleshlight designs then you’ll find them in this section.

Then you’ve also got the product section with various consumable items such as creams and so on. These are disposable things so you might have to buy them a few times in the future as well. They also have this section with real sex toy girls where you can buy specific fleshlights to simulate the orifice of a pornstar. I guess that the pornstars themselves tried these out somehow, maybe with their fingers and decided that this is the real deal. These things are modeled after the hottest babes in the industry so definitely consider them if you want something specific like that.

Make a custom fleshlight curtailed to your specific needs and wants

And finally, you can make your own fleshlight. They have a builder on the website where you can choose everything that you want to customize your product. Fleshlight.com lets you choose between the color, the entrance, the orifice shape and size, and even some accessories that you can buy alongside your premium and exclusive product. It’s going to cost you, not gonna lie, but it’s definitely something that you should think about if you want something that only you can build and if you want that EU quality along with it. Definitely, something to ponder while you’re having sex with your girlfriend the next time and figure out that a fleshlight would be a lot less work.

And if you don’t know why you’d even want to buy a fleshlight on Fleshlight.com, then I think I should let you know about the fact that they’re using advanced technology on here. They’re basically making a much better product than the competition because of their real skin technology which males the fleshlights feel real to your cock. Also, they have fleshlights which concentrate on the blowjob feel if that’s something that you’re into, so definitely consider that as well. If you’re looking for a lot more sexual pleasure in your life but you can’t bother to do the work in order to get to some proper pussy, then perhaps a site such as Fleshlight.com is the perfectly right place for you. Check it out!

ThePornDude likes Fleshlight's

  • Plenty of choices between pussy, anal, blowjob fleshlights
  • Premium EU quality with advanced fleshlight technology
  • Make your own fleshlight using the modern user interface

ThePornDude hates Fleshlight's

  • The fleshlights can be much more expensive here than usual
  • A few bugs with the website when the pages are loading up