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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Welcome to JList’s Adult Corner, where you can find all kinds of kinky Japanese sex shit like JAV DVDs, hentai pillow covers, adult mangas, and the greatest pocket pussies technology has to offer.

Anyone who has brushed with Japanese culture online has probably seen JList advertisements plastered all over it. JList is one of the top Japanese online marketplaces on the internet, connecting the world with all the fine products that the island has to offer.

When it comes to fuck action, JList brings it just as good. You’ll find hundreds of comics and movies shipped straight to your front door, and the products all come with preview samples online to get that cock ready.

One of the most unique things found on JList is the figurines. Hentai figurines are for you degenerates who wish to see your favorite hentai and anime bitches come to life. These are ridiculously high quality figurines that cost hundreds of dollars.

The figurine culture runs super deep, and you’ll be amazed at how detailed and sexy these little toys can get. The girls range from little lolies to big tittied mommies, and come with fully removable outfits so you can cum all over them without getting their blouse dirty.

Let’s also talk about the sex toys featured at JList. In my opinion, nothing can come close to the quality of Japanese sex toys. JList sells both dildos and vaginas, but trust me, Japanese pussy toys cannot be beat.

I genuinely feel bad for ignorant Westerners who think Fleshlights are the end-all for that pussy action. No way bro, not even close. Get your motherfucking hands on some Onaho or other Japanese toys to experience that extra tight Asian pussy that will make real pussies feel like garbage bags in comparison.

JList has a bunch of fake assholes, mouths, and pussies for you to check out. Just remember to do your research so you can find that perfect pocket pussy. The prices are great too, especially compared to the overpriced Fleshlights.

The biggest collection, however, is the Eroge, or adult hentai games. JList has an impressive library of over a hundred hentai games to explore, all perfectly imported from Japan. A lot of these games are largely untranslated so you might need to mess with some language filters and work through navigating the system, but these games are so fire who gives a shit what the text says?

Professional online marketplace

There’s a reason JList is the ultimate place to buy Japanese shit. JList has had a long successful history with a great modern layout with minimal bullshit and reliable service.

When you first enter JList’s Adult Corner, you’ll be greeted by a sweet Japanese bitch pulling her leg behind her head. A nice preview of what’s to come.

You’ll see a nice collection of different products offered at JList, starting from the Best-sellers & Pick-ups. There will be an assortment of sex toys, adult animes, doujins, and more.

Moving down is the main gallery. You can browse by Name, Price, Newest, Best Sellers, and Featured. You’ll see a screenshot / product image, the name, price, and whether it’s in stock or not. A handy shopping cart button lets you add it right away, or you can click on the product to get further details.

Meanwhile, the left column of JList gives you all the filtering options to find exactly what you want. First, you have the categories which include magazines, toys, videos, figurines, hentai games, anime, manga, and others. Pretty much every dimension of the Japanese fuck universe is well-covered at JList.

There are also options to filter by price, series, and keywords. You’ll find all your favorite series like the Fate series, Dead or Alive, IDOLM@STER, and NiER:Automata. For the Themes, you’ll find all the standards like Anal, Bondage, NTR, School, Yaoi, and more.

Click on a product to go to its product page. Here you’ll get to dig deeper to find out if you really want to buy the item. In addition to title, price, and thumbnail, you will also find preview images and a nice product description.

For videos and games you’ll find screenshots, for doujins you can find sample pages, etc. JList gives you enough to get your imagination flowing, but not quite enough to bust a nut. Those bastards.

You’ll also find recommendations at the bottom of the page. This is an easy way to check out other products in your same category. You can depend on JList to have professional high-quality products for the most part.

Finally, make sure you check out the “Sale and Specials” category at the top. You can specifically sort out the sex products through the drop down menu. The products are generally expensive at JList, so this is a good place to go bargain hunting.

There’s some truly unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the Other Hentai Products category to find things like titty squeeze balls, hentai pillow covers (so you can sleep holding your waifu), and even a masturbation manual. Square watermelons ain’t got shit on JList’s Adult Corner.

What I Like

JList has been round for over twenty years, which is a long fucking time in internet land. Founded in 1996, JList has been doing its thing since 56K modems were handling our shit. The longevity should tell you that this place doesn’t fuck around with the weaboo action.

JList’s Adult Corner gives you that same variety and service that people have come to love from JList. All the products are neatly categorized with plenty of keywords and filters to help you find that perfect product.

I also love that JList supports products for major series like Fate and Sailor Moon. These aren’t official adult content obviously, but you’ll find cosplay, doujins, and other parodies that are based on your favorite characters and series.

For example, for Fate/Apocrapha, there’s even a onahole specifically based on the character Astolfo. Can you imagine if fake pussies were sold for American characters like Captain Marvel or Catwoman? This is why Japan is ahead of the sex game.

JList also has a blog where they review some of the adult products. Amazingly, some of these reviews are done by the site creator himself. You’d think that a millionaire owner would have better things than reviewing his random products, but I guess this is why JList continues to be so successful.

I also like JList’s preview options that help you stop from wasting your money. With shipping and all that, it’s obviously a huge mess if you get a product you end up not liking. With lots of screenshots, pictures, etc., JList helps you make good decisions on what degeneracy you spend your hard-earned money on.

What I Hate

For some of the hentai games, JList has gone through the effort to upload preview videos for its customers. Unfortunately, for some of these games I found that the video doesn’t even work. For some reason JList uses YouTube for its preview videos, so obviously these videos got shut down when people reported the “indecency”.

JList should look into hosting their videos somewhere else, or even just hosting it themselves. A professional site shouldn’t have such broken links.

Another issue is that JList does not give you the product type when browsing the main gallery. This becomes an issue because when you’re browsing everything, but you are only given the title and picture, you don’t know what the product actually is.

This is especially true for the hentai. You see a sweet ass hentai chick, but you have no idea if it’s a game, art book, or manga. It’s annoying that you are forced to click to the product page just to figure out what the item actually is.

Finally, the items feel kind of expensive. The figurines and pillow covers are all over a hundred dollars. I’m sure they are high quality, but it’s tough to swallow.

This is also true for the DVDs and games, which run $20-$50 each. In the age of digital downloads and free porn, I think it would help if JList had more promotions to help bring the costs down.

Still the King

JList is still the King of online Japanese markets for foreigners. Everything is nicely translated and professional, and JList does a good job of selecting top products that should appeal to your dick.

It can be a little pricy, but at least from the products I’ve tried, it’s high quality. The Japanese pocket pussies cannot be beat, and some even feel better than real pussy (I am not kidding). I’ve also seen the pillow covers and figurines, and these are serious pieces of art. JList easily has one of the best collections with professional service to boot. If you want reliable service and a great selection, look no further than JList’s Adult Corner.

ThePornDude likes JList's

  • Long established history as one of the best online Japanese stores
  • Toys, pillow covers, and all kinds of unique items found only in Japan
  • Manga previews

ThePornDude hates JList's

  • No product descriptions when browsing
  • Products are expensive