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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Every guy in the world has had some version of a lesbian fantasy at one point or another. Whether it’s watching two sexy dykes lick each other’s twats and cum in each other’s mouths or it’s the elusive scenario of being invited into a threesome with two certified lesbos who want to use your dick as a sex toy, we’ve all whacked it to the thought of taking a trip to no man’s land.

I don’t know what’s hotter, the thought of fucking some forbidden pussy, some pussy that is otherwise off-limits, or if it’s just the raw and inherent eroticism that exists in the idea of two women playing with each other, exploring each other’s beautiful bodies with their tongues and fingers. There is definitely something absurdly sexy about that, I can’t deny it. I think it just boils down to the fact that the female form is naturally beautiful. So, when you have two purely feminine, soft, delicate, hourglass bodies enjoying one another, it’s just a recipe for a hard dick.

Maybe, though, for some people, it is about the possibility of achieving the unachievable, of fucking the unfuckable. And I totally get that, too. The thought that you could get a girl who has no interest in guys to be wet for your cock, like it means that there’s something special about you or that you have the magic dick or some shit.

I’m personally less concerned with this aspect of it, but I definitely could see why this thought could get some people off, for sure … to feel so desired that a woman questions her entire nature just to fuck you. There’s a power in that, no doubt, and what is sex about if not power? Well, okay, it’s also about feeling good, sure, but power also definitely often plays a larger role than you may think about on a daily basis.

For lesbians and bisexual chicks, too, I am willing to bet that there is probably a great deal of erotic power in the ability to get an otherwise straight girl to sleep with them. The idea of conversion. Again, just for you. In fact, I know gay chicks who spend a good deal of time trying to do just that. Trying to lick the unlickable. Scissor that which cannot be scissored. These ladies sometimes wear it as a badge of honor.

I’m always trying to get them to let me in on the action, but no such luck. Yet. Oh well, they’re all butch bitches anyway, and most of them are on the heavier side. But, hey, at the same time, a fucking FFM threesomes a fucking FFM threesome. As long as one of them is incredibly hot (and the girls they go for always are), I’d call it a win in my book. I have actually had a few of these in my day, there’s a whole art to it. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll break it down in my blog someday. Until then, you’re going to have to settle for fapping to some good ol’ lesbian porno, though.

And ain’t nothing wrong with that! Lesbian porn is classic. It’s timeless. They were making lesbian porn long before lesbians were even accepted in mainstream vanilla culture. Porn has always been on the more progressive side of history, hasn’t it? It beat the sexual revolution to the punch (or should I say fisting?), it celebrating homosexuality long before social media bullshit sites jumped on the bandwagon in order to keep up with the trends of compassion and empathy, and it’s always been a safe haven for the kinkier more fetish-oriented people in the world. Porn is where sexual experimentation goes to have fun. And lesbian porn is where men go when they can’t talk themselves into an FFM threesome – which, spoiler alert, is most of the time. So, don’t get your hopes up.

Dream Big, but Cum Bigger

Until that day cums, though, if it ever does, there are excellent lesbo porn sites for your viewing pleasure, such as Dyked. Dyked is a part of the insanely popular and critically acclaimed porn network known as Team Skeet. Chances are, unless you’ve been fapping to old Playboys and Hustler mags through the last decade or so, you’ve probably heard of Team Skeet before. Better yet, I would put money on the fact that you’ve probably nutted to at least one of their videos at some point, whether you were aware of it or not. They are everywhere. And for good reason. They are known for, if nothing else, an exceptional level of quality when it comes to professional premium porn.

Dyked, it turns out, is no exception to this rule. And, actually, it is one of the rare lesbian porn sites that I think men and women could enjoy equally, considering the site’s entire premise, which is based around assertive labia loving women seducing otherwise straight or shy (but curious) girls into hot, hardcore lesbian action. If you’re a lesbian, you win for the fantasy and the fact that there are no dicks interrupting your experience. And if you’re a dude, you win because there are no dicks interrupting your experience either. It’s a win all around!

Sexy Sluts Getting Dyked by Horny Lesbos

The videos themselves are often based on the idea of raw, unadulterated, pure, undeniable lust. So, you can expect to see videos like “Forget About Your Boyfriend,” where a hetero girl is seduced into cheating by her sexy blonde lesbian friend and “Nympho Tries to Study,” where a hot ass tutor walks in on her hot ass pupil masturbating and sexting with her boyfriend, but the tutor knows that horniness can be distracting, and so she decides to lend her student a hand (and a tongue) in order to help her focus on her studies in the long run. Now that’s the kind of teacher I needed in school. It’s a sound philosophy if you ask me.

Don’t worry, though, the scenes don’t get bogged down in story or anything. The producers at Dyked understand that pornos shouldn’t be 50% story, they should be 90% fucking; so, the setup of the scenario is just long enough to get you into it, usually running only about three minutes or so. Dyked gives you just what you need to get off, nothing less.

As far as the site itself is concerned, the design is good – I mean, it’s nothing special, but it is effective and easy to use – it doesn’t have a whole lot of features, though, like any sort of advanced search function or superlative community features. You can do everything you need to on a porn site, though, and you can do so in an effective and intuitive layout, and that’s really all that matters at the end of the day, right?

You can like or dislike videos, comment on them, download them, add videos to your favorites list, and view photo galleries from the shoot. Fuck the bullshit, Dyked seems to say, we’re a fucking porn site, not a social media outlet. And, hey, fair enough. But if you’re one of those people who absolutely needs to be able to message other users and whatnot, you may want to consider this before subscribing to Dyked.

Basic Features, Relatively Inactive Site

Speaking of the search feature, like I said, it’s very basic. You can browse the site by model or video, and you can view the video results by Newest, Number of Likes, Number of Comments, % of Likes, Number of Views, or Oldest. This is a little disappointing when you consider the fact that there are comparable sites out there (in terms of quality) that allow you to get extremely specific with searches … narrowing the videos down to pussy type or zodiac sign. But, again, if you’re a low maintenance fapper, this probably won’t bother you as much.

Quantity and frequency of updates are also important factors to take into account when browsing for a new premium pay porn site. For Dyked, it looks like you can expect one new video every month. Occasionally two. This, of course, is not great … especially when there are lesbian porn sites that update on a weekly or biweekly basis out there to check out as well. Does Dyked at least make up for infrequent uploads with a hearty back catalog?

Well, not exactly. Dyked has a total of, at the time of this review at least, 64 scenes. I mean, that will get you a new video once a day for the next few months, sure, but a lot of Team Skeet sites have closer to 1,000 videos to choose from. So, it’s not an extremely impressive number, not by any means.

If you are to choose Dyked, then it will probably be due to the unique aesthetic, sexy situations, and great quality of the porn alone. It’s disappointing that they update so rarely. Even more so that they have so few videos in their archive to keep busy with while you wait a whole month for a new video to come out. But, hey, you gotta weigh out your options and decide what’s right for you.

ThePornDude likes Dyked's

  • High-quality porno
  • Really sexy chicks
  • Decent site design

ThePornDude hates Dyked's

  • Lack of videos
  • Infrequent updates
  • Not many extra features
  • Lackluster search