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Updated on 05 February 2024
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DMM Doujin

DMM Doujin

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Scrolling through a random hentai manga online is not as satisfying as being able to physically have the manga in your possession, right? Well, DMM Doujin is not really that kind of a place. However, who the fuck still buys manga books, when you have everything online? As for all the Otaku perverts who got a hardon from the first sentence, don’t worry. I am joking. I have actually reviewed many manga hentai sites that sell physical manga books, so go crazy. However, this is a place that will fulfill your dirtiest dreams, as here you have a store filled with all kinds of hentai manga. Those who are not fucking lazy are free to explore this shit as much as they want, and the rest of you continue reading.

This is a Japanese site, but it caters to all audiences, so it does not matter whether you speak their language or not. I mean, you are also offered to switch to English instead of Japanese if that is what you prefer, but the prices will still be Japanese. So, if you do not know how Yen works, maybe this is the right time for you to find out.

A typical design.

Is there a need for me to state more? I mean, this is a typical design of a pornographic store, where you can purchase all kinds of hentai manga. Now, be ready to be bombarded with a shit ton of stuff that does not make any fucking sense. I think that most of us who appreciate the true beauty of hentai will already know what to expect.

There ain’t that many Japanese pornographic or hentai sites that do not look like crap… but damnit, they do offer great content. The only thing I do not understand is just how are they not able to create something amazing? Sure, the site does its job or whatever. But is this the best you lads can come up with?

Looking at their content and all the shit you are able to buy, I highly doubt that this is the best they could come up with. But oh well… there is not much we can do. Let’s also not forget that this is a free site, so are we really allowed to complain that much? Of course, I am allowed to complain, that is my fucking job.

If you have any issues, on the other hand, you can shut the fuck up and check out a premium site instead. There will be ads; the site will look messy, and so on. But, the content is amazing, and personally, I think that that is what matters the most. Sure, I appreciate a site that has a solid design and user-features, but eh… at least it is free (sort of), right?

Hentai might be fictional, but you are in for a dirty ride!

The most common complaint I get is that hentai is fictional, so why the fuck am I reviewing it? Are you serious? Is your mind so closed-minded that you do not see the beauty of this shit? Imagine a world where anything is possible; there are no limitations; everything is legal. Now, put your puny ass into that world, and you basically get the beautiful hentai life.

All the women here are hot, and I would even go as far as to call them perfect. Because they are. You get to browse through all of their shit for free; there are no limitations when it comes to that. However, if you would like to check out the actual manga, you obviously need to pay. What kind of a store would this be if you could read it for free? Give me a break.

There is a wide selection of hentai you can check out, so if I were you, I’d take my sweet time and start browsing. Believe me; you will love every second of it. As for those who do not want to pay for good quality content, you can bugger off to a different site. Lucky for you, I have reviewed many free manga sites, where you can find good hentai as well.

As for those who do appreciate quality, welcome to heaven. Start browsing and enjoy everything they have to offer. Even though the design is a bit stuffy, I am not really mad at their overall presentation, if I may be honest. I mean, you still get the gist of browsing through the store, so that is all you really need. Browse, buy, and fap.

So what kind of manga can one expect?

At the end of the day, we mostly care about the content and not so much about the price. Sure, I appreciate the fact that some of these manga were not overpriced as shit, but then again, I don’t really mind as much. You have manga of all prices, so you will find the manga that suits your taste as well as your wallet.

As I was browsing, the variety really hit me. There is a little bit of everything for you to check out, and I am sure that you will love it. I took my sweet time because they offer a lot of shit, so I am sure that you will find a couple of manga that suit your taste. But be prepared for a lot of browsing. And I do not say that because there are a lot of manga, but because their search options suck.

If you see a manga that looks interested, do not hesitate to open and check it out. You will get to learn a lot more about that certain manga if you simply open it. Of course, you will not get to see the full manga, as I said, that makes no sense. However, some of the screenshots will be included, so you have a clue what the heck you are getting.

The prices will vary quite a bit, and so will the content. This is why I say that I think that everyone can find at least something that they appreciate on DMM Doujin. Of course, this still all depends on what the fuck you were hoping to get in the first place. Since I already browsed through, I will be happy to mention some of the shits I got to see.

One of the first manga showed a group of hot babes all lining up to be fucked b the same dude. I must say that that dude might be fictional, but man, he is living my dream. Imagine having naughty sluts lining up to taste your love juices… that sounds fucking amazing if you ask me. Well, you can easily check out this manga, since they included some screenshots too.

Another manga that was rather tasty included a gorgeous girl with huge tits and an overall thick exterior, riding a hard-pulsating pole. I think it was rather delicious watching her get on top and pleasure a hard prick, especially as everything looked kind of 3D. I personally enjoyed the style of this manga, and that means that you will like it too.

I mean, there were lots of gangbangs, vanilla and kinky manga for you to purchase, so I am sure that there is no need for me to go deeper into detail about all of this. Just take your time and start browsing, it ain’t rocket science folks. If you are willing to purchase manga, I think that you will love this crap.

User-features are not that great.

Usually, when I visit a site that looks so jam-packed with all these ads and that shit, I do not expect it to be fancy when it comes to user-features. Well, sadly, I was right to think that because it really does not have that much to offer. You have some search options on the side, but nothing fancy. Basically, you can check out what they have listed on the side of the site, or you can manually browse. Either way, you will have to browse through all of this shit.

Overall, I think that those who think that manga are worth paying for, you have found a nice little fap section for yourself. All the hentai manga that are offered on DMM Doujin are HD manga, usually in color, and they will give you the dirtiest scenes. I am sure that you will love their content, and if you want something extra, you have many other reviews of mine, to check out.

ThePornDude likes DMM Doujin's

  • Free site
  • Both Japanese and English options

ThePornDude hates DMM Doujin's

  • Jam-packed with ads and shit
  • No good search options