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Updated on 15 January 2022
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In the age that we are living today, you can find hundreds of sites that specialize in selling something that will make them different from online stores such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and others, and dlsite.com is pretty much another one of those. While it does seem like another attempt to provide you with the same old online shopping services, there are some unique items to browse through when it comes to this place.

Fantastic design

What I like about this site, right of the bat is that the design is unique and very clean, especially when compared to other Asian sites of this type. The homepage was not cluttered with ads at all, which was a huge relief, because you guys know just how much I fucking hate ads. The color palette was also not the bland mix of two colors like you would expect from an online shopping site, but instead, it was quite colorful, and it made me feel a bit excited that I am going to review this.

Unlike other sites that shower you with ads, here, you will be offered a couple of categories to browse through, depending on what your interests might happen to be. While the site is mostly in Japanese, there is also an option to shop in English; however, that will not help you much if you are not fluent in Japanese, which kind of ruins the whole point of this feature that I will talk about a bit later.

Either way, you can easily filter what you are looking for, and after the homepage, you will enter the “real” site instead, where things are going to be looking a bit more similar to the average online shopping site, however, the looks will still be pretty unique and interesting.

NSFW and SFW content

While the content that overwhelms the website is definitely not safe for work, you will be able to find some products that do not contain any nudity. I do like when sites have all kinds of products to sell, but let’s be honest, if you happen to visit an online store that specializes in selling manga, hentai, and video games for adults, you are going to be looking for something from that pool of products, and not some SFW garbage that you can probably find hundreds of versions of by looking it up on Google.

Cheap hentai video games

If you happen to be tired of those free adult games that you can find on all kinds of sites that just have ugly naked women that happen to have more polygons than minutes of work put into creating them, then you will enjoy browsing games here.

You will be able to find all kinds of hentai games, and when it comes to their pricing, as you might expect, the newer titles are usually a bit more expensive, but when it comes to slightly older titles, like the ones that are older than six months, the prices are dirt cheap. I was quite happy to find out that some of the titles that I have played last year are still extremely popular, as some of them were featured in the best sellers’ category, which allegedly gets updated every month. This was quite a positive thing to discover, and I can definitely recommend that you get pretty much anything that is featured here in the future since the store knows how to put good titles into the correct category.

While the games I played were from a different source, they were mostly original titles that had nothing to do with the latest anime or manga series. However, after browsing through some of the latest game releases. I have discovered that there are plenty of releases that are adaptations of anime or manga into visual novels, where you get to take part of the story, for the ultimate hentai experience that you might be looking for.

All kinds of manga

Naturally, when it comes to adult content, there is nothing better than manga, as the images are just graphic enough to make you horny, while you can imagine the motion, as well as the voices inside of your head perfectly.

When it comes to the manga options, there are over 8000 entries that you can shop for, and the price ranges are usually pretty much around $5 on average, with some of them being slightly higher, and some of them being slightly lower. Similar to other products on the site, there are all kinds of sales, and there are also various bundles that include the complete manga collection of a certain title.

If you happen to shop for a lot of hentai manga here, you are going to be stacking up points quite fast, which is a system that this site uses to reward people that shop here. You can use the points to unlock special discounts, and in some cases, you can use the points as a currency instead of real money. While it requires the product to have points enabled as a currency, I don’t think anyone can complain about getting some free adult content along with their originally intended purchases.

There is even a spicy VR section

You guys know that I just love keeping it up with technology that allows me to enhance my porn browsing experience, and there is pretty much nothing better than becoming a part of the world where you can find those perfect looking hentai babes. Don’t get me wrong, and I still think that real women are extremely fuckable, however, sometimes they don’t stand a chance when it comes to fantasizing as hentai babes can have some unrealistic designs that make them look absolutely perfect.

When it comes to the VR novels, games, and other hentai content that is available in VR, things are quite a hit or miss situation. There is a lot of garbage that you would probably never try even if it was free because the thumbnails look like someone has drawn them in Paint with their cock strapped to the mouse. On the other hand, there are some fantastic choices out there, that are a must get if you happen to own a VR headset, and if you would like to find yourself in the same room with a gorgeous virtual princess.

Some voice ASMR can be found as well

While I am personally not too big of a fan when it comes to ASMR, you can easily find a couple of software that comes with all kinds of features. Most of them have a popular hentai voice actress behind the voices that the software offers, and if you happen to be familiar with some of the featured characters those ASMR voice software, you will probably swiftly end up with an unstoppable boner.

For the sake of the review, I decided to give one of these ASMR products a try, as it is different from the regular ASMR that you can find since these are all based on hentai. I have to admit, listening to some of the lines really made my body tingle, and I was getting aroused. Combining this ASMR with a sex toy or something like that with your eyes closed, or a VR experience can make things feel extremely real.

Browsing is a bit clunky

Ok, I have said quite a lot of positive things about the site; however, some flaws should be mentioned as well. The browsing interface, while it is not bad, it is definitely not the friendliest choice. Quite often I was looking around where I can filter things out to my niches, and while using the search works most of the time, there were moments when I just knew that certain results were not displayed, but in general, I think you can get used to all of these features quite fast, especially as a regular shopper.

When it comes to using the English version of the site, or pretty much any other offered language besides Japanese, you are going to be completely screwed if you buy some products without reading carefully, as most of the issues here are Japanese exclusives, without any English voices or even sub-titles included.

Overall, I think that dlsite.com is a great place to browse if you are looking for some kinky hentai video games or manga, as well as software that can help you develop your own hentai creation. Naturally, if you are not really a fan of adult content that does not revolve around real women, this place is not for you.

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