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Updated on 05 February 2024
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XVideos Indian

XVideos Indian

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XVideos is a big fucking deal. It’s the tenth most popular website in existence. Not porn websites, everything. It’s up there with Google, Amazon, and eBay. Though not as popular in North America and Western Europe, XVideos is even the most popular porn website worldwide. You may have read some recent news about a number of porn sites being banned in India, XVideos included. And from this, you might conclude that the Ganges River of sex tapes flowing out of India, so to speak, might have run dry as a result.

I’m happy to report that you overestimate the impact of government prohibition and underestimate the desperation of horny Indian men and women if you came to that conclusion. Despite the fact that accessing the site has been illegal for over a year, the Indian section of XVideos shows no signs of slowing down. If you want that real, authentic Indian porn made and uploaded by desis from Delhi to Bangalore and beyond, XVideos is the place to be.

As an added bonus for those of you who want to feel edgy and self-righteous, the ban effectively makes browsing XVideos for Indian porn an act of protest and civil disobedience. Want to stand up to the man and protest overreaching governments in poor foreign countries, but don’t actually want to donate any money or put in any effort? Just jerk off to Indian porn.

When you brag to your friends, though, maybe leave that part out. Just tell that hippy girl you want to fuck that you’re an anti-government activist, and maybe you can take a break from porn for a while and use her instead.

Focused, Simple Layout

The design of the Indian category on XVideos is about as basic as it gets, but its simplicity mostly works in its favor—you’ve got almost thirty thousand videos to choose from and they’re all in one place, thing’s don’t have to be complicated.

What you need is there—an array of thumbnails showing you as many stills of videos as will fit on your screen. Don’t like it? Deal with it. Or buy a bigger monitor. Just don’t expect it to change, because XVideos has been set on this classic layout for a while.

That’s about all you’ll see on the front page. You also get a view count and the length of the video. You’ve even got a little marker showing the video’s resolution, if you’re a fan of HD. Mouse over them for a second and you’ll get a preview. Click through to watch the video. The mobile site is identical, except you can’t see as many videos at once. You might have to scroll a bit before finder something that suits you. Stop crying, you’ll live.

There’s also an app, in case you want the next person who sees you use your phone to know that you’re so dedicated to jacking off to Indian women that you gave XVideos a permanent place on your phone. It’s mostly the same as the mobile site, but it’ll make sure that your favorite videos are always at your fingertips.

Before downloading it, weigh the pros and cons: yeah, you’ll get to the porn five seconds sooner, but is that worth the inevitable social shame?

Who am I kidding, you don’t have friends. Download the app. Enjoy your newfound easy-access to videos, wallow in your filth and on the off chance, you ever meet somebody, delete it and switch back to the mobile site. When they inevitably find out what kind of person you are, you can just download it again.

If all of these hot brown babes have you so hard that you’re planning to take your next vacation in India, here’s a tip from me, free of charge. Take advantage of the fact that XVideos lets you download videos to your phone or computer. Indian girls have standards too, so your dream of being so exotic that you’ll be able to get laid despite your ugliness and lack of charisma will not come true. Your connection might be spotty while you’re abroad, so make sure you’re prepared.

XVideos And Indian Porn: A Match Made In Heaven

XVideos has a bit of a reputation as being a bit more trashy and a bit less classy than some of the alternatives. And, granted, I agree—it’s certainly not the place to go for overproduced professional porn and well-lit artsy amateur stuff. Most of the pro stuff you’ll see here is less than official, and a lot of the amateurs who are more semi-professional pornstars tricking themselves into thinking they’re not that slutty won’t normally upload to XVideos.

XVideos is the people’s porn site. It’s not where porn studios will rush to put their newest content, but it’s one of the top places for your average couple to upload their homemade video of themselves doing the dirty for no other reason than the pleasure of it.

Since India isn’t exactly famous for its extensive domestic porn production industry, that makes XVideos the ideal destination for Indian porn. The best stuff in this genre isn’t made in a studio by professionals, it’s made by two horny fuckers who just want to bang and put that shit up for people to masturbate to.

But when did not being fancy become such a bad thing? Yeah, I love a good steak with a glass of whiskey at a fancy restaurant as much as anybody, but somebody I just want to buy a bag of greasy burgers and a 40 of Colt 45 and relax a bit. If you’re trying to tell me you don’t, think about who you’re trying to impress. It’s not working.

The videos here might not look like much at first glance. Indians aren’t typically equipped with the overpriced $1,000.00 flagship phones that nerds like you convince themselves they need, so the videos are a bit darker and grainier. But there’s a certain authenticity that comes as a result—things seem more genuine, more impulsive. You’ll get over the culture shock pretty quickly once you see a hot desi in a sari taking it up the ass, I promise.

For the adventurous fappers among us, try clicking on one of the videos titled in Hindi. Unless you’re able to decipher these nonsensical scribbles, this can be a fun adventure. Maybe you just clicked on the most boring video title of all time—the Hindi equivalent of “woman has consensual sex in the missionary position with her husband”—but maybe you clicked on “I just came in my mom and now she’s pregnant.” If you’re into something fucked up like that, you could even just pretend that’s what it says. It’s not like you’ll be proven wrong, so let your fantasies run wild.

Tags And Sorting Could Be Improved

The biggest problem here is if your tastes are a bit more specialized. XVideos has plenty of tags that let you find specific types of porn, but you can’t combine them. You can look for Indian porn or videos of girls giving blowjobs, but there’s no easy way to pull up videos of Indian girls giving head. Thankfully, most of the content here is good enough that most of us will be too busy jerking off to whatever comes our way to care, but for those prissy bastards who need their porn to be juuuuuust right, this might cause some problems.

There also aren’t many options for sorting—you can choose between “all time,” “this month,” “this week,” “2 days ago,” “yesterday,” and “today,” but there are two problems here. One, it’s never really clear what you’re sorting—yeah, we know the time period, but are these the most viewed videos? The most commented? Some selection of videos featured by the XVideos staff? Most sites let you pick between these categories, so it’s a shame that XVideo’s Indian section doesn’t have that flexibility.

But, don’t count on any of this to change—if it’s that big of an issue to you, you’re going to have to find a way to cope. I’d suggest biting the bullet, clicking on the first video that looks appealing, and beating your meat until you feel better. It shouldn’t take long.

ThePornDude likes XVideos Indian's

  • More amateur Indian porn than you’ll find anywhere else
  • Functional, simple design
  • Free downloads of every video

ThePornDude hates XVideos Indian's

  • Can’t combine tags, so it’s hard to find anything specific
  • Limited sorting options