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Updated on 05 February 2024
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My plan for this evening was to pop a couple of bootleg Viagra and then beat off to expensive, ugly Indians. I needed to fuel up first so I hit the buffet down the street. I filled up on butter chicken for a couple bucks while I considered the value of a dollar. Why break the bank when FreeSexyIndians, or FSIBlog, offers a superior product at no cost?

I appreciate a porn site name that gets right to the fucking point. So do a couple of million monthly viewers, looking for exactly what it says on the tin. This site’s old as fuck, too. The copyright at the bottom dates it back to 1997, which means they’ll hopefully have some videos of sluts younger than the blog itself.

Twelve Daily Doses of Vitamin FSI

The official FreeSexyIndians motto is We Make You Cum Online. I would assume it’s some kind of play on words, but it’s an Indian site so it might just be broken English. To the site’s credit, I don’t immediately see a Bobs or a Vagene category. I do see some promising thumbnails of Desi teens sucking cock and a big-dick Indian fucking his own bhabi.

The secondary motto is Free Indian Sex Blog Updated Every 2 Hours. It’s not catchy, but it does tell me a lot more than We Make You Cum Online. Twelve updates a day is pretty goddamn good for any site, and this one is totally free.

Since this is a blog, the format is just slightly different than the typical wall of porno you see on every free video tube. It’s not that different, though. You still get a ton of thumbnails, there’s just slightly more text than on the tube sites. In addition to Categories and Tags, there’s a longer description of the video or photos.

Sometimes the descriptions are a little unnecessary. The thumbnail of the hot, naked college girl and the title College-Going Teen Girl Nude Selfie Photos tells me all I need to about the post. The description that her boyfriend leaked the photos doesn’t change the fact that I want to masturbate to them.

Naturally, since this is FSIBlog and not BBWMagazine or A2MBBQTube, the focus is on Indian broads and couples. Tons of Desi amateurs line the page. A Kerala girl fucks herself with a dildo on webcam, and an amateur Bihari pussy opens up for her dude and the camera. I see plenty of MILFs and Aunties, and Punjabi girls bringing shame to their families.

Charming Desi Beauties in XXX Videos

A thumbnail of a Desi beauty fingering herself caught my eye on the front page. I clicked it and got a pop-under for a voyeur cam site despite my spam plugin. Thankfully, the video plays without another ad getting in the way.

It’s a painfully short clip, like amateur clips tend to be. The girl is supposedly doing a webcam show for her boss. The office chair she’s sitting in as she spreads her pussy lips really sells it. I thought there wasn’t sound until I turned it way up and heard her breathing and the slippery sound of her fingers in her cunt.

And then the clip was over. I clicked the Thumbs-Up button and added my vote to the clip’s 90% rating. FSIBlog doesn’t make you log in to Rate the clips, but commenting will require a login of some sort. You can actually use your Facebook or Google account to comment on the site, which I find absolutely fucking hilarious. Those companies already know everything that makes your cock hard, so you may as well just be open about it.

With short clips like this, it’s good to have some other material cocked and loaded. The clip I just watched has a selection of More Porn Videos Like This at the bottom of the page. It’s hard to tell if they’re based on the Tags and Categories because there isn’t always overlap, but there are a lot more Indian amateur scenes to choose from.

One of those related scenes was called Desi Girlfriend Fucking and Sucking With Her European Lover Interracial Sex. I typed out the whole title, but honestly, it’s not half as sexy as the thumbnail of the gorgeous slut staring seductively at the camera with a massive dick in her face. I knew I had to see it next.

FreeSexyIndians cock-blocked me with a missing page error. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” the page screams, “This page doesn’t exist!” That’s actually what it says, copied and pasted. They know exactly how upset you’re going to be about that dead link when you’re in the middle of a masturbatory session. I didn’t actually scream or anything. I just pounded my fist on the desk until the librarian told me to settle down or she’d call the police.

Amateur Aunty with the Big Ass

FSIBlog has a list of their Categories in a foldable menu in the left sidebar. A lot of it is the typical stuff you find on any pornography site. There’s a thriving Big Ass section and an even bigger Big Boobs department. There are a little more College movies than Blowjob movies, and only a dozen Cuckold movies on the site if these numbers are to be believed.

I’m not sure you can’t take these figures as absolute fact. Like any site, Tagging and Categories can be hit or miss, depending on who’s uploading. Amateur only lists 600, but it’s pretty clear most of the site is Amateur material. Most videos could comfortably fit in more than one category.

Some categories are pretty specific to a site called Free Sexy Indians. The Chennai category only has 3 movies, but that’s more than you’re going to find on the typical porn tube. There are 82 Bangla Sex movies and twice as many South Indian clips. They’ve got hundreds of Tamil movies, Village clips galore, and even a handful of Srilankan videos.

Over 2k videos are Uncategorized, and another 4k are just filed under Videos. They’ve also got over a thousand pieces of smut posted in Indian Sex Stories.

Beat Off to Indian Sex Stories

The massive Indian Sex Stories category is also linked from the header. I’ve seen other tube sites include stories and it often seems like filler. I wonder who’s reading them, if anybody. People are using the Thumbs-Up and Thumbs-Down buttons on the stories here, though not nearly as much as on the other media. The stories with more traffic still had single-digit votes.

The really frustrating thing about those votes is that there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do with them. You can see them once you pull up a story, but you can’t sort them by Most Popular, or even see their rating from the Stories page.

The Stories section on FSIBlog is a grab bag of everything, each with a random amateur photo of a sexy Indian chick. The first story I looked at seemed to be some dude trying to find sluts to hook up with. He included his email half a dozen times in the “story”. Other tales included cheating Desi housewives, mature Auntys, office girls and friend’s mothers.

If FreeSexyIndians was a newer site, I’m pretty sure they would have built it as a free video tube instead. It’s just the modern way to go. The fact that they started as FSIBlog actually works to their advantage, though.

The slightly different blog format lets FSIBlog include photos and stories in a way that doesn’t seem forced. Everything just flows together, from the Dark Tamil girl taking it off in a selfie MMS scandal to the Desi housewife blowjob video to the written erotica about getting caught masturbating by Aunty.

The overall organization might need a little work, mainly because it’s difficult to navigate a porn collection of this size. Make no mistake, FreeSexyIndians delivers on the Free Sexy Indians. That alone should be enough for most perverts. There’s a metric fuck-ton of amateur Indian gold here, so be prepared to waste a few days, nights, and gallons of personal lubricant.

ThePornDude likes FSIBlog's

  • Free
  • Tons of amateur indian videos and photos
  • Lots of stories, too
  • Updates every two hours

ThePornDude hates FSIBlog's

  • Spam
  • Dead links
  • Disorganized story section