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Updated on 05 February 2024
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When It Goes In
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Reddit When It Goes In, aka r/WhenItGoesIn! Damn, that moment when you meet a new chick and you take her into your bed. Clothes off, she’s naked, wet and bang, it goes in. The best feeling in the world, if you ask me. What did you expect? I work in porn, so everything in my life goes around sex and all else related. This subreddit is about that moment I was telling you about above. With a difference! It is from a women’s perspective, so no one gives a damn about your feelings. It’s all about how great it is for her, when that pussy is penetrated.

Around 50,000 subscribers are using this place and you will get daily submissions. The menu is the same as on any other subreddit. You will have the Hot page, the Rising one and the section for new posts.

If you want to reach the best there is, feel free to check out the Top gallery. When it comes to rules, they wrote this in the sidebar: “There is now a rule on sources. Please make sure to provide them if possible”. I guess that it is straight and forward. No actual rules, but be aware, since their mods are active!

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