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Updated on 05 February 2024
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True Amateurs

True Amateurs

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Let me tell you about the girl next door. I guess she’s in her late 20s, but she’s got a teenage ripe body with supple, bouncing breasts. Her boyfriend is a little bit older and likes to stick his dick in her ass, which she seems to really enjoy. The girl next door also has had a restraining order against me ever since she caught me at the window taking videos. That’s why I’ve been spending a lot of time lately beating my meat to amateur sites like TrueAmateurs.

They registered in 2016, but the site really took off at the very beginning of 2019. They went from just a few viewers a month to nearly 10 million in the span of just a couple weeks. Most new porn sites hit the net with a weak little bang that usually lands sticky and unwanted all over your stomach. I’m really curious what drew such a big, horny crowd so quickly.

Just How Amateur Is This Amateur Porno?

“Amateur” is something of a loaded word in the porno business. It can mean a number of different things, depending on who you ask. In the old days, it usually referred to your fat uncle shagging your hairy auntie on super 8 film. More recently, it’s used to refer to teen sluts whipping out their titties on Snapchat. There is also a whole genre of “reality” porn that mimics the homemade stuff, but with much better cinematography, video quality, and recognizable pornstars pretending it’s their first time getting eaten out on camera by their cab-driving stepbrother.

It’s hard to tell exactly what kind of amateur smut TrueAmateurs is all about. It doesn’t have that overly polished look that’s a dead giveaway for the fake “amateur” porn sites. On the other hand, it doesn’t have that warts-and-all rawness you see on a lot of modern amateur sites, with plenty of ugly-ass bitches and elderly whores having sex in low resolution.

The little preview images on the landing page show some really gorgeous chicks getting banged on clean, crisp video. At least, it looks pretty crisp and clean from the thumbnails. The “preview” videos are actually just links to the sign-up page, so I’m only guessing. There’s a nice mix of perversion among the latest videos: a girl with glasses sucks off her boyfriend, a blonde with pierced nipples bounces on her dude’s member, and a brunette gives her man a footjob before letting him hit it from behind. For the true perverts, a hot blonde chick pegs her boyfriend/slave up the butthole. That’s all in the last week!

So, Who Are These Horny Sluts Next Door?

The AMATEURS WANTED link in the header is a call for wannabe web sluts who would like to get banged on the website, which suggests they really got the girl next door on their roster. Then again, one of their Top Trending Girls is a chick listed just as Katie. Well, that’s clearly Katie Kush. I guess she’s an amateur in the sense that she’s new to this, but the girl is definitely making a living with that stunning, moneymaking body of hers. She’s really been making the rounds lately. I didn’t see any other bitches I recognized immediately, but they usually travel in packs.

TrueAmateurs walks a really fine line and does it in a way I don’t see a lot of other amateur porn sites doing. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many of the girls on this website are up-and-coming professionals and how many are just exhibitionist whores with a little extra time on their hands. With DIY fuck movies, you usually have to pick between ugly broads or fake impromptu hookups. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, which was enough for me to click the Join button.

They’re asking 25 USD for one month of membership to the site. That’s a few bucks less than most adult websites charge these days, and you’re getting an update every two days. The price is certainly right. You can also get a yearly membership at a lower rate or a two-day trial that will cost you extra if you forget to cancel it.

Horny Couples in DIY Shower Scenes

TrueAmateurs posted their first video, Blonde Fucks on Couch, on December 23, 2018. Two releases a day add up quickly, but that’s not much time. There are only 76 scenes on the list today, but there will surely be more by the time you read this. Maybe that’s why they’re not charging as much as the other guys.

It all looks really fucking hot, though. So hot that I’m not even sure where to start. Do I want to see the hot chick in tights and glasses masturbating with a dildo or the horny teen getting fucked from behind and taking a pussy creampie? There is also an anal creampie from last week if chocolate is more to your liking.

It was a thick redhead with giant knockers getting pounded in a bathroom that demanded my full attention. Chrissy, the babe in this scene, has only been in one movie on the site and I don’t recognize her. That’s common with talent on TrueAmateurs, which gives their amateur status a little more credibility.

The camera (or laptop/phone) is perched on a chair just outside of the bathroom because it’s too tight in there for a full shot, just like when your wife shot those videos she sent me. Apart from her absolutely flawless fucking body and the vivid HD quality of the picture, it has a great homemade feel to it. Chrissy opens the scene by showing off her body, playing with her tits and sticking her fingers in her cunt.

When the dude comes into the scene, there’s just not enough clearance in the camera angle for his head. That’s fine with me, though. I watched Chrissy work the decapitated gentlemen’s shaft with her mouth while she stroked the balls with her hand. She makes loving eye contact while licking the thing. At least I think she is, but for all I know he’s wearing a Mickey Mouse mask and that’s just her childish sense of wonder shining through.

Some Stuff’s Extra, Other Stuff is Free

He sits down a few minutes later so Chrissy can ride on his pole. Turns out he’s some hipster with a beard and not an anthropomorphic rodent mask, but he gets the girl excited and that’s all that really matters. There is genuine passion here; if this isn’t a real couple, they have found some of the best actors in the industry. Better get those AVN awards lined up.

When they stood up so he could smash her loudly from behind, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I made a mess of my goddamn keyboard again, which is a sure sign I need to save the video for future use. I clicked the Download button and got cock blocked by TrueAmateurs. Downloads cost an extra 15 USD a month. So much for that lower price!

I was feeling pretty bummed, so I clicked the BONUS link to see what kind of goodies they were offering. TrueAmateurs served up a selection of revenge porn “From Our Friends at GFRevenge.” I’m not sure how often they rotate the bonus material, but the lesbian threesome really did the trick for me.

Speaking as a fan of real amateur sex scenes, TrueAmateurs is a pretty fucking rad site. Sure, I recognized Katie Kush when I first got to the page, but everything I watched really felt like a more polished version of the homebrew pornography that drives me crazy. The fact that I can’t tell what’s professionally produced here and what was really shot at home says a lot about the quality of the work here. You don’t have to get drunk before whipping your dick out just to convince yourself these are real horny couples and not a bunch of crack-addicted Craigslist hires.

TrueAmateurs is one of the first sites I would recommend to anybody looking for homemade porn movies, but who doesn’t want to wade through thousands and thousands of grainy grandma movies. The scenes here have a perfect mix of crisp, clean production and DIY feel, with some of the sexiest young talent you’ll find on any amateur site. They update all the time and don’t charge too much. What more could you ask for?

ThePornDude likes True Amateurs's

  • Polished but believably amateur smut
  • Low price for premium content
  • Updates every two days
  • Bonus scenes from network sites

ThePornDude hates True Amateurs's

  • Downloads cost extra
  • Relatively small library
  • No free previews