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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Oh hell yes! I love homemade porn because no matter how much I try, I can’t get over the girl next door vibe. I mean I am sick of digitally modified cumshots of some plastic bitches with rowdy ass moans. Like why can’t we have realer homemade real people sex as porn today? Probably because some of us haven’t come across brilliant sites like with quality amateur girl next door porn, right? Well, I for one rest assured that am home here and I’ll be letting you in on my experience.

The General vibe

The site welcomes you with a dish of the most delightful homemade porn scenes and provides a wide range of other assortment choices you can go for. And unlike other amateur sites, it’s actually a beautiful place to be in with easy access to its videos, albums and of course, albums whether popular, latest or older ones through their archives section. A typical lovely home for porn and basically a great fapping needs provider cheering you up to get to the fun.

Porn videos

While this site is already a homemade porn galore from all the insurmountable amount of homemade content available in their archives and yet the site continues to add an impressive number of videos and images every fucking day. With the best thing yet being that most of them are of spectacular quality, feature intriguing scenes and basically stream at exemplary speed. Granted that they have a large enough video player that accommodates lots of options including download of videos.

And just so you know that there is a wide variety of homemade porn niches featured including; black, Asian, Interracial, POV, Couple, threesome, orgy, beach, indoor, anal, orgasm, facial among others. It is also worth noting that they motivate their members to upload content provided it’s in line with their requirements. To do this, you only need to click on the upload button and make the magic happen.

Porn galleries

Do you think amateur bitches are not hot enough for the camera? Check out the galleries section which somehow is teeming with exotic curvy perfectly figured next-door bitches getting down naughty to all manner of atrocities while dressed up in sultry skin. I mean it’s gracious natural beauty you might want to stare at or even spew at the audacity of. And thank god that besides viewing this daily added erotic photos you can also be able to download them even in the form of zip files.

Terrific scenes

Unpredictable shit is way fun than the typical professional crap we get wit a guessable twist somewhere in the middle. Am talking about porn scenes like; a couple fucking shamelessly on their balcony, husband’s sharing their wives with their best friends, couples trying out weird shit like anal, ass licking, BDSM and so much more, wife’s girlfies joining in on some hardcore bedroom and so much more. And I can tell you that the aspect of surprise is on and freaking exciting all the fucking way.

Also, I don’t know whether it’s the goddamned site playing some nasty tricks or something, but 80% of the featured amateur wifey, girlfriends or slutty stranger bitches getting drilled hard at home, outdoors, hotels, in the garden or swimming pool among other places are freaking hot ASF! I mean is it that these nasty assholes partners dropped from Mass or something or could it be that sexy hot bitches are just hornier and glamour loving. Which is in fact too much because they don’t fucking mind being filmed while; sucking cock, being face fucked, finger fucked, having their drippy pussies getting eaten, masturbating, taking in cock in whatever holes among many other nasty actions. Well, in as much as I don’t perceive miseries too well, I think am going to let this one slip by.

Site membership

For starters, a site with thousands of homemade porn videos with over 50 updates sounds like a site I would totally sign up for. And you know why? I don’t want my ass to be pegged on to mediocre lowly crap or should I put it this way; miss out on the most incredible quality stuff. No way! After all, it’s pretty easy, and they don’t even dig into your personal details y’all.

As for premium membership, it’s not like they charge you an arm and a leg. Instead, it’s only $ 0.99 for 30 days/a month’s unlimited access. Even better being that they actually have a variety of payment methods from credit cards, PayPal, playdate, visa, MasterCard and discover. Pretty convenient, don’t you think? Plus you get to enjoy; unlimited videos access, free access to premium videos, unlimited videos download, full-sized photos viewing, save zipped albums, fast streaming speeds, full mobile support and daily new videos and photos.

Positive site features

Daily content updates; personally, I love the prospects of a daily dosage of fresh homemade porn every fucking Dawn and I’m sure as hell that I’m not the only sucker who does.

Incredible amateur scenes; coupled with the realness and of course the typical girl next door vibe. I would say that from the sexy bitches whether young or mature with nice titties, bums and dreamy bodies. It’s a different kind of feeling, almost like you sneaked into your neighbour’s bedroom only to find him drilling through a hot bitche’s pussy. And take it from me; this feeling is incomparable and simply priceless!

The general homemade porn vibe; fuck professional porn movies because all there is lots of infatuations in the form of; fake body parts including lip jobs, face jobs, boob jobs, ass jobs, dick jobs and god knows what else. Also, there are the rather annoying fake moans that at times leave you agitated instead of horny. I mean I could go over and over about how homemade porn legitness makes you feel wholly invested into something that duly bears fruit.

A clean awesome user interface; you know me, I would choose an ads-free experience any day and am grateful from deep down that these suckers decided to make this site homely. By preserving it from any distractions whatsoever.

Users get paid for uploading their videos; I know that this is pretty exciting, like the thought of making money while wanting off towards achieving that glorious milky sweetness. Well, it’s a win-win! Like you could ultimately earn your premium fee, lube bucks or even some extra for a fresh light pussy, vibrator or something. And be on your merry way to cloud nine forever!

Negative site features

Limited videos for non-premium members; well, it should have been a homemade or amateur porn Haven for all, but it seems like broke ass motherfuckers might have to content with the few free videos privileges they get probably to motivate them to get some money for the premium membership or get the fuck out of their site!

The best videos are only accessible to premium members; it’s common sense that amateur porn translates to varied video quality probably because some suckers cannot afford good cameras or there phones isn’t just good enough. Probably why freeloaders get the shittiest shit while premium members have the finest picks at the fucking high table.

Restrictions on interactivity; you would think that because the site promotes uploading of content through offering some sort of motivation, that they would go ahead and pave ways for them to interact. After all, who knows? It might be a better way to have them knocking themselves out and making them tons of porn videos but nah! These folks are a set of mean bastards without even the slightest sense of humour traces.


While I might fail to judge these assholes based on how they run their fucking business, i.e. delivery of content and who is allowed to access what. Honestly, it irks my whole sense of being that they should deny users the ability to interact with each other on a platform that could be a hell lot fun than most. And I really hope they can consider adding some community features ASAP!

Conclusion is the epitome of homemade porn! And judging from their incredible lot of hot amateur porn videos featuring the most charming scenes ever. There is no shying over the fact that they’ve got an unbeatable footprint when it comes to amateur porn and while free membership might give you a taste you could always unleash the whole wild goose into your boring life for paying extra. After all, this means that you get to enjoy top quality shit and so much more. Now, if the sound of homemade porn served their way intrigues you, I say; why the fuck not?

ThePornDude likes LoveHomePorn's

  • Daily content updates
  • Incredible amateur scenes
  • The general homemade porn vibe
  • A clean awesome user interface
  • Users get paid for uploading their videos

ThePornDude hates LoveHomePorn's

  • Limited videos for non-premium members
  • The best videos are only accessible to premium members
  • Restrictions on interactivity