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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Savita Bhabhi (Kirtu)

Savita Bhabhi (Kirtu)

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There’s something about the unique art style of Indian porn comics that gets me hard as diamonds every fucking time. Maybe it’s the realism. Hentai and Western comics are both sexy as fuck, but, damn, are they insane. The sluts in those usually have tits that hang down to their damn knees and asses that have their own gravitational pull. Indian porn comics usually take it easy. You get sexy vanilla comics about hot babes getting fucked. That’s all you really need.

But there’s something special about the comic I’ll be reviewing for you this time. This comic series has been banned by governments and is seen as the forerunner for change in India. Savita Bhabhi looks like any old porn comic to people from outside of India. It’s about a busty housewife who gets fed up with her shitty husband and goes out to fuck whoever she wants whenever she wants.

Savita Bhabhi Stands for Sexual Freedom in India

The thing is that conservative Indian culture is focused on not letting that shit happen. Women are getting blue-balled all the fucking time over there. It’s the classic story of not letting women explore their sexuality, which fucking sucks! I don’t want to fuck some shy chick who doesn’t know shit about sex because of her upbringing. I want a cock fiend who will suck me dry and leave me wanting for more. Isn’t that what life is about?

You can find this gamechanger of a comic over at It’s been around since the cusp of 2008 and has been pumping out new comic issues and series since then. And, for a comic site, this place has a big ass following of over 2 million horny fucks every single month. But there is a catch. Not a big one. It’s just that this site is going to charge you some cash for full access to the catalog of naughty comics.

Browse a Dozen Comics for Free Before You Sign Up

You can view some shit for free. There’s a whole section for free issues that you can read and download in full. That way you know exactly the sort of content that you are signing up for before you dish out your well-earned dosh. You get around 12 comics for free total. I’d say that’s pretty damn generous. There’s also a 6ish minute video on there that explains the legacy and impact that Savita Bhabhi has had. Well worth the watch.

If you finish those and are instantly hooked, then you have a few options. There’s a pretty cheap few day membership that’ll run you 5 bucks, you can pay 25 bucks for a recurring monthly membership, or you can go big and slap down 180 for a year or sexy comics. A bit expensive as far as porn memberships go, but at least you’re supporting a great fucking artist.

Sleek, Quality Site Design

The site design is sleek and feels premium. It’s got a black backdrop with a dark blue header and a white center page where all the erotic comics are proudly displayed. The header has options for “Series, Free Episodes, Stay Updated, Support, and Movie.” Yeah, that’s right, this comic is so popular that it got made into a full-length film. Now, that’s damn impressive. The movie doesn’t come free with your membership, so you’ll have to pay up to download it. But, man, if the comics are any indicator then that movie has got to be hot as fuck.

The support and stay updated pages are straightforward. You can get access to their Twitter, a group Telegram chat, and read some FAQs. One thing worth bringing up is that the Indian government has banned this site. It can be impossible to get to it without using some sort of proxy, which this site has a section for. Check it out if you need some tips on getting around that kind of shit.

Over 20 Hot Series to Jerk off to

That just leaves the series page. Aside from the original Savita Bhabhi series, this site has around 20 other nut bustingly sexy comic series for you to jerk your dick to. There are offshoots of Savita where she’s an 18-year-old slut, comics about other hotties getting naughty, and assorted tails of a kinky apartment complex where people are always getting down and dirty. The most popular ones will show up in the drop-down menu, but you can browse all of them by heading over to the complete series page.

Once you see one that looks hot you can click over to a page with every single issue in the series. There you can browse through by upload date/issue number. There will be a short description up top that gives you a basic plot, and there’s also a page for characters where you can read about every character in that series. Each preview gives you the issue number, date uploaded, preview image of the front page, and the title. That’s all you fucking need for these.

Full Arrow Key Support and Download Options Make for Easy Fapping

Click on any of them to get a short summary of the plot, a rating out of 5 stars, and links to every part of the story in that arc. From there you can load the comic up in your browser or download it for later fapping. The browser viewer is actually pretty damn good. You can flip through with your arrow keys while you keep one hand free for jerking it. Small previews run along the bottom that let you skip ahead to just about any page of the comic. And you can expect a solid 20ish pages of sexy content from each of these comics.

Great Mobile Experience!

The same praise can be sung for the mobile site. It kicks ass. You can login, download, and browse all of the comics that you could on your desktop. And the comics are actually readable. I can’t count the number of shitty comic sites that don’t bother formatting shit for mobile. Here you can swipe through pages, easily read the text without zooming in every damn time, and save individual pages or whole comics to your spank bank.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is the huge selection of comics you get access to. There are over 100 comics in the main Savita Bhabi series alone! With the dozen other series, you’re getting a lot of smutty content for your buck. Go out anywhere and try to buy decent full-length comics for the same price as this membership and you’ll be leaving empty-handed. And those comics probably aren’t even sexy. The art style is on point. You can read these comics in multiple languages, and there’s even a full-length film of Savita Bhabhi getting kinky. I also thought the site was organized well. Some comic sites suck ass when it comes to putting together an easy to use site. It’s a breeze to find series, browse individual comics, and flip through the pages on desktop and mobile. The fact that they have arrow key and swipe features brings them to the next fucking level on its own. And, as an honorable mention, being able to preview a dozen free comics before you buy was awesome. More sites should do shit like that.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I would like to see a category or tags page added. The only way to browse is by comic series. There aren’t really any other options. Being able to narrow that down to blowjobs, masturbation, cheating, group sex, and other genres like that would make the user experience even better. I don’t want to have to sift through a dozen comics to find a scene of Savita deepthroating some dick. I also think that the movie should come free with any membership longer than a month. If I’m paying for a year I deserve to see Savita in all her animated glory.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a great site for getting off to quality Indian comics. It’s well put together and has a ton of quality features that’ll keep you coming back for more. The comic is also important as fuck to the current sexual liberation movement going on in India. I’m always down to support something that gives me more babes to fuck, so think of that subscription price as supporting that or something. I don’t know politics man. I just like this hottie. Savita is a hot piece of ass that more people should be fapping to.

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