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Updated on 15 January 2022
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One thing that’s always bothered me about pornography is that they’re largely limited to scenarios that might happen in real life. I mean, sure, you never got laid once when you delivered pizza, and flashing your sister didn’t work out like it does in the movies, but you get the point. I just wish adult movies could indulge some of my more offbeat fantasies. You know, the ones about double-banging fairy MILFs and teens having lesbian BDSM sex with monsters. CrazyXXX3Dworld tries to fill in that gap in erotic entertainment with some of the craziest XXX 3D comics I’ve ever seen.

Believe it or not, has been around since 2000. The entire infrastructure of the world had collapsed due to the Y2K bug, and these perverts seized the opportunity to establish a haven of the most perverted 3D adult comics the world has ever known. Over 4000 visitors a day come to check out the dirty fantasy art, erotic science fiction and exclusive 3D depravity.

Futuristic Porn on the Website of Yesterday

A schoolgirl with her titties out sits on the landing page logo, holding a lollipop and teddy bear. She’s smirking about something, but what? Maybe it’s because she knows you’re a bit of a freak, or maybe it’s because she’s got a secret. The CG style is realistic, opting for believable human proportions and shading rather than offering overinflated anime sluts with purple hair and giant eyes.

The page loads with a broken box at the top. It’s going to look broken for most people. On mine, it says I need to Click to Enable Adobe Flash Player. The thing is, most of the Internet has given up on flash. It’s generally not installed or activated. Adobe has announced that they’re even giving up on flash. It was outdated and insecure a decade ago, and mainly seems to live on within the world of online porn comics and games.

Since I’m The Porn Dude, and reviewing porn sites is what I do, I activated that antiquated plug-in. The banner I’d been missing out on just says WORLD’s LARGEST 3D ADULT COMICS PUBLISHER in animated letters. It could easily have been a GIF and definitely should have been.

The Flash tour of the website makes better use of the pre-MySpace era tech, though there is a WMV version for folks who enjoy modern conveniences. Again, there’s no real reason for this to be Flash. It’s just a video.

A woman with a cute southern accent narrates the preview. She says CrazyXXX3Dworld has gathered the best artists in the genre and currently has over 3000 comic episodes of filthy sexual depravity. The sample panels that flash by back that up.

Holy Shit! This Is Perverted as Fuck!

The very first image in the site trailer is a mermaid with huge boobs, followed by some little dominatrix fairy in a red dress and then some sex androids checking each other’s simulated genitals. It only gets dirtier from there. There are lots of naked pregnant chicks, shackled princess bitches, women with knockers too big to hold up and others with more than the normal human number of jugs.

It’s hard to tell if there is an overarching theme here or if they’re just trying to do everything they can think of that’s too dirty or impossible for normal porn sites. There is a living dildo worming out of a broad’s twat, a young man with an elephant dick dragging on the ground, and lots of aliens banging humans. The last couple minutes of the trailer actually show the extraterrestrial action in 3D CGI video.

It’s certainly not for everyone. Some of you prudes are going to run screaming back to the free tubes, looking for that same old vanilla shit like unlubricated fist fucks and first-time ass-to-mouth during a gang bang. The genuine pervs are going to click the JOIN button with sticky fingers.

Access to CrazyXXX3Dworld starts at about 40 USD per month. That’s more than a typical adult paysite, but it includes access to six other sites in their network. They claim they are the “largest Adult Entertainment sites online”, but everyone has some unverifiable claim like that. Prices do drop considerably if you shoot for a 60, 90, or 180-day membership.

Mystic Cameltoes and Big Penis Aliens

There’s a pretty extensive free area linked on the front page for all the cheapskate library masturbators, but I’m ready to see the premium offerings. I got signed up, logged in and headed to the main members’ area of CrazyXXX3Dworld. Apparently, the kind of nerds who spend hours creating and posing 3D models in filthy sexual positions are not the same nerds you want marking up your HTML. The overall layout looks like some of mid 90s GeoCities shit, not even the year 2000 vintage they’re claiming. Ugly.

I’m more than a little disappointed to see a very irregular update schedule. A comic called Echo Episode 16 is coming out in a few days, but I won’t be able to read the 40 pages or view the eight-minute video until then. The most recent comic was Echo Episode 15, which was uploaded more than a month ago. Sometimes a week goes by before something new, sometimes two weeks, but there are month-long waits too often for comfort with a $40 membership.

Then again, I can see why fans are willing to wait. I’m sure it takes more time for some basement-dwelling geek to put together a comic than it takes to shoot an actual basement fuck scene. The Echo series is a sprawling sci-fi epic tagged with such categories as Anal, Big Penis, Old/Young, Lesbian, Strap-on and so much more. The tags actually change with each issue, as the author clearly wants to keep the mystic cameltoes and interracial alien hardcore fresh.

Another issue that seems related to this outdated layout is the lack of really useful category tags. The World of Neverquest series on CrazyXXX3Dworld is a fantasy/horror sex saga tagged with Demon, Double, Fetish, Big Tits, Cream Pie and BDSM, but you can’t click any of those categories to find similar material in the collection. As far as I can tell, the site doesn’t even have a Categories or Tags page. These are standard website features in 2019, whether you’re peddling smut or G-rated cartoons.

Sex Robots Fucking Lactating Teens in 3D

The Movies section of CrazyXXX3Dworld is listed oldest first, starting with a 2008 clip about a woman having sex with robots. They pick her up and stick robotic tentacles in her cooter, and the whole thing ends abruptly a minute later with nobody getting off. The most recent 3D animation, a redhaired teen sucking off an old dude for 45 seconds, was added in 2012. I have a feeling they’ve given up on the Movies area here.

The Comics are another story. You can read them in HTML or Flash format, but either way it’s just a basic gallery view. It certainly gets the job done. Click a lactating teen for a bigger version of milk leaking out of her nipples. Most comics also have a video version which is just each frame of the comic pasted into a MP4.

The meat of the site is obviously the comics, which is why it’s such a damn shame they’re so hard to browse. If you don’t know which exclusive series has all of your kinks and fetishes, it’s damn near impossible to know where to start. All you can really do is scroll down the list and hope a tiny thumbnail, blurb fragment or category list for a comic episode catches the attention of your erection.

CrazyXXX3Dworld seems to thrive on the fact that it’s a niche porn site. Most paysites could not get away with the decades-old layouts, the stale content and long wait between updates, or the near-total lack of organization. This ain’t most paysites, though; they offer a style and brand of 3D erotic entertainment that you just aren’t going to find anywhere else. This site doesn’t have any direct competition at all.

It’s a pricey membership, but it will certainly be worth it to a very specific demographic of wankers who like CG adult comics with extreme content. The best way to find out if you’re among those chosen few is to browse CrazyXXX3Dworld’s free section before you sign up.

ThePornDude likes CrazyXXX3Dworld's

  • Huge collection of 3D adult comics
  • Ludicrously perverted
  • Extensive free section

ThePornDude hates CrazyXXX3Dworld's

  • Ugly layout and outdated flash
  • Irregular comic updates
  • Dead movies section
  • Poor organization