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Updated on 15 January 2022
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User Rating: has the perfect sex product, and that product is hyperrealistic sex dolls! For real man, you get to stick it in plastic that feels so damn good! Oh boy! Dolls look like real people, and the best part is that they always consent to have sex with you, so you don’t ever have to put up with “It’s my migraine” or “I’m tired” bullshit excuses. There are a bunch of RealDoll types of sex dolls, and you’ll easily find any kind of body type that you like so, besides the realistic look the customization is probably one of the biggest advantages that Real Doll has over the competition.

Like, for example, Olivia 2.0 has a somewhat of a normal body for a teenage girl, except that she has her tits a bit bigger than the average girl, but if you take a look at the other girls, you’ll notice that there are different body types available. For example, Aimee 3.0 has a cute petite body that was made just for you, but if she isn’t what you’re looking for, there are other girls there waiting for you, just like Sai 1.0 or even Natalie 1.0 and so on. Sounds so sexy, doesn’t it?

However, there’s something in it for the girls as well. You’ll also be able to find the “RealCock 2 DTF”, and it’s actually quite well made, unlike most of the dildos you get to see on the internet, like the infamous Bad Dragon type of dildos. Don’t ask me how I know all of this. This one seems quite easy to use, elegant, and it looks very realistic, but it’s also quite big. Ladies, get a grip on yourselves! These can also easily be attached to a harness, so if you’re in for some pegging or strap-on action with your girlfriend, then you’ll definitively have kinky sex with this toy. It comes with a price of around $499, though. Damn!

However, seeing that the design of the page looks very high-budget and that every little detail on the page has a lot of good stuff going on for it, we can easily assume that people are buying these things somewhat often since these people definitively are getting some coin. I mean, you just know all this stuff is legit, and actually the company behind has quite a reputation behind them, and they’ve managed to get a lot of attention real quick, and they’ve been mentioned in The New York Times, on the Discovery Channel, the Rolling Stone magazine and the Howard Stern show, so since they’ve got Howard’s ear, they should have yours too.

However, let’s go a bit deeper and check out one of these dolls “face to face.” Seeing as Quinn 1.0 is the recommended doll for me today, we’ll inspect her and talk about the most important things when it comes to purchasing these dolls. However, the first thing you need to know before we go into detail is the fact that these gals do not come in cheap. Not at all. In fact, for example, the girl we’re looking at right now, Quinn costs around 7.7k dollars, and that’s not a small price to pay at all. However, the hyperrealism makes it all worth it. Furthermore, some of these dolls will be dolls of actual people, by the way, and they do actually look very much like the people they are supposed to pretend to be. For example, there are two very realistic dolls available, and they are dolls of Asa Akira and Stormy Daniels, two very famous girls we all know and love.

Now, one thing that will poke your eye out while you are working on finding the best doll for yourself is the text that says “preconfigured price”. These gals can actually be customized a lot, and you can start with her physical measurements. There are 16 body types for you to chose from, and that’s actually amazing. Furthermore, if we go into detail, even more, we can fool around with the eye detail and the color of the eyes of these girls. So, you get to chose between any natural eye color, so we’re talking about blue, brown, hazel or green, which are basic eye colors, if you want them to be more realistic you’ll pay up a bit more, and if you want the eyes hand painted that’s going to cost you even more. Imagine hand-painting your girl’s eyes, that doesn’t sound weird not one bit.

Honestly, if you’ve got money to spend and you’re lonely, or you just want a thing to practice your sex skills on, there’s no better thing to do other than buying yourself one of the dolls on, They’re cute, and they’re sexy, and above all, they’re obedient types of bitches. If I was a lonely freak I’d definitely buy some of these plastic marvels that look like hot girls. Thank god I’m not since I just don’t have that kind of dough.

ThePornDude likes Real Doll's

  • Amazing sex dolls
  • There are a lot of ways to customize your doll
  • The page looks gorgeous

ThePornDude hates Real Doll's

  • Dolls are not real women!
  • Some of the prices are sky-high
  • There are some tiny flaws, but they're not worth mentioning