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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I tell you what, the first time I heard the name of this site, I was left thinking what a missed opportunity with the choice of name. I mean, they could have gone with Portlandia, the famous comedy starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein! I was thinking Pornlandia would have been the obvious correction. That was before I set foot on, where everything started to make sense. No wonder these fucks missed the clear pun. I’m thinking Porno Landia means something like porn land which would be a fitting meaning for a site that focuses on bringing you a heap of free sex videos, mostly amateur and homemade, featuring Latina sluts with big, round, jelly asses showing the world how good their mouths and wet pussies are when they wrap those lips around a hard dong. As a side note, think of what you would do inside a porn influenced theme park called Porn Land. I’d personally ride a roller-coaster straight into Mia Khalifa’s pussy!

Anyway, Porno Landia is not all about playing with words or porn-themed amusement parks. The only play taking place here is you playing with your cock as this site is, in fact, a Brazilian porn tube stacking the best of Latina whores in action showing off the Latina fuck skills they are so famous for. All this for the amazing price of free. Are you interested in seeing gorgeous and curvy Latina babes being rammed hard? Stick around and let your boy tell you all about it.

‘Mind your language’

Porno Landia is a Brazilian site, and therefore everything is in Portuguese. Now, unless you are a fluent speaker of the language, the first thing you’ll do once you land on this site is to prompt your browser to translate the language for you. Sex is a universal language, and you don’t awfully need to hear what two adults fucking each other are saying, but a foreign language makes navigating the site a fucking bitch and a half. Luckily, you can use the flag selection tool at the top of the page to switch between Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English. Four languages on one site dedicated to Latina porn. Hmm, I can work with that.

The typical porn tube outlook

In terms of outlook, Porno Landia looks just like a random porn tube. Nothing too imaginative or extraordinary, just the kind of layout you’d expect of a porn tube. The default view is recent uploads where you can scroll down and enjoy the bevy of big booty Latina whores that look like they were born with a dick in their fucking mouths. While there are a few professional flicks thrown into the mix, the majority seems amateur and if that’s what gets you hard, congratulations on finding yourself a goldmine. It will also become clear pretty quickly that most of the videos are Brazilian or Latin American productions. Not saying you won’t come across the occasional American/ English speaking vids, but they are the exception as the focus here is on the caramel-skinned mamacitas.

The videos come in the form of thumbnails, which allow you to watch a short preview. You will also know the video’s length, rating, and the number of views. Common sense dictates that the more the number of views and a higher rating, the better the video. But you can suit your damn self. At the top of the page is a search feature that allows you to browse through videos, pictures, and users. Sorting can be done via the categories and a few more basic filters. Generally, the site is easy to browse, and finding content is a walk in the park.

Latina porn with a twist

I don’t know about you, but many of the American sites I have visited sort of recycle the same videos they may as well merge into one giant site. At Porno Landia, thing are done slightly differently. There is a way of filming and showcasing these scenes that’s so fucking refreshing. You won’t find any of the normal ‘Latina teen gets gangbanged by a football team,’ or the predictable ‘hot stepsister seduces brother’ that you get served within your typical porn tubes. Here you can expect shit like “Gorgeous busty blonde undresses and then wears black Diabolik tights and gets fucked.” Hold on a minute, what the fuck is a Diabolik? Apparently, it’s a spandex suit covering a woman from head to toe but with an opening around the pussy. Not something that casually appears in the European porn tubes, don’t you agree?

Porno Landia excels in bringing you vids that you’d struggle to find elsewhere, mainly because they are amateur and user uploaded. Looks like the kind of shit you’d find on Snapchat only that Snapchat vids expire on the app. Without the heroes who upload these flicks, they’d probably be confined to the pornographic either. If you are the twisted voyeur that likes to know what horny people do behind the curtains, this is the place for you.

The videos stream pretty well, although there is nothing too special about the video player. Apart from a play/pause option, timeline slider, volume control, and full-screen feature, there is not too much to write home about. If only they had a download option. You may click on the uploader where you will be sent to his profile. With a little luck, you will find freaks with plenty of vids and photos and subscribe to their channels. Feeling friendly? Send them a message. If you are in your asshole mode, be free to block the motherfucker and miss out on the pussies they are sharing and be left to curse yourself.

Categorically speaking

The categories’ names remain untranslated even after picking your language of choice, and you will require some guesswork to get around. However, some of them don’t change at all, for instance, anal. Additionally, you only need to see the girl flashing her thick booty in public to know the meaning of Em Publico. You can also look forward to gangbangs, lesbians, cumshots, threesomes, and more from the categories tab. Sadly, there are no fetish, or BDSM categories and lovers of these niches will have to settle for vanilla kinda shit.

The ads might fuck you up

The video ads before you play a clip might mess up your experience. You better not watch the video while you are in the middle of something. They tend to feature sex and sexy ladies, so they are not exactly boner killers, but they are so relentless it’s fucking exhausting. You might be tempted to leave the damn site. The fact that they appear on each and every video you click means they may ruin your casual masturbatory browsing and the only way this works is if you are the kind to quickly jerk off to the first video you find.

The desirable features at Porno Landia

Authentic, amateur Latina videos; the number of videos is not exactly overwhelming, but when the collection features real amateur Latinas getting down and dirty, that will be the least of your worries.

A heap of amateur XXX pics; besides the solid collection of videos, Porno Landia also features over 10,580 photo galleries with hot Latina whores showing off their sumptuous bodies to prove they are the fucking goddesses to silence the doubters.

Easy to use; the sites offers a straightforward approach to porn, and anyone can easily access different parts of the site with minimal effort thanks to the site’s easy to use outlook.

The ugly

Loads of ads; prepare to be bombarded with ads each time you attempt to play a video. Whether that makes you hate the site is entirely upon you. I simply lay the facts bare.

Sloppy translation; the site doesn’t completely translate, and even after picking the English language, you’ll still come across texts in Portuguese.

What I think should be done

Add a download feature dammit. Is it that hard to figure out? Many of my readers are not just satisfied with streaming content; they want to stash it for future fap sessions. Also, I know the site is free but can y’all go slow on the ads for fuck’s sake?

Final thoughts

APorno Landia is a decent place to find free porn featuring amateur Latin and South American babes. Few other sites stack such a wide and varied collection of amateur Latina whores getting fucked. If they fix the problem with ads and translations and a few other flaws, there is enough hot smut here to keep you interested. If amateur Latinas don’t cut it for you, look for another site because I don’t see you sitting through the barrage of fucking ads in the video player.

ThePornDude likes Pornolandia's

  • Authentic, amateur Latina videos
  • A heap of amateur XXX galleries
  • Easy to use

ThePornDude hates Pornolandia's

  • Loads of ads
  • Sloppy translation