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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Nao Conto
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Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like some good ol’ fashioned amateur porno. Don’t get me wrong, I like the professional, high budget, studio stuff just as much as the next guy. I can watch plastic Barbie bimbos get anally blasted all day long. But sometimes you need something more real, something a little more authentic. It’s good to take a break every now and then, mix it up a bit. No matter how hot it may be, there are only so many times you can see Sasha Grey (or some bimbo that looks like her) getting fucked in the ass by a bbc before it gets old.

I fucking love homemade pics and videos, though. I never seem to grow tired of seeing what, had someone not leaked it to the internet, would otherwise be private moments of smoking hot chicks who you could actually possibly encounter in the real world. I mean, come on, tell me it’s not the least bit exciting to click through amateur porn sites, knowing that you could eventually come across some nude pics of that sexy little barista you see twice a week at Starbucks, or a video of your that impossibly hot next door neighbor girl who just turned 18 blowing some frat bro while she’s away at college.

Believe it or not, I have seen a girl I knew on an amateur porn site before. This hot little thing I went to high school with (don’t worry, we were both four or five years out of high school when her nudes hit the web). I always wanted to fuck her, too. Shit, the whole school did. She was a cheerleader (need I say more?), of course, she ended up doing amateur unpaid porn on the internet. It makes total sense. Finding these pics, though, was a fucking personal gold mine.

And this was only even remotely possible because of all the great homemade and user-uploaded amateur porn sites that exist out there. Try finding a chick you know in a Brazzers video. I mean, obviously, it is not impossible. Obviously, there are dudes out there who knew these porn stars before they were porn stars. But it is far less likely.

There are even sites out there dedicated to user-uploaded homemade porn pics and vids that are region (or at least language) specific. This means that your chances of potentially seeing a girl you know are substantially increased! And if you don’t see a girl you know on one of these sites, you can at least see a girl who looks like a girl you know. And that’s almost just as good. Just sit back and let the imagination take over from there. Next thing you know, you’re cumming on your 4th-grade math teacher’s tits! Just like you’ve always wanted to.

I Speak Porn-tuguese

For Portuguese speakers, there is a site out there that specializes in nothing but user-uploaded amateur porn pics and vids from fellow Portuguese speakers. And the best part is, it’s absolutely free! You’ll have to put up with a few ads in the margins of the site’s pages, but that’s to be expected with any porn site, really, even (more often than I’d like to admit) the paid ones. I guess at the end of the day, nothing is really free. But, still, it’s a small price to pay for a huge archive of leaked and user-uploaded pics and videos of sexy amateur girls.

The site I am talking about is called Nao Conto. This enormous hub of amateur pics and vids may not immediately look like what you expect a porn site to look like. That is to say, it does not resemble a free porn hub or any of the premium pay porn sites that you have seen. It more closely resembles a news or blog site, with each photo and video set appearing as a new entry, a new post.

Streamlined and Effective Site Design

At the top of the page, you’ll find the site’s banner, which features a sexy blonde girl, lying on her stomach and exposing her beautiful butt cheeks for the camera; she’s looking off as if she’s unaware of what’s going on, but you can just tell she’s a dirty little slut by the look in her eyes. The banner actually appears to change on every page you click into, alternating between humorous (SpongeBob and Squidward with dropped jaws situated next to a beautiful bubble butt, for example) and sexy. Below the banner, you’ll find a handy site navigation menu.

Here, you will be able to browse the site by the following options: Home, Categories (dropdown: Amadora, White, Fell on the Net [leaks], Celebrity, School, Curiosity, Dancing, Scandal, Facebook, Famous, Busted, Funkeiras, Delicious, Image, Links, Magazines, Bastard, Videos), Advertise (in case you want your business to be one of those annoying ads that everyone hates to see on porn sites!), Contact, Send Photos, Partnership, and Ranking (links to the top-visited porn sites).

I like this site menu bar because there is nothing out of place or gratuitous. Maybe we could do without the Partnership or Ranking tabs … those, I suppose, could be saved for the bottom of the home page, but I’m not losing any sleep over it – the people of Nao Conto are all about that paper, and I can’t blame them.

Saying “No” to Pedophiles and Other Sick Fucks

Another thing that I really respect about Nao Conto is the firm stance that they take against pedophilia and abuse. Embedded in the site’s banner on every page is a link calling on users to report any illegal, immoral, or abusive pornography that they may come across on the site. This is extremely respectable for a primarily user-uploaded porn site to do. As I’m sure you can imagine, by making it possible for any fucker who happens upon this site to upload anything they want, an inappropriate image is bound to make its way through the buffers.

There are a lot of sick and twisted motherfuckers out there, believe me. It is great to see this call to action, though, that Nao Conto is explicitly asking its users to be vigilant in reporting or flagging anything that might be illegal or harmful. More sites should become similarly vigilant about this. They score big points in my book for this alone. Plus, they provide plenty of places to report images. In addition to this announcement in the banner, you can also find “remove content” and “report it” in a secondary site menu bar at the very top of the page, and an option to flag any post as you click through the site. Good on ya, Nao Conto.

Another thing that I really dig about this site is the fact that every post comes with an ample amount of backstory to the collections of images and/or videos that accompany them. These descriptions do a lot of work to contextualize the content. Which is not only great for helping you get wrapped up in the scene or photo collection in question, it also works to add to that blog or news-oriented vibe that the whole site kind of has going for it.

Plus, underneath each post, you’ll find a comprehensive list of tags to go along with it. This makes browsing the site by category or particular interest even easier. You don’t need to necessarily click into the Categories section to do so, just feel free to browse by post and transition to browsing by category with nothing more than the click of your mouse. Similarly, ease of navigation is also promoted in the fact that each post comes with a list of about 12 related posts for you to check out. The related posts, too, seem actually related to the original post (which is surprisingly rare in porn sites, believe it or not), so accurate surfing of the entire site becomes even easier!

Could Use a Couple More Features, But…

As far as additional features are concerned, there is no rating system in place (which is kind of a bummer), but you can leave comments, so there was at least some attempt made at offering community features. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t appear as if they get a lot of use (the comments). So, one thing that I would like to see more of on Nao Conto would be some additional community or interactive features. Maybe the ability to create a profile or chat with fellow users directly. These sorts of features never hurt a porn site, in my opinion.

All in all, Nao Conto is a responsible and well-designed amateur porn pic and video site. Everything is user-uploaded, so you are guaranteed to see only authentic homemade content, and they are vigilant with policing what gets posted, so nobody is getting hurt in the process. The ads are slightly annoying, and the site could use some more extra features. But, all in all, Nao Conto is doing their thing, and they’re doing it well.

ThePornDude likes Nao Conto's

  • Large collection of amateur pics and vids
  • Solid streamlined site design for easy browsing
  • Vigilant about reporting illegal content

ThePornDude hates Nao Conto's

  • Ads
  • Lack of extra features