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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Never in my entire life did I imagine that I’d ever see the Mario Brothers fuck the princess and do it in a couch threesome. Then, when I saw Bowser turtle fuck her pussy, I was floored. Never did I think I’d see such childhood innocence destroying images. Never. But, I must admit, there was a part of me that wanted to see it, but it was buried deep in my already porn-saturated subconscious that I just never thought about it…until now. PorCore.com is a porn site that has all kinds of animated and drawn porn videos. Cartoons that turn into porn and animations that are already borderline porn become porn. So, to simplify it even more, if you wanted to see Louis from Family Guy fuck Peter, or Marge Simpson get boned by lard ass Homer, this is the place where you would find such porn videos. Hooray!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The way they make these videos is that they take a brief scene from your favorite cartoon and then the rest of the sex video is custom drawn. I checked out this one video with Lelu from Futurama where she is fucking the Asian chick. The scenes were repeating but I got the feeling as if it was a whole 6-minute sex scene but I had to turn my volume down since the voices were dubbed so this is where you pick up what the deal is. Still, I liked it. It was cool. The videos streamed fine and you had the option to rewind 10 seconds back, which is a neat option.

There was the option to switch the quality of the video that I was watching which was cool but the thing is, with animations, there was no need to bump it up or lower it down since the quality is great as it is. It is animation after all, so I don’t know if you are actually supposed to want to see all the details and nuances. A clay monster fucking a purple hair babe is what it is, a clay monster fucking a purple hair babe. No nuance to it. It is animated and it is cool. Stay with it, no need to cross the line that far. Just a suggestion from a friendly dude.

There are options to select the top videos and the most viewed. I liked the Random selection where there were all kinds of categories flying around such as werewolves, robots, no sound and so on. Harley Quinn was the one I had to see and there were 6 videos with this character. I absolutely adore Harley and her wicked ways and now that I could see her fuck, well, I must admit, even I crossed the line a little bit.

As I was scrolling down the homepage to see where the videos end, I realized that this is a neverending well. I was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and there was never the end point of the homepage which was cool I guess but I gave up at one point at my quest to bring this adventure to a close. Also, there was this pop-up. It was an animated one of Harley Quinn sucking off the Joker, another one of a naked babe getting fucked by an octopus and of Harley again swinging her bat naked. It was cool at first because it is an original pop up promoting a game site but after a while, it got annoying since it was covering the bottom part of the homepage where the videos are, so that got me twisted a bit. I took a break, punched my punching bag to calm down a bit and got right back to the task at hand.

There were a few options that I could click, that got me redirected to other sites. They were Porn Games, Adult Games, and Hardcore games. They all are a redirection to porn game sites which was delivered poorly since I felt duped thinking that this is going to be a legit part of the site. It wasn’t. The good thing about it was that it made sense that Por Core would promote porn games since everything was in animation already.

The choices of the porn videos are all animation and cartoons. Videos themselves even have a description of what the video is about. This is the thing. Personally, I don’t give a shit about animated porn. To me, it gets boring after a few moments. It has that novelty effect and it’s cool to see as a goof or whatever but to jerk off to it is just weird. I’m not judging I’m just telling you that these sites should be used for fun and for the “fucking around” effect, not for the real deal. But I guess we are all different. To me, PorCore.com delivered a legit product, the site is easy to use, all elements were covered that needed to be there and it’s a solid site. If you are a fan of this niche, you will love it for sure.

ThePornDude likes PorCore's

  • The number of videos
  • No need to switch the picture quality

ThePornDude hates PorCore's

  • The animated pop-up
  • The videos themselves are a mashup