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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Welcome to NaughtyMachinima, a porn site completely dedicated to original and Rule 34 porn using real-time 3D engines.

Machinima is computer film making at its finest, where 3D models are used to film all kinds of movies and short term animations. I’m sure many of you can remember Red vs. Blue from Halo which really exploded this media.

Well now machinima is being used for porn, and man is it beautiful. High-quality 3D bitches are made to kiss and fuck in all kinds of situations.

One of the best parts of machinima is you can introduce all kinds of creatures and situations into 3D that you can’t in real life. This means a lot of monsters, beasts, and all kinds of other non-humans fucking and sucking their way through these bitches.

It also means a whole lot of rape.

NaughtyMachinima is all about that Rule 34. The Incredibles, Tomb Raider, even The Sims are expertly filmed getting their freak on.

NaughtyMachinima is made by the community for the community. it really serves as a server for users to upload all their own videos. This is tough for Machinima since the file sizes can get pretty big, but NaughtyMachinima makes sure to have plenty of server space for all your porno.

Dickgirls, BDSM, masturbation, or just old school fucking can all be found here. You can also browse by popularity, ratings, and more to quickly find that good shit.

NaughtyMachinima has a huge photo gallery in addition to the videos. The photos have some cartoon porn as well, and there are also albums that tell a story through screenshots. These are a great balance between the videos and the pics, since the videos can get kind of repetitive and the pics don’t tell a story.

One of the great things about NaughtyMachinima is how active the admins are. They share updates tweaking the site and listening to community feedback. This helps make NaughtyMachinima one of the leaders in its market.

No bullshit, just tits and ass

NaughtyMachinima has a pretty bare bones layout that hits all the major points, leaving all the bandwidth for the videos themselves.

When you first enter, you’ll get a nice little welcome message followed by a gallery of what people are watching as well as the latest updates.

Machinima porn is really developing fast, so it’s worth checking out the latest videos. Chances are, if you watch the videos going back a few years the quality will be a lot worse.

You’ll get some basic info like video title, length, and rating. I wish they included what Rule 34 series the video is from, but no such luck. You should identify your favorite characters anyway.

The main links on NaughtyMachinima include videos, pictures, community, and categories. There’s also a search bar that lets you search between videos, pictures, and even users.

Speaking of users, NaughtyMachinima works hard to develop a community. The community section will show you a ranking of the top users who contributed the most to the site. It also highlights female users, in case you want to be a freaky stalker and shit. Most of them are probably men anyways.

Click on a video and you’ll be sent to the video player. Can you believe it, no ads to sit through to watch the movie. Incredible.

You’ll also get a YouTube-style rating bar, and most these videos have enough votes that you’ll get a good idea of the quality. Almost all the videos are good here, so just whip that dick out and be ready.

You’ll also see a list of tags that are conveniently linked so you can quickly search the tags. There’s also social media share links and a comments section at the bottom with the typical porn comment bullshit.

A lot of these videos come from small studios or Patreon users trying to make a buck. These are usually linked by the video as well, so if you find some shit that makes you nut super hard, go check them out and consider even supporting them. God knows you’re getting real bang for your buck.

All the videos and pictures are downloadable. Just right-click on it, or click the options button on the bottom right of the video player. No hassle downloading is always a plus.

For the picture galleries, one feature to note is the slideshow function. For albums, you can put it into slideshow mode so the pics cycle while you can focus on jacking off. Perfect for the picture stories that are common here.

Overall, NaughtyMachinima has a simple layout that has all the important basics and a real focus on the porn. You won’t find many bells and whistles, but who needs that shit when you have high-quality 3D pussy.

All kinds of genres in glorious 3D

There is a lot more here than just the Machinima porn videos. You’ll also find some hentai videos and pictures here and there, especially when it comes to the Rule 34 porn.

There is a ton of Second Life and Sims content as well. Never knew what the big deal is about Second Life, but goddamn they have some dedicated video makers.

Other types of porn include first person POV, gay/lesbian, tentacles and robots, and BDSM. Lots of bases covered.

What I Like

NaughtyMachinima has a lot going for it, and it may even be too generous to its users.

First, the lack of ads is insane. There are a lot of banner ads and whatnot, but for a site that hosts this many videos, I’m impressed that there’s no popups or video ads. Hopefully, NaughtyMachinima can keep this up, although I can’t figure out how.

The selection is one of the best you’ll find on the internet. Thousands of high-quality machinima will please that little prick of yours, and the amount of Rule 34 here will last a lifetime. Characters I don’t even remember from my favorite videogames and shows are getting rawdogged all over the place.

I think the picture stories are underrated. Machinima videos can get repetitive when most of the video is just a repetitive animation looped over and over. Picture stories force the author to really frame and pace the story out, making it a much smoother fapping experience sometimes. Maybe I’m just old school.

Finally, the admins are active and regularly upgrade the servers to pack in even more new porno. They recently upgraded servers as of this writing, and are looking to find a way to offer premium membership that removes all ads.

Oh, and by the way, there’s like thirty languages supported, although it doesn’t seem to change much other than translating menu links.

What I Hate

NaughtyMachinima is overall a great site, but it doesn’t make it easy to browse their Rule 34.

While all the porn is well organized in terms of niche, there’s no good list of series to browse through. Even worse, the galleries don’t explicitly show what series the video is based on, so unless you recognize the character in the thumbnail or its name in the title, you’re fucked.

There’s also some weird spam uploads that clutter the site up. In the picture section, I saw some uploads that are just text, or some random logo, with no ass or titties in sight. It looks like the uploads aren’t well monitored, leading to some real bullshit content that’ll waste your time.

Another example of this is the hentai content you’ll find mixed in. I personally don’t mind, but those looking solely for Machinima 3D porn might get annoyed.

Great picture gallery and underrated animations

Overall NaughtyMachinima is a great porn site that stands toe to toe with not just machinima, but any porn site.

There are thousands of videos and pictures, great stream quality, and loads of new content added weekly.

The Rule 34 is well featured here, whether it’s bitches from comics, videogames, or shows. Most of these videos are by serious artists working with studios or having Patreons.

The quality of machinima porn has really stepped up these past few years. I guess if you’re practicing 3D modeling, you might as well do it with pussy to make things more interesting. Do what you fuck is a better proposition than do what you love.

Games like the Sims and Second Life also make it easy for any amateur to create awesome porn videos. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how sex mods can turn Skyrim into a degenerate’s paradise.

With no bullshit ads, NaughtyMachinima is certainly worth checking out. Good stream and download speeds and 100% free content will whet any appetite for Machinima porn.

ThePornDude likes Naughty Machinima's

  • No hassle video streaming
  • Dedicated user base uploads hundreds of videos a day

ThePornDude hates Naughty Machinima's

  • Layout is a little simple and inefficient
  • Uploaded content doesn’t seem properly reviewed