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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Man, decision fatigue. Ever hear of that shit? It’s a newer term popping up lately saying that too many decisions every day wears a person down. At first, I thought it sounded like just some more pussy, snowflake bullshit term, but it got me thinking. I hate having to decide between my favorite porns sites every time I jerk off. It’s like having a lineup of 10/10 bitches in front of you and only being able to pick one.

Sometimes I want a little of everything from all the sites I like. A smorgasbord of sluts so to speak. A dash of anal here, a pinch of BDSM there, and a heaping spoonful of sweet, sweet lesbians. Yeah, you can go to any porn tube for that sort of content, but why the fuck would you settle for just one? Break free from the monotony of going to the same old shitty porn site.

Lobstertube.com is a porn video aggregator. For all of you fucks out there who can’t be bothered to look that up, it means that this site doesn’t host videos themselves. Instead, they link out videos from dozens of awesome porn sites. This makes it so you have a fuck ton of content to browse all in one place. It may sound like a scam or some shit, but stick with me here and let me tell you why you’re wrong. First off, this site brings in right around 12 million site views every month. If that’s not a good indicator, then I don’t know what is. Plus, these porn gurus started way back in 2009. That’s a solid decade of experience in collecting quality porn.

The site theme lives up to its name. It’s redder than a submissive slut’s ass after a good spanking. But that’s definitely appropriate for a site called Lobstertube.com. The homepage here is different from the usual formula of having new videos, banners, and the whole nine yards. They don’t need that here, because they don’t produce their own content. Instead, you’re taken right to the category page.

Hundreds of Categories Full of Sexy Fetish Content

There are over 100 kinky categories to choose from on this page alone. You won’t get any overly extreme content since most of these videos come from bigger name porn tubes, but that doesn’t mean they are lacking in variety. ZTo name a few, there are options for “Lesbian, Amateur, Creampie, Hentai, Femdom, and Bondage.” The categories on this page are just the ones with sexy preview images though. A bar runs down the left side of the page with an even more extensive list of hot categories to choose from.

Most of the homepage is taken up by those two options, but there are a few more important features. You’ve got a search bar up top that lets you manually filter through their catalog of nearly 40 million videos. A checkbox next to it lets you organize the content on the entire site by straight, gay, or shemale. Above the long ass category list are options for popular, new, and highest rated videos. You can also view all of the other sites in their network and check those out if 40 million isn’t quite enough for you.

Lobstertube.com is Completely Ad Free!

Before we get into the content and how all of that works, I have got to give Lobstertube.com some props for not fucking me up with ads. These sites are usually fucking landmines full of malware, pop-ups, and all of that awful bullshit. I didn’t get a single ad here. Not one. I mean, unless you count the fact that all of these previews are ads for content on other sites. But I don’t mind that. That’s the damn purpose of the site. It’d be like getting mad at a sorority whore for sucking dick. It’s simply what they do. It’s in their nature.

Despite all of the content being on different sites, Lobstertube does a hell of a good job at making some decent previews. You get an image from the video, a title, a rating, when it was uploaded, how long the video is, and what site the video comes from. Some of the sites they link to can’t even be bothered to post that shit about their own content. I dig the fact that they tell you where you’re going to be linked to for the video.

None of the sites here are shady or sketchy. You’ll probably know most of them by name, but it’s still nice knowing that you’re not about to get bait and switched. Hey, if you’re unsure about the quality or trustworthiness of any of the sites you’re getting linked to, then just search through my site for reviews. Odds are that your boy here has something to say about it.

Quality of Video and Streams Will Vary

This isn’t the kind of site where I can make some general statements about video and streaming quality, so I’ll just give you my personal experience. I found that most of the sites had decent video quality. At least 720p, especially if you go through and pick a category that has HD in the title. Most of the videos there will fit the bill. The streaming speed was pretty good for the most part. Some sites had a few issues playing, but most were steady. You’ll also get varying ad experiences on these other sites. None of them should be malicious or anything, but do expect pop-ups, pre-rolls, and redirects to come up every now and then.

The mobile version of the site is spot on. Formatted perfectly for mobile. No weird design choices and no bullshit. You can browse the entirety of their catalog on mobile without having to sacrifice usability. Still no ads for mobile users, which is nice. But don’t expect to have a quality mobile experience on every single one of the other sites linked here. Some are awesome while others really tend to suck. It’s one of those sites that will vary a fair bit between users. It’s kind of like shoving your dick into one of those bathroom gloryholes. Sure, sometimes you’ll get some cock hungry babe on the other end who will blow your mind. Other times, well, l think you can see where I’m going with this.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Lobstertube.com is that you can browse content from dozens of sites all in one easy to use place. Why even bother going to those other sites when you could just use Lobstertube? Seriously, this site is awesome. There aren’t any ads. It’s incredibly well organized. And the site design is on point. It makes it so much easier than having all of these sites open separately. And, with 40 million video links, you’ll be impressed by the wide array of content they have to offer. On a less serious note, I like the lobster theme. It’s fucking fun. It’s red, it’s weird, but it makes for a site you won’t soon forget.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

Despite how much I enjoyed the site, I think they could and certainly should make a few improvements. As I said, I like the red theme. But it feels dated. The lobster needs an update. It’s got this early 2000’s feel going on, which may seem fine, but you look back on some of your old favorite pornstars and tell me how they’re holding up. I like that there is a rating system, but I don’t know how the fuck it works. Users can’t vote on it. I don’t know where they’re pulling that number from exactly, but having a user thumb up or down button would be great. I’m not sure how feasible it would be to include, but a tag for what video quality the linked video is available in would be a great touch.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lobstertube.com does what it sets out to do, and it does it really fucking well. The site has 40 million videos to choose from. That alone should sell you on this damn site. But they keep the good shit coming. No ads, easy browsing, plenty of search options and categories, a solid mobile site, and detailed previews make for a fantastic user experience. If you’re looking to browse a fuck ton of porn all in one place, then there’s no better place to do that than Lobstertube.com.

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