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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Reddit HomemadeXXX aka r/HomemadeXXX! Pornography is abundant everywhere on the World Wide Net and is enjoyed by millions of people every day. I can’t begin to explain to you just how many porn websites I’ve visited, and my own website is a testament to that. But even though pretty much everyone loves pornography, we as humans will always need to copulate and make babies for the future in real life – it’s in our very biological code. You’re always going to want to bend that female co-ed of yours over the table, rip her panties off and bang her away until you both scream to your genitals’ desires, which is why real sex can never be compared to pornography.

You might not even be feeling particularly horny or confident at the moment, but if a decent-looking girl walked up to you and started grinding her ass on your lap, you wouldn’t say no, would you? And real sex is different from porn too, it doesn’t look like it, and it also smells too, because women’s butts also emanate a smell, believe it or not. And it’s also nowhere near as attractive as professionally-made porn is, especially to people who haven’t experienced it, like incels who play video games and waste away all day in their mom’s basement. But even though real sex is incomparable to porn, it can be enjoyed as a form of pornography too, especially on Reddit’s “HomemadeXXX” subreddit.

This little corner of Reddit houses just under 93 thousand members who are big-time fans of authentic homemade pornography. These people have likely had sex before, which is why they love this homemade genre of pornography so much. There are countless “Porn Geek” type dudes out there who despise amateur porn, and it’s because they simply can’t relate to it. They have no reference point for it in their psyche because they’ve never experienced it, which makes it pale in comparison to professionally-made HD porn. If you can actually get laid in real life and have some idea of what real sex looks like, then you might just fancy a fap to this subreddit’s content…

Real Girls, Verified by Real Fans

The thing about this subreddit is that it’s not a content dump of random authentic amateur videos found from all over the internet. This subreddit actually contains original content that’s frequently posted by the very same person (or people) who made it. This is one of the few subreddits that contains actual verified amateur XXX models on it, and you can confirm their authenticity by checking them out on three other “sister subreddits” that also feature amateur content (/r/amateur, /r/realgirls, and /r/holdthemoan). So if you see a video of a dude anally-penetrating a hot blonde posted on this subreddit, you can be sure that at least one of them are the owners of the account that posted the video.

No Pictures Here – Only Videos

There are no pictures here whatsoever, and you might think that’s weird because homemade porn is incredibly easy to create when you have a smartphone camera. Even I was expecting this subreddit to be full of nude homemade selfies and videos of girls touching themselves, but I was wrong. The only kind of content you’ll find here is quality homemade XXX flicks that are made by verified amateur models. They may not be super HD, professionally-made videos like those PropertySex or MHBHJ ones, but you can easily tell that the people who made them have put a lot of effort into them, and I’m not talking just the performance. There’s usually good lighting in these videos, the sound is always decent, and the cameras are mostly expensive and high quality, so you can be sure that you won’t find any 144p pixelated homemade porn videos here on HomemadeXXX.

No Toxicity of ANY Kind Will Be Tolerated Here

All of Reddit’s active subreddits are tight-knit communities that firmly uphold Reddit’s community rules and guidelines, but this one goes the extra mile beyond that. Not only is this subreddit monitored continuously by admins and bots, but its subscribers are also always on the lookout for any sort of toxic or negative behavior.

That’s because the people who post the videos on this subreddit can read the comments posted under them, any and all forms of toxic negativity in those comments is quickly reprimanded, regardless if the comments are flat-out insulting or low snarky blows. Even negative comments made to other fellow commenters can warrant a punishment, so you can be sure that you won’t run into any hate comments or toxic behavior here on HomemadeXXX.

So Yes, In Theory One Would Be Able To Communicate With This Subreddit’s Content Creators

You may spend most of your time fapping to videos on PornHub or XVideos, but you’d be surprised to learn that a lot of the people who are subscribed to this subreddit are longtime fans of the content creators who upload videos here. They even regularly communicate with them via the provided comment sections, and likely also PM them too. This, of course, means that even you, a possible newcomer, can switch your fapping routine from professionally-made videos on PornHub that feature people who don’t know you exist, to these finely-crafted homemade flicks that feature individuals who care about your viewing pleasure and even reach out to their viewers via comments and AMAs.

But As With All Subreddits, There Is No Means of Content Organization Here

The lack of content organization is something that will always bug me on Reddit – I’ve come across plenty of subreddits that feature super-hot content that I would’ve loved to search through, but unfortunately, there is no means of content organization on subreddits. I mean sure, there is the go-to search bar that you can use to search for content that’s specific to one subreddit, but in this case, it’s still a longshot.

This is because there are no tags or anything of the sort on Reddit’s content, so if you’d like to find a nice homemade video of a big booty blonde amateur girl, the only thing you can do is try your luck on the search bar with some search queries that contain those buzzwords. But here’s where it gets discouraging; The search bar on Reddit only covers the titles of the posts in subreddits, and while there may be tons of videos of big booty blondes out there, you won’t be able to find them if they don’t have any of those particular words in their title. There could be dozens of videos of big booty blondes titled “my girlfriend rides me until my cock runs dry” or “she put on a strip show for me, then she sucked me off,” but you might never be able to see them, unfortunately.

Reddit Works Like a Charm on Any Phone

Reddit works great on any smartphone – it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new iPhone 11 or some broken down Android that’s barely hanging onto dear life. If you have internet access, you can access Reddit without a problem. And the cool thing about Reddit is that you can flip through all the content in a single subreddit slideshow style without having to open and close posts constantly. There’s even a Reddit app that you can install on your phone for free, which works infinitely better than the browser version.

ThePornDude likes HomemadeXXX's

  • All amateurs are verified
  • Most videos are linked to reupatable porn websites
  • Optimized for mobile access
  • No toxicity or negative behavior is tolerated on Reddit
  • One of the best destinations for authentic amateur porn

ThePornDude hates HomemadeXXX's

  • Is not a pure porn website
  • No content organization of any sorts
  • The search bar must include search queries specific to post tiles
  • Not all content is guaranteed to be top-quality (it IS am amateur board after all)
  • Most posts contain only 2-3 comments tops