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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you a person who typically experiences random urges of horniness which prompt you to quickly open up a go-to porn tube website and begin to fap in under a minute in order to relieve that horniness and get that sweet, intoxicating dopamine release when you fap, leaving you sleepy and satisfied? Are you the kind of person who wouldn’t mind sneaking off into your workplace’s bathroom every now and then in order to whack off to some good old fashioned internet porn and come back to your work station in under 10 minutes with a pacing heart rate, feeling relaxed and relieved?

If you saw yourself in the previous two examples then you’re definitely a top contender to use and enjoy FapVid here – a fast-paced XXX domain which is designed to deliver top of the line, premium HD porn videos quickly and effectively for any and all horny internet users out there, regardless if they’re browsing from a PC or a mobile device.

FapVid may look like your typical porn tube, but it does have its unique ins and outs that separate it from the masses – this website is well-organized, fast-responding with minimal ads, and comes with a sleek, minimalistic visual design which is easy on the eyes and the device you’re using too. But let’s see what makes it tick, check out its inner workings and establish whether or not this site is really worth blowing a load to or if it’s all just a fancy façade made to pull you in and get you to click on its video links…

A Categorized Greeting

First things first – as soon as you enter this site you’re greeted with a well-organized selection of a large amount of porn categories which to me is a perfect way to start off the visit. I mean sure, there may be a lot of options from the get-go, but I’ve seen a lot of these porn-tube style websites open up with horribly unorganized landing pages which are so chaotic they might just be able to kill your libido – the less options the fapper has, the better, I mean you don’t want to be spending any energy trying to discern which video or navigation option to click on when you’re browsing the internet looking for porn worthy of blowing a load to with one hand on your mouse/phone and the other wrapped around your dick. FapVid’s landing page here screams organization, and I for one am totally down with it.

There’s a Category for All Kinds of Fans

(vanilla stuff + bdsm, farting, selfsuck, fetish, voyeur, gagging, bukkake + ethnicity based categories and tag-like categories such as food, exam, instruction, taxi, sybian, nurse, money, socks and so on)

The content organization on this site really does go the extra mile, especially when you see just how many categories there are here and just how varied they are. There’s the standard vanilla stuff here on FapVid which we all know and love – ‘anal’, ‘blowjob’, ‘POV’, ‘MILF’ and so on, they’re all here and they’re all more than enough to satisfy any caliber of vanilla porn fan that likes fapping to ‘normal’ internet pornography. But when ‘normal’ fails, there’s always that bizarre, ‘out there’ stuff to make sure that even the most seasoned serial masturbator gets their kick and managed to blow a feelgood load.

There are plenty of weird, fucked up categories on this site which can all be described as ‘bizarre’ at a moment’s notice – stuff like ‘BDSM’, ‘farting, ’selfsuck’, ‘fetish’, ‘voyeur’, ‘gagging’ and ‘bukakke’ is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the alternate and hardcore XXX categories here, so you’ll definitely find something worth fapping to here if you’re the kind of person who needs to see some peep, poop or blood in their preferred pornography in order to get off.

Last but not least, when I said that there are a lot of categories here I didn’t mean like 50 or something, I meant a LOT – so much so that even the tags themselves have been made to be categories here, with stuff like ‘food’, ‘exam’, ‘instruction’, ‘taxi’, ‘sybian’, ‘nurse’, ‘money’, ‘socks’ and so on making the list of categories here on FapVid. Once you see random shit like ‘money’ and ‘socks’ being added as categories you know that there’s a hell of a lot of organization on this site, and it can all be found in one place – the category section.

Videos Open on Alternate Websites

One of the things which for most people would be considered a deal-breaker for this site is the fact that all of its videos open up on alternate websites. Now, if you’re someone who’s using a slow device to access this website in a remote bathroom in order to try and sneak a fap in, then you’re most likely going to be annoyed by the fact that the videos here open up on alternate websites, which means that you’ll have to wait a minute or two longer until your crappy device manages to open up another window where the video can be played.

But if you’ve invested in a fast-processing mobile, tablet or PC, then you probably wouldn’t mind waiting 20-30 more seconds in order to open up an alternate website where the video of your choice can be played. All of the videos on this site open up on ‘so on.

Contains Authentic Homemade Amateur Porn

There are more than enough authentic, homemade amateur XXX videos on this website to please any kind of amateur XXX-fan. If you’ve got a knack for watching poorly-filmed homemade videos of amateur couples fucking away while you jack off alone in front of a screen then you’ll definitely find everything you need right here on FapVid.

Lacks Hentai Though

There is no drawn or Hentai XXX content on this site whatsoever – if you’ve got a thing for this kind of porn because it turns you on due to the fact that you’re a virgin who can’t relate to any memories of real sex when fapping, then you’ll be disappointed to find out that this site does not contain any drawn XXX content whatsoever. Feel free to search for some Hentai-based sites on the Porn Dude’s list.

No Pictures – Just Videos

There are no pictures on this website, just videos – there also isn’t a pornstar section, but who gives a fuck about still images or pornstars when you’ve got a long list of categorized videos which come in all sorts of quality, from premium HD format to 144p homemade sex videos that are so raw you can practically smell them through your screen. If you want to fap to images, try another website.

Not Much of a Community

I mean what did you expect – a porn tube like this can never have a considerable community of members, because everyone who goes on this site to fap is some random dude who just wants to get the job done and blow his load quickly and efficiently without giving a fuck about creating a profile or leaving behind a trail that they’ve been on this website (except for their cookies, of course).

There’s an Alternate HD Site

FapVid is such a consistent site when it comes to content options, that not only does it offer you over a 100 categories to fap to, but also a completely alternate HD-based website which stores all of its high definition videos known as FapVidHD. If you’re someone who can be called a porn snob and likes to fap to videos that are only 860p or over, then maybe you’ll want to ‘try your hand’ at FapVidHD, which can easily be accessed via the ‘HD Videos’ section which can be found on the landing page of FapVid here.

ThePornDude likes FapVid's

  • More than enough categories to play with
  • Hardcore themes and genres for veteran porn fans
  • Has all the vanilla themes and genres covered
  • Contains plenty of authentic amateur XXX videos
  • No annoying pop up ads
  • Great, sleek and minimalistic visual design

ThePornDude hates FapVid's

  • Very barebones setup
  • No videos play on site – all videos lead to alternate websites
  • Some alternate websites may be of low quality
  • Lacks hentai and all manner of drawn porn
  • No pictures whatsoever
  • No tag section