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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I know most men like me, especially the tall masculine kind with an awfully big cock enough to empress a girl. Would totally back me up on the fact that short petite or nubile bitches are the best not just for shit like snuggling or spooning but for the major bedroom affairs. I mean you can easily carry them, pin them on the wall while drilling through their stretchy tight coochies, bend or twist them over in any fuckable position granted that they are so much of flexies.

And among other things, their sultry bodies are fucking adorable in fact too gorgeous that it is difficult to resist the urge of kissing all her body, hair, tiny well-formed spiky nipples, hair, neck like damn! Petite bitches have got me going Ulala! Well, don’t get me wrong, I still love some fullness around the chest and a little bit of ass, but I certainly wouldn’t add or subtract from what petite bitches bring to the table; definitely a little bit of everything and basically an epitome of sexiness.

Come to think about it; most of these small girls, definitely not dwarfs, love some dick so hard. And you don’t have to believe me thanks to exxxtrasmall.com, a nasty petite girl’s fuckery where almost everything and anything gets some glistening tight can to chew on. And whether you have to dig in deeper into your pockets or not, these scornburgs let you in on a world whose formidable sensual prospects you wouldn’t have enough of, even if you so wished. It’s almost as if you’ll be down to ruthless petite bitches hardcore shit all your life and there is no question of whether this feeling will last because you sure didn’t know it did exist. Now let’s get right to it.

Dazzle me with your gorgeousness ma’am

Well, I certainly love the sight of what am up for and with right from their homepage the delight of seeing an overwhelming number of videos thumbnails. All of which feature tiny slutty bitches getting drilled hard is just incomparable. I mean it’s cute notorious and pretty much everything sensually adorable! With the one simple business being to get your head hurried deep into these bitches nasty pussy workouts.

On the other hand, moving around for content exploration is pretty much simple, especially thanks to the well put together site interface that has a lot of useful features to apply. Which simply translates to the fact that you can track easily track your favorites, use content and model tags, and a rather basic search engine. Mind you, members are also allowed to comment as well as rate the scenes.

Full-length HD Videos

For starters, there isn’t too much content on this site irrespective of the fact that it has actually been around from 2012 probably due to the fact that it only uploads new content weekly. However, all its content is usually of 1080p impressive quality with impeccable lighting as well as scenes set. Also, the vids come with corresponding high-res pics are downloadable in Zip files.

But most importantly also besides the video player and streaming speeds being quite good, the exclusivity tops the Hallmark.

Well, if you asked me if am sticking around for some bashful petite pussies destruction, it’s only fair that I get that. Don’t you agree?

Juicy ass scenes

Just somehow, petite bitches have their way around certain shit. And irrespective of their ass less backs and almost flat-chests there is still something quite catchy about their height and size that taller girls cannot compare. Am talking about their flexibility and tininess that sees them get treated as adorable grown-ass sweet girls, certainly mature enough to take one or two cocks

While there are a few couples scenes as well as naughty girl-on-girl action. Every movie sizzles around entirely petite nubile slutty ass bitches. And it’s always a fucking treat to watch them, small badass bitches, messing around with huge dongs whether they are sucking, getting their pussies smashed or pretty much anything that has these huge dudes spewing uncontrollably in front of the goddamned camera. Almost as if they never ceased to amaze me and you can bet that the sight of them getting spanked, fingered among other things cannot let your hands be anywhere else besides deep into your pants getting off hard.

And as for having lots of fun while watching the scenes. Most of them start with some wild jumpy action with these little bitches getting stuffed into tiny spaces, like cardboard boxes, a suitcase, clothes washer, clothes basket, or even a plastic buckets. Also, they divide the scenes into blocks of 30 thumbnails. The only issue with that setup is that they’ve tacked on a row of ads below each block and it ends up being a lot of advertising. There are no page numbers, you just scroll down the page so that 30 more scenes show up. Well, somehow, I liked the fact that you can actually turn off the automatic loading at least.

Grab that membership ASAP!

Signing up is about the easiest thing to do or should I say that it’s actually one of the good choices you could make on this site. And while there is premium charges( $28.97 a month, 49.5 three months and $119.40 a year) to that, members stand to enjoy; full access to 23 more bonus sites, 2700+ porn updates, 1300+ amateur girls, new daily scenes addition, unlimited HD streaming, impressive streaming speeds, mobile access and 24/7 member support. It is also important to note that nonmembers only get to enjoy the previews only as if it’s not enough motivation already.

Positive site features

Great scenes; well, I guess these folks might be the quality over quantity type, but for sure when it comes to delivering exquisite and adorable porn scenes featuring tiny little bitches who love having their coochies torn apart by huge cocks, there can never be any comparison with any other site. This is because their shit is hot and not just hot but hot ASF.

Bonus network; there are about 23 other varied sites that members stand to access from subscribing to their premium membership and I thing it’s totally worth the extras.

Full HD porn movies; the sort of videos thou not that big of a collection are full-length HD porn videos which is simply remarkable and definitely a thing all premium sites should learn from them. I mean who wants to pay for mediocre shit?

Lots of browsing tools; from the basic site options all the way to the basic search feature, this site has got an extra step to ensure that their users get absolute freedom to move around the site anyhow any time.

Exclusive to tiny petite girls; the site is all about naughty little slutty bitches who want more than anything to have their cunts licked and stretched until they are screaming out some creamy sludge. Something I personally wouldn’t want to miss out on for anything in the world.

Negative site features

Some off music; while the right music could basically set the mood for some highly sensual activity bad choice of music is a complete turn-off, and it’s unfortunate that some of the videos are impaired by this trait.

Few porn videos; the site’s quantity of videos is a little bit alarming, although understandable due to the weekly updates. However, why the fuck should users pay for shit that only comes by after some time?


These folks should consider increasing the frequency at which they upload their content at least to give their users something pretty solid for their hard-earned money. Also, they should fucking consider reviewing their choice of music.


Exxxtrasmall.com is your one-stop venue for all sexual atrocities driven towards sexy petite bitches and damn! Do this bitch know how to leave an impression. Remember, it’s all full-fledged petite rouge and rough hardcore action presented to you in excellent full HD quality. And the membership is totally worth every buck not only by its exclusivity but also from the fact that members get to enjoy up to 23 extra bonus sites. So, I’ll leave your petite bitches loving self to decide.

ThePornDude likes ExxxtraSmall's

  • Great scenes
  • Bonus network
  • Full HD porn movies
  • Lots of browsing tools
  • Exclusive to tiny petite girls

ThePornDude hates ExxxtraSmall's

  • Some off music
  • Few porn videos