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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Chaturbate Trans

Chaturbate Trans

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Some people don’t mind any meat in their porn and are totally okay with watching giant veiny cocks destroy women’s pussies, and by extension get off on that same stuff – some people are totally okay with jerking off to content that contains fully-erect penises because they’re 100% comfortable with their sexuality and know their space in the spectrum of gender and whatnot. Then there are the classic homophones – those ultra-macho people wouldn’t dare see anything that’s even remotely homosexual, and curse at anything that even resembles homosexuality in any way shape of form whenever they get the chance.

Fun fact; these ‘ultra-masculine’ dudes are actually the ones who are most at risk of becoming homosexual, because they’re fleeing from a deep, heartfelt desire that may or may not be related to their childhood and is totally a subjective conundrum which dwells deep in their subconsciousness. These guys are homophobic because they know that deep down it’s a calling for their lives and can totally see themselves ending up as gay, but they vehemently deny it because they’re afraid of being judged by their loved ones and society as a whole.

But enough with the psychological lingo – there’s also a group of people out there who don’t give a fuck what their family or the world thinks fo them, and will openly have sex with the same gender. Some of them will even go the extra mile and actually become transgender; there are a LOT of men in the world who for whatever reason felt the need to undergo the long and arduous process of transgender surgery in order to look like women.

These guys still have their dicks firmly attached to their bodies though, because if they were to cut them off they’d never be able to receive sexual pleasure due to the fact that you can cut a dick off, but you can’t put on a vagina. Maybe nowadays with all this super-advanced technology, you might be able to, but I’m sure it’s expensive as fuck, and these camwhore transvestites definitely don’t make enough cash to afford it, even if they do make a killing over here at Chaturbate’s trans section.

Did Someone Say Content Filtering?

Despite being an online XXX cam service, Chaturbate also contains several tags which can be taken advantage of if you’re looking for something specific, and the best part about them is that they apply to any kind of cams, regardless if they’re straight, men, women, transexual, lesbians, gay or otherwise. These tags cover a lot of themes which are shown in these camwhores, and they range from sexual activity to physical appearance.

Some of the tags available here are; Asian (for all of you out there with that ‘yellow fever’ who also happen to have a thing for trannies), German (trannies are huge in Germany), Big Boobs (who doesn’t like big boobs?), Feet (plenty of people wound’t mind some foot fetish action being performed by a hot trannie), BBW (some people want something they can grab onto), Pantyhose (one of the most common fetishes, adored by all who have a thing for secretaries and businesswomen), Smoke (smoking trannies are definitely a mainstay here), French (like the Germans, the French also have a thing for trannies), Selfsuck (self performed-fellatio is just one of the many things that some of these trannies can do), Anal (if they can’t take it in the pussy, they can at least take it in the ass), Big Cock (some of the trannies are a lot more ‘male’ than the others) and other tags which are sure to please each and every one of your kinks and fetishes.

Like All Cam Sites, Tokens are a Thing Here

(chat, send a tip, private show, that’s what they want)

Chaturbate is one of the most popular cam sites and is therefore kept financially healthy thanks to all its devoted fans who spend real money on tokens (sometimes referred to as ‘credits’ or ‘coins’ by on other XXX cams websites). This site’s performers can be seen by any free visitor, but they can’t be contacted unless you fork up some tokens, and that also counts for the chatbox that’s shown beside every performer too. In addition, you can’t send tips to these performers either without first forking up some cash and buying some tokens, and sending tips is probably the best way to get these “girls” to do something for you.

But if you really want to get these performers to go all out for you and get the most out of them, you’ll have to spend some solid cash on these tokens and buy yourself a private show, where it’ll be just you and the performer – and yes, the performers will do some of the most absolutely explicit and nasty things only on these private shows, so if you’re someone who needs a real-time performer in order to get properly aroused and in the mood for a nice fap, then you should probably invest in some tokens and get some happy brain chemicals out of them as an end result of you fapping to a nice private show.

Plenty of ‘Girls’ Available to Entertain You

(Some even come in pairs

There are plenty of “girls” on this site ready and waiting to please you with a decent cam show, and they work around the clock to make sure they can be as active as possible, not because they really care about you but because they’re out to stack paper. There are literally all kinds of performers on this site’s trans section, ranging from young tight ones, older looser ones, blondes, brunettes, asians, latinas and so on. In addition, some of these performers also come in pairs for some fun double action which just can’t be accomplished alone: This includes a ‘helping hand’ from another trans co-performer who is willing to ‘milk’ the other one, dildo play, strap-on play and other kinds of fun two-person activities which should definitely get you hard and fired up if you’re into chicks with dicks having fun on camera in real time right before your eyes.

Each Performer Has Their Own Profile

(age, sex, inerested in, location, self-made desctiption

Not only is there a lot of ‘girls’ on this site, but they all come fully equipped with their own profiles so that you’ll have some info to spark up conversations with thanks to all the basic and somewhat trivial info you’ll be able to read up on due to the fact that it’s all posted on each performer’s profile where anyone (even free visitors) can see. Each performer has basic things like their age, sex and location listed on their profiles, as well as their interests (men, women, both, etc) so that you’ll know whether you’re dealing with a heterosexual, homo or someone who goes both ways.

In addition to that, there’s also (usually) a whole self-made description on each of the profiles on this site which may or may not be of use to you if you’re one of the stereotypical hopeless romantics who develop admittedly unhealthy obsessions for online cam performers that they’ll otherwise never meet in real life, but will still spend ridiculous money on just to see them do R-rated things for their own personal pleasure. Yes, there’s a lot of people who develop obsessions with pornstars and cam performers they watch online, and you can laugh at them all they want but they’re probably spend more on these cam girls in tips than what you earn.

In addition to the personal information on most of the performers’ profiles here on Chaturbate, there’s also (most of the time) a collection of photos and videos which you can ‘enjoy’. Now these photos and videos are typically premium, meaning that you’ll have to pay tokens to see them, but they’re literally the perfect XXX trailers for the cam performer you’re eyeing, giving you a full rundown of their body before you decide to settle.

Site is Optimized for Mobile Users

Last but not least, Chaturbate is completely optimized for mobile viewers: You can watch all the performing girls, boys and mangirls/girlmen here get down and dirty right from the convenient comfort of your own personal smartphone. Watching XXX cam performers from a smartphone may not be the most conventional way of consuming pornography, but as long as you don’t have the time to sit and jerk off in fromt of a PC, have a fast smartphone and unlimited 3G or a decent Wi-Fi conneciton, then you can jerk off to trannie cam girls from your phone all day long.

ThePornDude likes Chaturbate Trans's

  • Don’t need to turn off AdBlocker to enter the site
  • Can view most performers for free
  • Most performers contain videos and images on their profiles
  • Site is optimized for mobile use
  • One of the best destinations for online XXX cams

ThePornDude hates Chaturbate Trans's

  • Site’s interface and visual aspect looks pretty dated
  • Can’t turn off the chatbox next to the cam performer’s video
  • Need to pay to properly enjoy the site
  • Sometimes the cam performers’ video windows will lag
  • The quality of the cam performers’ video window isn’t always HD