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Updated on 15 January 2022
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It’s really nice to take a break from normal life once in a while, and take a day off to jack off for hours to a type of porn you haven’t seen in a very long time. Now I am a porn god, so there aren’t a lot of genres out there that I don’t experience on the daily, but one of these few is easily emo porn. It’s a bit of an umbrella term, covering not only emo, but also tattoo porn with punk girls, goths and scene girls.

In other words, I’m talking about the kind of porn where you can really see how and why the girls in the videos disappointed their fathers, became estranged and ended up doing porn. These girls all have some form of deformity that they asked for, including but not limited to tattoos, split tongues, weird ass haircuts, piercings and the like. I’ve even heard of psychos like this that like to dye their eyeballs. That’s some sick satanic black magic shit right there, but it makes for good porn.

If you’re looking for a website devoted to fucked up, drugged up, painted ass chicks with daddy issues and very little restraint, then BurningAngel is the place for your erection.

What Goth Girls do For Fun

When they’re not conjuring up the dead spirits of their long gone self-respect, they’re hard at work disappointing their families in fucked up sexual scenarios that pretty much cover every genre of porn. The only difference is; they look bat-shit insane. These girls are all in one way or another, dark as hell, but hidden beneath the tattoos are self-conscious 20 something-year-old pornstars, hoping they stay relevant by changing their hair color once in a blue moon, so they don’t get fired and have to get a real job.

Inside the Burning Angel

The videos on this website are all top notch quality, I gotta say. I mean I like to razz on goth girls for looking like they came straight from a costume party, but this site really knows how to put together a fun scene. Because their only similarity is that the girls look demonic, there’s no single genre that they’re going for. You can find goth bitches taking it up the ass, swallowing cum, licking each other’s pussies, and everything in between.

It’s also important to note that most of these girls are 9s or 10s – very little compromise there. They all got huge ass tits, round asses, and perfect skin. These aren’t your feminist goth girlfriends with the fat pouring out of every crevice – these girls know how to diet properly.

I say that most girls are nearly perfect, because there are a few that are… the exact fucking opposite. For some reason, certain goth chicks like to think that shaving their heads and spreading their ear holes will make them look more desirable. I don’t understand what kind of drugs you have to do in order to start thinking that that’s a good idea, but some of these girls are really off the goddamn wagon. I saw a few chicks on here that looked like mannish lesbians and still they had huge ass titties and perfect shaved pussies.

The problem was that they looked like some sort of psycho killers with their shaven heads which they also went out of their way to dye purple for some fucking reason. I don’t understand half of what happens in these girls’ minds, but as long as they’re willing to take it up the ass, I’ll try to show some respect. – In the form of paying to watch them defile themselves for my entertainment.

Gothic Highlights

There are a few scenes here and there that are really unique because they fit with the goth girl motif and the directors of these videos knew that. It’s as if they saw that these girls looked like witches and corpses, so they figured they’d cash in on the opportunity. That’s why on this website you’re gonna find a lot of videos that have certain graveyard themes.

There are a lot of vampiric videos, like Twilight tributes, with coffins and dark parlors, and tons of black makeup. There are also quite a bit of role play videos that fit really well with the overall style of the site. Keep in mind that all of them quickly become anal and vaginal fuckfests, though. This ain’t your grandmother’s porn site.

My favorite niche role-play video on the site had this bitch called Marley Brinx roleplaying as Wednesday Addams of the Addams family. I never really had a thing for that character, having seen the cartoons and the movies, but I’ll be damned if she doesn’t make it work. I really liked how the outfit made her look like some skinny ass little nubile, but a few seconds later I noticed that her ass is actually gigantic, and it really made my day, and my boner.

It is these kinds of unique ideas that can only really sprout on niche videos like Burning Angel. I also really love the fact that most goth girls have some strong lesbian tendencies, undoubtedly from the daddy issues I mentioned above. Because of that, lesbian videos on Burning Angel are a lot hotter than the ones you find on vanilla porn sites. They don’t look fake; the girls don’t seem to be acting like someone is watching them. Instead, they’re really focused on taking in the taste of their girlfriends’ pussies, as if they were drinking champagne. That kind of deep shit always gets me going.

How’s the Website?

It’s clean, fast, simple and doesn’t get in your way. It seems to be part of a network, but I didn’t see any popups or reroutes. I’m very grateful when a website allows me to jack off in peace. The last thing I need is to be rerouted to normal porn when I’m busy trying to get my rocks off to satanic chicks.

The design is simple enough, and it comes with really easy to use features, which are especially important on a website that’s centered around one niche. Sure, you want goth chicks, but what kind of goth chicks? Do you want anal videos? Lesbian porn? Guy on girl? Mannish bald lesbians with pink hair? Well, you can pick a category and find exactly what you’re looking for, knowing that whatever you do seek out, all the girls will be covered in crap like tattoos and piercings.

Should you Sign Up?

I give goth chicks a lot of grief, but the truth is this is a good ass website. The girls are hot as hell, even though they’ve clearly got issues. But they seem to be accepting that the cure to female angst lies in swallowing as much cum possible – and that is what I would prescribe.

So if you’re a fan of tattooed chicks, piercings, dark themes, graveyards, or the band The Misfits, you’ve come to the right place. Burning Angel could be your cock’s next safe haven. At a $9.95 monthly price point, it’s definitely worth it, especially since you get to download the videos at your leisure, and they’re all in HD, so there’s no compromise.

I wouldn’t suggest signing up for a shorter period of time though, because it costs $30 a month to sign up for a month, with a single payment. – Three times the price? No thank you. Try the 3-day trial for $3 bucks and if you love the site, go for broke and get the full package. Personally, I can say with certainty that this site is not for me, but if I were to sign up I would do so solely because they’ve got Larkin Love on this site, as some sort of exclusive star, so there are a ton of videos of her.

I would sign up to any website to get more of Larkin Love so, at the very least if you’re gonna try Burning Angel, check her videos out first. She’s a very special kind of whore with a really long tongue and a burning passion for cock. Let that be my final goth recommendation for you.

ThePornDude likes Burning Angel's

  • Pornstars. They look ridiculous, but they’re hot as fuck.
  • Video quality. The director knows what he’s doing. You rarely see any dick.
  • Website. It’s tight, responsive and simple.

ThePornDude hates Burning Angel's

  • Price point. $9.95 a month, billed annually is fair enough for this level of quality.
  • Bald, mannish lesbians with pink hair. Too feminist for my taste.