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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Overall I’d say this site is ..passable. WickedPictures is one of those premium porn sites where the content is all top tier quality because they’re sinking a lot of money into it. Not just shooting it but even the site itself is very well put together and has what looks like something for fucking everyone. It’s got hundreds of pages, a fuck ton of different sections to explore and a whole metric fuck ton of porn to go through, a lot of which looks like they made it fucking exclusive just for this website. Let’s take a bit to have a gander and sort this shit out.

You Gotta Pay For You Fix

Right off the bat, we’re taking points away obviously, I know people in the world have to make money and I can’t shit on anybody for that. Hell, we’d all love to be making money in the porn industry, this isn’t just a jealousy thing though it’s the principle of the matter. Nobody likes to pay for porn. Too bad that’s what you’re gonna be doing if you want to be anywhere near WickedPictures. They try to be good about it and make it fair to afford, like if you want to just have a quick look and a jerk at all their shit it’s only going to set you back a dollar for a 2-day trial membership. Can’t speak for any of you assholes out there but I know if I’m going to end up liking somebody’s porn site within a couple of hours let alone 2 days so I’d say it’s at least fucking fair.

Don’t let that all that money shit turn you off though, like I said they put a lot of effort and money into all the different kinds of sex you can find people having in their collection so you might find it just worth the banging for your buck. After you get past that sick ass “how you gonna pay us” page and sign up you’ll see right away that the next screen, the home page I guess you could call it has a few things that set it apart from a lot of other porn sites so I thought I’d fucking point them out so you don’t miss anything.

Rule Of Three

You’ll see that there are 3 main sections to choose from or at least 3 with a bunch of fleshy pictures of all the girls on the site. There’s a crazy amount of different buttons you can click too obviously, like any site, but we’ll go over those later because right now the third section with all the slutty pictures of these skanks is the 1 thing they’re doing differently. The first two aren’t too damn different than other sites. You’ve got your latest “scenes” that get updated almost every day, the production quality on these things is probably higher than what you’re used to but the section is an old favorite.

The second section is “latest movies” which is basically the same thing as the scenes but a lot of the scenes you can see there just eventually get all packed together at a time to make a movie, they title it, do some graphic design work for the front cover and bam that’s what this section is for showing off. The only difference between the videos you’ll watch here and the section earlier though is that it’s gonna take longer to get them over with, all well and good if you like to take your time having a wank but I like my masturbation sessions short and sweet so you know, pick your poison.

A Section For Girls

Moving on to that last section on the front page, this is the one that styles this site different. I fucking wish it wasn’t the case with most sites but basically here they added a convenient little location for you to peruse through all the girls they have shooting for these videos. Don’t get me wrong I know there’s shit like search bars and what not on other sites, but you typically don’t think to write down a girl’s name even if she’s one that your dick was particularly stiff for that one time. You’ll remember what she looks like no fucking doubt and that’s the same case here, I don’t forget a favorite face, especially when I see it sucking dick. Here though, that’s not a problem because right there in its own section you have an entire list with pictures of every girl that the website shoots with. It’ll even tell you which ones are exclusive to Wickedpictures and which ones aren’t.

There Are How Many?

However, on the shitty end of that stick, the problem with having these girls be the models for the videos they shoot is just that. It’s only these girls. There’s a couple that are exclusive so you’re not gonna see them anywhere else and shit that’s a little cool but that’s like 3 girls, and there are only 12 more girls to choose from so far. So even though they’re a big website with all this money to through into production value and amazing detail for their vids there’s only a total of 15 girls you’ll see throughout their movies. It’s not a lot of variety and for a pay site that’s a little fucking lame if you ask me.

Let’s skip that though and move onto what else you can find here because like I said it’s got loads of bells and whistles to make it worth actually paying to be here.

Fancy Top Buttons

Scroll up to the top of the page and you’ll see just how big and well put together the site really is. From far left going right we’ve got the home button, which obviously takes you back here to the home page, no shit. That’s just if you click on it though, hover over if with your mouse and you’ll see a bunch of options available. You can look at the details of your account, check your favorites because actually saving certain videos that pique the interest of your little pant pal down south is possible here. You can check the history of your watched videos in case you had a recent favorite that you somehow forgot to bookmark. And last you have all their social media, which makes little to no fucking sense to me because the last thing I want to do for a porn site usually is tweet out when I just got done using it to jerk off. The buttons are there anyway though.

The Fanciest Top Button

The real humdinger out of all the buttons at the top though is the “categories” button, hover over your mouse for a second and you’ll immediately see why. They have an absolute fuck ton of different categories to choose from you’ve got different types of movies, shit with sex toys, body piercings, filtered by how many people are actually in the video you name it. Almost too many honestly but the fact that they’ll cater pretty much to everyone’s taste, all but the fucking sickos out there, is a definitely win for their site. Not many people try to make a place on their website for as many genres and sub-genres as possible and I have to give them props for being so thorough.

Rounding the bend now we’ll talk about something I’m a little less of a fan of, sure it probably won’t bother the majority of people coming here to jerk it but it’s still a valid point of complaint I have and I will not be fucking silent. You guys come here for quality reviews and honesty even when I have to honestly bitch about the petty shit.

I’m Here Aren’t I?

You have to pay to get in this site right? You might have seen advertisements once or twice trying to get you to come here and do just that as you’ve surfed around on the part of the internet where people wear less clothes. The thing is even after you’ve purchased your account, two day test trial or otherwise, they keep fucking advertising to you. Right the fuck on the homepage too, as soon as you login there’s a big scrolling picture box that can’t way to get you to just click away from here even though you just got here.

They’re advertising “recommended movies” like at a book store where you see “staff pics” on the shelves with little stickers on it like it’s gonna make you want to buy it more now than you would have wanted to before. Who the hell cares what Kathleen the book shelf stocker said was her favorite book, just give me the porn mag I came here for and stop fucking advertising at me I’m already in the store.


Decide for yourself if you’re going to like this site, only costs a dollar if you even care to pay it, or maybe just that alone tells you enough of what you already need to know. The rest of the site is quality don’t get me wrong, there’s just a few little things about it that grind my gears and one glaring pressure point of actually having to pay for a porn experience that isn’t perfect. I won’t blame you one way or the other, but I will judge you in secret.

ThePornDude likes Wicked Pictures's

  • Huge list of categories and sub-categories
  • A page specifically for models and info about them
  • Super fancy website with a bunch of extra features

ThePornDude hates Wicked Pictures's

  • You gotta pay, who the hell likes that
  • 15 models to choose from on that model page, probably subject to change but at the time of this review that’s about it.
  • Too many advertisements on the site even after paying to use it, I’m here to jack it not figure out a better place to jack it.